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Best South African Homemade Bongs – 2016

This is the third time we’ve run the “build a bong” competition, and man was it tough to judge this round! Each entry was judged based on 2 criteria: creativity and craftsmanship. Whilst there were some amazing bongs submitted, unfortunately not all could make the final cut. Here are the best 9 homemade bongs in South Africa this year. Enjoy!

9. Electric Dabber Vape Bong

Creativity: 6.5/10
Craftsmanship: 6/10
TOTAL: 12.5

The pursuit for fat dabs need not always cost you an arm and a leg. Sometimes all you need is a plan and the electronic ingenuity to make it all possible. Forget all about those hipster cafes serving milkshakes in a jar, when you can instead serve up a thick milky dab in one.

electric dabber

8. The Frankenbong

Creativity: 6/10
Craftsmanship: 7/10

What’s worse than breaking your bong? Breaking two of your bongs, that’s what! But where others would only see despair, this resourceful fella saw the chance to create something bigger and better. Despite it’s frankenstein appearance, this thing surely delivers massive hits.

frankenbong 1

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 22.31.04

7. The Double Shot

Creativity: 6.5/10
Craftsmanship: 7/10
TOTAL: 13.5

Certainly not the first or the last effort in putting empty booze bottles to good use, there’s just something about the laid back swing arm and Mini Me style ash catcher that’ll make you want to do soooo much more than just sip on this rig. If only it could also take care of those hits on the rocks.

double shot

6. The Traveler Bong

Creativity: 7.5/10
Craftsmanship: 7/10
TOTAL: 14.5

If there were a prize for the most ninja bong in this comp, this collapsible bong would take it hands down. With a quick tug on this collapsible (or expandable?) bong and a splash of water you’ll be schmoking fat bowls in the the blink of an eye. Complete with a nifty travel bag.

traveler bong

5. The Indestructibong

Creativity: 7/10
Craftsmanship: 8/10

A virtually indestructible bong made out of galvanised plumbing with pvc mouthpiece for comfort. I fear for any zombie that stumbles in on whoever’s blazing fat bowls on this thing. Certain to floor you in more ways than one, this industrial wonder is not for laatjies. So buckle up and get good grip on this bong that will probably outlive you.


4. Heineweed Bong

Creativity: 7/10
Craftsmanship: 8.5/10
TOTAL: 15.5

Keeping it simple in an artisan feel that would make just about any hipster’s beard balm melt with adoration, it was the down to earth and rustic vibes that give this Heineken bottle bong a grungy charm we just couldn’t resist.

Heineweed bong

3. The Lab Bong

Creativity: 8/10
Craftsmanship: 8/10

Bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles is how we’d sum up the mad scientist action going on here. Four reservoir chambers means four rounds of water filtration to what we could only imagine to be some super cooled smoked, complete with LED’s. If getting elegantly wasted is on your to do list, this bong delivers.

The Lab Bong

2. The Bush Vape

Creativity: 9/10
Craftsmanship: 9/10

A homemade volcano style vaporizer made out of a the motor of a heat gun, garden hose connectors for the mouthpiece and decorated with bamboo. Frankly, we were not expecting to see any vapes among this year’s entries. Let alone something that works so well. Coming within a ball hair of taking first prize, this vaporizer is something that even MacGyver himself would be proud of.

Bush vape

2. The Krakenator

Creativity: 9/10
Craftsmanship: 9/10

Picking the winner of these competitions never gets any easier. So we’ve always had to ask ourselves the bluntest question when making that final decision, “Which bong would you most want to see on the top shelf alongside our most prized rigs?” That is what it again came down to and it is for this reason that the steampunk inspired blend of copper and glass won us over. In a beautiful blend of form and function, The Krakenator would be the bong we’d most be most excited about showing off to our friends with child like enthusiasm.

krakenator 1

In case you missed it, here’s a video of the top 9 bongs in action

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4 thoughts on “Best South African Homemade Bongs – 2016

  1. Thanks for hosting this comp BTL! Awesome to see such an array of talented bongsmiths!

    1. It’s our pleasure! Always love hosting this competition and seeing all the creative bongs you guys come up with:)

      Congrats on the gold medal, dude! We’ve just sent you an email to confirm details for your prize.

  2. Some creative people out there. Loving the Lab Bong. Need to murder a few round bottom flasks in the name of science.

  3. Impressive bongs from South African stoners. I love the bush vape. haha. crazy

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