December 24, 2010

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold Strain Review

Type: Sativa

Acapulco Gold is the name given to a Sativa strain originally found in Acapulco, Mexico. The strain was favoured for its potent high, and interesting brownish/gold hued leaves and bud, but this isn’t the only reason for its name. Acapulco Gold got its name from the quality of the high, as well as the high price that this sought after bud used to sell for.

The buds are thick, light and fluffy, making the 2g’s we bought look a whole lot bigger than they were, which is always nice. The nuggets have a yellowish/gold tinge to their colour and smell sweet and earthy. The taste however was what really impressed us; spicy and full of flavour, a real treat after smoking nothing but cheese for a while, something which is fast becoming the standard A-Grade bud in South Africa.

Acapulco Gold is strong, but what an awesome high. After 2 or 3 drags on a joint you’re soaring. The Sativa high is clear and uplifting, giving you energy and motivation to get off the couch and go on that adventure.

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  • mR_GrieveS

    MMMMM. Been blazing this guy all week and FULLY deserves its praise.

  • That is crap man, she is in CT, I am in JHB, got ripped of my xmas pocket money for some fluffy indoor, and now looking at a pc screen reading this.

  • barewanderingfeet

    Do share..

  • Up in Smoke

    Would love to get my hands on this stuff.Sticcy S. you’re making my mouth water!where you situated?Jozi?cos im in Cpt.
    On the positive side, I did get 4 wicked stains from the 4 brothers coffeeshop.gonna smoke me a Jack Herer bong now, courtesy of Green House Seeds amsterdam!gotta love it!

  • McSwizzle

    Damn! really want to get my hands on some of this bud.

  • Cannabiscuit

    Sitting in the same boat as u,CPT and would love to know where to purchase!

  • Psycrafty

    add me to this equation please. i would love to get some of this Acapulco Gold.

  • viva macom

  • Adaptoid

    My mouth was watering while reading the review… definitely something i would like to get my hands on!

  • This is a legend strain, get your hands on it and grow it.

  • Alan B.

    I love the name of the person posting this ” Sticky Scissors”

  • this motherfucker right here is one beautiful son of a bitch the taste the smell just makes me want to rage in pure fucknness

  • This is a kick as sativa just waiting to be hybridized with a malawi – just puting that out there!

    i reckon you’d see improved yield and some new interesting flavors

  • Dope_Boy

    Damn I need to get my hands on some of this! In my part of CT they only got cheese. As much as I love my Cheese its starting to get on my nerves! As they say, variety is the spice of life!

  • Mr Crispy

    I would do some maaad things to get my hands on this, I’ve been hunting for a GREAT sativa for far too long. If theres anyone who has any hookups for me PLEASE comment, it would be amazing plus I’d dig to have you come blaze it with me, on the house 🙂


    So this is Acapulco gold I puffed this like last year,and did not know its name.I surprised that it even reached Soweto,and damn this some divine crop.

  • SlowBoat

    Where do people find this GREAT looking/tasting stuff??? I have been smoking for ages and can never find Mary Jane this amazing. I think the best bet is to just grow your own stuff…hmmm.

  • Weedlover

    Where can I get some of this stuff in Jhb, email me and let me know!

  • Weedlover

    Where can I get this stuff in Jhb?

  • Clk14

    Someone please please email me where I can get this. Its holidays coming up and wana enjoy it 😀

  • crow_BM

    where in bfn can i get my hands on this strain?

  • Spacey

    I’m in Jhb
    Where can i get my hands on some of this ?
    Please would someone email me…hook me up


  • kalahari

    Where can I get Some of that?

  • DWD

    I used to smoke this stuff, awesome! Since then my dealer have disappeared from the face of the earth.

  • friendly neighborhood stoner

    Got an ounc3 of this stuff right here so worth the price man

  • nic

    hey man im looking for quality bud at decent prices for medicinal purposes.. im from ct need help