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bubbelicious cannabis

bubblelicious marijuana

Bubblelicious Strain Review:

Breeder: Nirvana
Type: Predominantly indica
Grow Method: Indoor Hydroponic
Method of Ingestion: Joint. RAW papers.

The following is based on a scale of 0-100 in the following categories:

Bag Appeal

(77) Overall Appearance (1 = unattractive 100 = Beautiful)
(60) Calyx Size (1 = Tiny 100 = Huge)
(78) Trichome Coverage (1 = Sparse 100 = Totally Coated)
(68) Density (1 = Airy 100 = Rock Solid)
(86) Aroma (1 = None 100 = Overpowering)
(67) Moisture Level (1 = Dry/Crumbly 100 = Wet)

Comments: Smells amazing, very beautiful, light green nuggets. Lots of thick ginger hairs.

Smoke Report

(83) Potency (1 = Weak 100 = Overpowering)
(89) Taste (1 = Tasteless/bad 100 = Delicious)
(90) Smoothness (1 = harsh 100 = smooth)
(70) Indica Influence (%)
(30) Sativa Influence (%)
(80) Effect Onset (1 = immediate 100 = super creeper)
( I can’t tell, hours? ) Duration of effects (In hours)
(4) Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
(86) Overall Satisfaction (1 = Unsatisfied 100 = Great Job!)

Comments: Smoked it in a joint, and a bong and in both regards, it’s a super tasty, smooth smoke that hits hard and fast. A very sweet and pleasant smoke, yet at the same time, it’s heavy..

High Description:

I’m sorry. What?

Extremely sweet. It smells amazing, almost like a light perfume, with a slight hint of bubblegum.

Sweet, smooth, delicious amazingness.

Additional Comments:

More chips. Please.

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20 thoughts on “Bubblelicious

  1. So so tasty 🙂

  2. Bubba is one of the 1st good strains I grew out. I really enjoyed it with air drying. Tried some water curing on it but not so desirable. Its a relative easy strain to grow and the bud packs on weight quite slow in the beginning but pays her due come harvest time.

    For some reason the strain isn’t THAT strong for me cause after puffing on some strong strains the Bubba seemed to disappear. But that’s my opinion.

  3. one off the most tastiest strains ever – i love it :()

  4. yohhhh where can i get this man

  5. Bubblicious has been floating around the Mother City for a good few years now 😉

  6. been a while since i last toked on this wharawara! Not the strongest puff i will admit but shongayoH what a sweet fruity flavour it had..

  7. GeorgeLongbottom said:
    been a while since i last toked on this wharawara! Not the strongest puff i will admit but shongayoH what a sweet fruity flavour it had..

    Funny you said it tasted like swazi 6 months ago :p

  8. Need to be on main site not forum to vote 😉

  9. Where can I get this kinda of weed In durban??!

  10. Where can a brother get some bubba in JHB?

  11. Where can I get this in cape town? And how much will it be

  12. Can anyone tell me where I can get this bud or whom I can contact in the Pretoria area?

  13. how do I get or order strains on this site please advise guys???

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