Bongineering 2011 : Finalists

Posted by Buzz in Culture on 8th September 2011


Hello everyone. As most of you already know, this competition has had its ups and downs; with one of the entrants being disqualified for cheating and openly admitting to tampering with the votes. As a result and after much discussion with the admin team and the finalists in question, we feel it the fairest to take the top 3 finalists (The Vong, The Turbonator & Super Cool) and have a re-vote on our Facebook page via Facebook’s childproof question/poll system. Comments on this post are now closed, so please continue any discussion about this on the forums. All the relevant comments thus far have been added into the draw for the grinder, and wil be announced alongside the vape winners. Good luck to all!

High. We’ve had a great response to this competition and some amazing entries were submitted. The brief was to build a “home-made smoking device”. The entries were judged on creativity and craftsmanship. It was a tough judging process, with some insane bongs and smokeables submitted (gallery coming soon), but we’ve managed to narrow it down to the top 10. The person with the most votes after the 2 week voting period will win themselves an Extreme-Q Vaporizer worth R2400, sponsored by Vaporium, and runner up will win themselves a Hand-crank Sharpstone Grinder!

Anyways, without much more rambling, here are the finalists (in no particular order):

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1. The Vong – By VanWijk

Vacuum Cleaner Bong

2. The Turbonator – By Josh, Decio and Nic

When 3 bong-mechanics stumbled across a hole in their bowl, they decided to plug it with a nugget, but not just any bong would cut it… So, they needed to create something that would go, blow… Oh my f*ck, this thing needs a turbo!!

Why it’s a pleasure to smoke the Turbonator:

– 110% airtight silicon/rubber and O-ring seals (if it leaks it’s not a bong)

– Convenient USB plug-in turbo fan (can be powered using a computer or wall plug adaptor)

– Strong turbo suction (can smoke its own bowl)

– Watertight heat-shrink electrical seals

– Separate chamber, base and downpipe for easy cleaning, filling, (no spilling), packing, racking, smoking, toking and choking. (if you aint choking then you aint smoking)

– Solid, stern base so you don’t spill your bong all over the place

– For all skill levels:
Rookie – initiate turbo fan after releasing the clutch.
Advanced – Initiate turbo in bursts while lighting up and after clutching.
Veteran – Just keep that button down for HIGH speed queeshes!

self smoking

3. MooOjojOjo – By Tiahnah

bear bong

teddy bear bong

4. The Detonator – By Jolly Green Giant

gravity bong

5. Super Cool – By ChronicExposure

6. DIY Vaporizer – By gNome

Parts used: wood, soldering iron, gas reducer 1/4 – 3/4, some piping, some surgical tubing, light dimmer or a soldering iron with temp control, a mayo jar.

home made vaporizer

7. The T-Bong – By Johan.

The T-Bong is actually a 3-in-1 party bong… The T-bong with 3 chambers and tripple filtering, the double or the single. It takes 4-8 people to smoke the 3 piece, making it great for parties!

8. Gen II Stainless Steel Styla! – By Lee.

American style clutch. Big ass cone. Dish washer friendly

Stainless Steel Bong

9. The Pipe Bong – By CurvedInsight (DISQUALIFIED)

10. Cannapipe – By Ramone (Stoney McGyver)

My home made Hemp Pipe, made from the dried out main stems of my plants harvested earlier this year! 100% El naturaal and works like a beast! :) Oh the uses i have for this wondrous plant :)

hemp pipe

And now it’s voting time… Good luck guys and girls! May the best bongineer win!

P.S. Leave a comment below letting us know who you voted for and why, and you could win yourself a Hand-crank Sharpstone grinder :)

[poll id=”19″]

Voting closes 23 September
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