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Posted by Buzz in Indica on 2nd August 2010

Ak-47 Strain Review

The Ak-47  buzz is immediate and long lasting with an allert but mellow cerebral effect. Lab tests have rated the THC content at over 20 percent, making it a “one hit wonder” for many smokers.

Winning 8 prizes in Cannabis competitions, including second prize for the Best Indica in the 2003 High Times Cannabis Cup, proves it is a favourite with the marijuana growing public and smokers everywhere. An independent lab test showed 21.5% THC in the samples at the Cannabis Cup 1999, the highest of all entries that year.

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  • mmmmMMMhh, love this stuff.

  • Justin Maggen

    Easy to grow. Smell and taste very strong.

    The "one hit wonder"…

  • Batista

    Nearly impossible to acquire – can users submit their locally acquired or grown strains for inclusion in the strain library?

  • Yes please! All the strains in the library are locally grown. drop us a mail belowthelion@gmail.com

  • jimmychronic

    There was just a burst of ak47 on the scene here in jhb, got my hands on some awfully wonderful ak47 bud, this month and last month also come across a lot a bluecheese and hashberry. Got a small greenhouse grow going with some high quality bagseed right now after this I plan on growin some auto ak’s and a strain from mandala seeds.

  • Skwatch

    I remember some AK47 that I had once, a few years ago, that was so dense! When I was cutting it up, it felt like polystyrene.
    Very tasty!

  • MariusVos

    Hey guys. I’m moving back to South Africa tonight so I’m pretty excited about the smoke they have there. I’ve been in the middle east for 8 years now and all I can say is the green quality here is crap. I’ll give them credit on their hash though. Anyway, my point is, seeing as I haven’t been there in so long I don’t really know how or where to get grade A quality weed. Not swazi like bullshit. Any advice?

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