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3 US States Could Legalize Cannabis and End War on Drugs

UPDATE: Colorado and Washington have voted and legalized recreational marijuana! Read more here.

Tomorrow might be the day where a legal, recreational cannabis industry is born. Things are nearing climax in the US with the presidential campaign trail coming to end and citizens taking to the polls on 06 November 2012 to vote on Cannabis legalization. This vote could have major implications for the country’s war on drugs, which ultimately effects the rest of the world’s stance on recreational cannabis use.

Barack Obama could have a second term in which to try and affect many of the yet undelivered promises of his previous presidential campaign; those unmet promises which have helped fuel conservative Mitt Romney’s campaign for the White House throne. The “Yes we can” of years gone by has faded and the optimism it brought has been long diluted by reality.

Obama cannabis

Obama’s broken promises and false eluding at backing off of weed smokers during his first presidential campaign has scorned many people who’d found hope in ending cannabis prohibition through a president who had openly admitted and used his youthful weed habit to gain votes from the cannabis community. As far as the cannabis community is concerned, Obama is now only the lesser of two evils; Romney offers a grim future for cannabis users. So cannabis orientated voters have little reason to get off the couch and take to the polls.

A campaign TV ad from Obama, which features Harold and Kumar, leaves more questions than answers. Is he trying to discreetly say to stoners that if they vote for him again, he will use his second and last term to make good on freeing the weed as he will not be limited by the political aspirations of another term as president? Or is he just taking the mick with stoners by thinking that to conveniently placed celebrity stoners in a campaign ad will mask the wounds of the first time voters were bitten. Twice shy is the opinion doing the rounds due to Obama’s administration persecuting the medical cannabis industry so furiously it would make even the prior Bush administration blush.

All glazed eyes are now on three States (Washington, Oregon and Colorado) that will be voting for the legalization of marijuana, with criminal prosecution for possession being dropped for adult users. This is where the action is at. In 2010 California came pretty close when their citizens voted on State level legalization. It was a sad day when the vote was lost by 49/51 percent split, but three States simultaneously having this on their November ballots has never been heard of before. Washington, Oregon and Colorado will now be letting their citizens decide for themselves on the legalization of cannabis for recreational use by including various legalization initiatives on their November ballots. The similarities to the action of these States bare a striking resemblance to the actions of States a century ago during alcohol prohibition, as they kicked the failed and counterproductive policy to the curb.

The ins and outs of these legalization policies being taken to the polls have a few kinks that have surfaced in the micro politics of the cannabis movement. These minor conflicts of opinion and interest are a sign of a movement which has grown past just ideals. A healthy growing pain as more voices join the call for change. All in all the legalization push is stronger than ever before in the US.

Odds are looking good that at least one of these three states will soon have a legal cannabis trade, one that puts them in direct contravention of Federal level prohibition of cannabis. This will force the discussion and progress of a sensible cannabis policy even further. There was never going to be a simple switch that took cannabis from being illegal to legal overnight. The migration of States to medical marijuana first and now to legalization has been inevitable for decades. Forcing the hand of the Feds will make things truly interesting. Either the Feds concede the point and legalization expands across the US or they come down hard on these Sates and provide huge martyrs for the cause. One way or another change is coming and whichever man takes the reins this November, he’ll be facing what should be a simple decision. “Do I give the people what they want or do I keep giving them what I want?”

The war has long been lost; the defining battles are now being fought. Remember remember the 6th of November.

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35 thoughts on “3 US States Could Legalize Cannabis and End War on Drugs

  1. Fingers crossed for tomorrow. It could really swing any way.

    If just one state legalizes, who knows what the immediate future will hold. These are very exciting times! I can smell the buds 🙂

  2. This is HUGE !!

  3. Now we just have to wait and see…………

  4. FTW! = Free The Weed ! 😀

    This is very interesting..I’ll be watching out for the results…will be epic if all 3 states legalize cannabis…

  5. Sticky Scissors said:
    Fingers crossed for tomorrow. It could really swing any way.

    If just one state legalizes, who knows what the immediate future will hold. These are very exciting times! I can smell the buds :)

    My money’s on Washington. I reckon this will strengthen the DC’s case immensely.


  6. I said rock!
    Whats the matter with you , rock ?
    Don’t you see I need you rock?

  7. I can only pray sanity prevail.. eventually.. and all 3 say a resounding.. Yes!

  8. Link for updates please? If this happenings, theres more hope for change 🙂

  9. Waitng for tha gud moment, tha change that we have been waitng for.Legalise the herb tha natural plant, the most usefull plant on earth.

  10. that would make 116 (611) bigger than 420 although 420 originally referred to a time while 611 or 116 (american and seems appropriate) would be a date

  11. No news yet!! Tomorrow we could wake up in a remarkably different world!

  12. We can only hope… Im not a religious person but for this occasion Im moved to.. “Lets Pray..”

  13. I’m in the states right now and Colorado and washington are definitely going for it!!

    for live updates on the measures
    colorado votes have been counted and won

  15. I just got gooseflesh..

  16. Recreational:

    Washington – Passed
    Colorado – Passed
    Oregon – Failed


    Massachusetts – Passed
    Arkansas – Failed
    Montana – Still Waiting

  17. eM said:
    I just got gooseflesh..

    You and me both man, this is unreal !! Times are changing and people are opening there eyes !! Next up S.A !!

  18. I rate the make a strain after obama, obamarijuana?

  19. Kabooooommmmmm!

  20. Amazing! Let’s hope we follow the US, as we generally do.. 😀

  21. Federal law still regards it to be illegal though, let’s just hope that changes too..

  22. ^The first domino has fallen bro. Same way the alcohol prohibition saw it’s moses.

  23. Yep I got the feeling there’s no stopping it now.

  24. Without state assistance the federal government will never be able to govern the sale or distribution of marijuana. This is the end of prohibition happening before your very eyes. How will they be able to justify people in jail over cannabis when across state lines others may freely consume in the Erb. Giant Fuck up coming for the American government if they don’t play ball. Scientists such as a Co founder of string therory are now taking a public stand against the injustices over marijuana. The argument is now no longer about marijuana but about the government putting political agenda ahead of scientific finding in their decision making. Shit is Going down :D. Unfortunately majority rules and the South African public haven’t been exposed to marijuana through medical initiatives so it could be difficult.. Everyone start growing NOW so when the time comes we can take advantage and spread the knowledge and genetics Like a wildfire across SA

  25. That’s exactly what I was getting at if you read my last post on the argument thread, SA public don’t have that info, but if we made it public that both cancer and AIDS, specifically AIDS can be cured for free (most likely, or at least definitely treated) coupled with this news from the US could really make a difference here!
    On your first point though, the Fed always tries to get them through unethical means, and works a lot of the is usually the killer for a lot of dispensaries around the US, that and raids, not sure what you mean they can’t do anything, this has been the situation with dispensaries thus’s legal for med patients in a county but the Fed and DEA come in and do raids or if not use tax as mentioned. Just imagine when it’s recreational over there..they will be making all kinds of excuses to do this kinda crap…though hopefully they won’t get away with it anymore.

  26. Sorry you’re right they will never govern the sale or distribution..they just make it difficult and try eventually change the law of the state if possible..Harborside is a good example of that.

  27. Gonna be a long journey, but like he says.. “The game is over”…

  28. We have won the battle that’s will set the boulder rolling….anymore metaphors?

  29. Zols said:

    Smoke and mirrors bru. The genie’s out the bottle and there’s no way they can put it back.

  30. I hope so 😀

  31. Zols said:
    I hope so 😀


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