March 7, 2011


BurmaBerry Strain Review

Type: Mostly Sativa

Shishkaberry X burmese

This sativa dominant hybrid seems to have thrived indoors, producing large buds covered in foxtails.

The smoke is quite light and cerebral, yet very pleasant. My favorite aspect of this herb is the smell, which I can only describe as being an overpoweringly fruity, sativa aroma.

  • OscarMilde

    hehehehe, nice one, well remembered 😉


    One Of My Favorites 😉

  • DrGreen011

    Would love to sample this strain…………….

  • Maxa1577

    Looks amazing!

  • That shit looks dank yo.

  • vlepa

    In my country, we dont have strains 🙂

  • wow this sounds looks to exotic for words. Nice bud.

  • Maxa1577

    Uh…? Anyone else reading this drivel?

  • vlepa

    I appologize for the off-topic

  • Maxa1577

    Strain: “A group of organisms of the same species, having distinctive characteristics but not usually considered a separate breed or variety.”
    A strain is a classification of a subspecies, meaning: whether or not you call it a specific name most of the times you’ve smoked pot, its probably been a different Or slightly different strain…
    So it is impossible to say there aren’t strains in your country, wherever that might be.

  • vlepa

    You’re absolutely right, what I should have written then was “…we have no named strains…”

  • ChronicExposure

    I agree the smell is amazing so so fruity!!! and you can feel the sativa dominace…

  • Mysterious Gypsey

    makes my lus for one now 🙂 sweeeeet 🙂

  • Snipping up some of this now, 8 months later, smells like it’s going to smoke so smoothly, the cure did it good!

  • TheGreenComposer

    Aaah…if only this would make an appearance in BFN! Would love a taste…

  • hosboss

    Just smoked some of this now very floaty high.

  • Mr curious

    Hey you still have of that burma stuff in capetown? Johnny chronic?