Strain Library January 17, 2011


B2 Strain Review

Indoor organic indica/sativa hybrid.

It’s looks are of classic soil indoor appearance, solid nuggets with a solid coating of both orange pistils and trichomes. This strains’ smell is savoury with herby undertones. It has a strong organic taste that leaves a hint of coffee on your pallette, whilst at the same time not exeptionally sweet.

The high is strong and pleasant, I find it to be a good daytime smoke, but in large amounts definitely strong enough to put me to sleep. Well flushed and healthy!

– OscarMilde

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18 thoughts on “B2

  1. Oh that is a lovely bud of pure joy, and love the frosting on top pieces.

  2. Snowy peaks ^_^

    Such tasty bud!

  3. Aghh hey! beautiful 😀


  5. Would love to get my hands on some of that! mmmm om nom nom! Easier said than done!

  6. Smoked some this morning, weird taste, whole crop has it!

  7. Bad deal, the batch in the review was a damn nice one!

  8. Not a bad taste hey, smoked some now just the one bud or branch had that taste!!! Rest taste like prev batches… But O well still an amazing smoke!!!!

  9. I doubt its even possible to get such beautiful bud in sa

  10. Found a little nug of this last night that I’ve had in a jar for about 7 months, ridiculously smooth but taste seems to have disappeared a bit. Funny how some strains smoke better when they’re fresh IMHO

  11. she does look beautifull doesnt shee….even after 7 months in thatt cooold jaar!!…lol
    i bet you warmed her up nicely didnt ya?… bongolicious!!


  12. That’s an old pic, hahaha. Actually kind of dulled in color with the cure…

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