Strain Library February 17, 2011

AK47 x The Church

AK47 x The Church Strain Review

Type: Indica/Sativa hybrid

AK47, a world renowned strain for its “1 hit wonder” tendencies crossed with Greenhouse Seeds’ The Church, who’s genetics are Swiss sativa, Skunk, Super Skunk & Northern Lights.

This well cured bud has a dark green/grey tinge to it, with every millimeter of plant matter layered with a coating of shiny trichomes. The bud has a strong herbal/mothball type smell which isn’t at all unpleasant, just a bit different.

Its mild but interesting herbal taste makes for a smooth smoke in both spliff and bong, with a clear body and head buzz, making this AK74 cross perfect for an any-time smoke.

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3 thoughts on “AK47 x The Church

  1. I really really wish I could vote on this amazing looking bud and tell you how awesome it is…. but alas, I have not had the pleasure! Looks good though……… let me know if anyone has any spare lying around, I’ll happily help clean up!

  2. I remember the Church made me prey for the feelign all the time, and the AK just has an amazing calming effect, so all in all a cross of this caliber must be absolutrly amazing. Im on some AK48 and its tasting Damn tasty with a lekker upper high, ive been running around like mad doing quotes and shit all day, all with the help of a bit of AK48…….

    Peace be the journey……

    One love

  3. Where can I get these strains

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