Strain Library August 30, 2010

California Orange Bud

California Orange Bud Strain Review

Commonly known as “Cali Orange”, this strain is an Indica/Sativa hybrid.

This bud looks and smells amazing, even through the bag. It’s bright green, rock solid and is covered in bright orange hairs

This strain has a pungent, sweet smell, almost like a candy shop. Its high comes on really heavy, not the clearest high, but very strong. The smoke is very very tasty, strong and citrusy, but pretty smooth on the lungs.

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48 thoughts on “California Orange Bud

  1. so this should be in the city ‘bowl’ area right now?

  2. This is my all time favorite, nothing beats the taste imo

  3. @ddutchie. ummm, possibly, maybe, i think so..

    such an awesome strain, def one of my favourites. sexy, powerful and super duper tasty

  4. I wanna do a strain review. @ sticky wanna come help me. Infamous trainwreck.

  5. I know there was some Cali Orange here a while back, not recently though.

  6. Just got my hands on some bubalicious. Shit is mad. Rock hard with a slight purpleness to it. Check out this awesome site

  7. what are u going on about?????
    city “bowl” right now… hahaha 7:42 am!!!!
    have a cup of coffee…

  8. early riser ¿

  9. Wake ‘n bake

  10. Weirdly enough just read this yesterday and as i got to a mates house before going to watch the nando’s comedy festival, we lit sparked up our mandatory joint(s), before which I asked my mate what we were smoking and he said it was “calli orange”, was real tasty, nice after-taste, and as you say, the high comes on heavy… smoked three BIFF’s and another in the car on the way, and by the intermission I was checking pretty cross-eyed, still had a great laugh and was an awesome night all in all!

    rahspekt to tha califawneeyans!

  11. Yes indeed I must agree, Cali Orange is a great smoke! Love the taste, love the smell, love the buzz! Not the heaviest high in the world by any means, but it’s a great daytime smoke to help along with your daily missions!

  12. Daily missions…. yoh you smoking up state shit Cali Orange (Indoor/ Hydro) made me feel like i was playing video games…. prob one of the nicest stoned … even against white rhino and cheese this Orange Bud is Awesome!!!!!

  13. A friend experimented with this strain for some time. 3rd crop round was possibly one of the tastiest smokes I’ve had. An indoor magician will yield plenty off this strain. All round win on flavor, smell n buzz 🙂

  14. Had this bud yesterday… Was INCREDIBLE! Truely respectable weed…. I couldn’t WAIT to get home, jump on Below The Lion and RATE IT!

  15. Yo this shit is sick! Had it for the first time today, (also my first time trying weed), It tasted real nice and i got kind of high, more relaxed than high tough, really nice smell / taste / all round good bud!!!

  16. there are all these strains.. but nowhere to get them :'(.. all i smoke is probably swazi..

  17. mmmmmmm…..yummy! THAT is all!

  18. I got sum in G-town now now…just a sample tho. am bck in the Y but will b arranging a shipment shortly. impressiv dope. proper

  19. So my favourite!!! Absolutly love it!!!

  20. Grown indoor or outdoor? Chem or organic?

  21. How high: 7.5/10
    Smell: 9/10
    Taste: 8/10
    Bong for buck: 3/10

  22. its true, you only need to taste this one once, you will never forget it as long as you live, best <("<)

  23. I WANT!I WANT!!

  24. I can only echo everything that has already been said about this beautiful bud.
    Best high I ever had. Ever. And oh so tasty, with a dense white smoke.

    Cali Orange – Amandla! Cali Orange – Awethu!

  25. this was the best weed i ever smoked in the 90’ hasnt been around since kush got so big..just got the strain again im hoping it all i remember it to be

  26. I got mine from Canal Walk for 40 a gram 😉

    Was the shiz niz

  27. CW your say? Damn i need to get my hands on some of that bud!

  28. Ye I used to get outdoor cali orange and mango for 40 bucks a gram at canal walk. Haven’t contacted that dude in years tho as he was not the most reliable. But damn that jack herer and new york diesel i got from him was out of this world 🙂

  29. i just knew that orange bud is a cannabis

  30. first time i blazed Cali orange was at a park we like to call little scotland…..IT WAS KILLER!!!!! Definently a good bud to enjoy with your mantes!!!

  31. Cali Orange is the truth!!!

  32. An all time favourite, smells great, tastes great, super smooth 🙂

  33. Looking forward to trying this!

  34. i got to try this. can someone please show me the light

  35. I want!!!!! Anyone in Jozi?

  36. I wasn’t exactly blown away. Expected more from what I paid (R150/g). It did the job though. Discussed all sorts of psychological theories. Gave both of us terrible drymouth, and the high faded pretty quickly, but I felt hundreds the next day. Nothing funny.

    But I did save some seeds, maybe I can grow it better 😉

  37. Lilith said:
    I wasn’t exactly blown away. Expected more from what I paid (R150/g). It did the job though. Discussed all sorts of psychological theories. Gave both of us terrible drymouth, and the high faded pretty quickly, but I felt hundreds the next day. Nothing funny.

    But I did save some seeds, maybe I can grow it better 😉

    You shouldn’y pay R150.00 for weed with seeds. Max 100 if not sensi. Seedless should be your minimum requirement if buying “indoor” Marijuana.

  38. i just wanna know where i can get my hands on strains like this??? HELP!!!!

  39. Baught this from a guy Yanko but don’t think it was legit didn’t get me very high and didn’t last long anyone know where to get legit Cali Orange here in JHB??HELP

  40. hi I would like to grow this strain , can i buy seeds in south africa?

  41. What i wouldn’t do to get a bag of this. the last i smoked it was way back in 2006. if you know where its available in the JHB region please inbox me-my email is

  42. Just got this over here in the UK, was sceptical at first cos after five years of smoking I’ve never came across any Cali strains, was expecting it to be some cheese or summet.

    After doin’ a bit of a look up on it beforehand, instantly recognized it. A more paler, pastel green colour with bright orange strands. After reading what you guys posted and it actually being what he said it was, I couldn’t wait to bust it home and smoke.

    Top three instantly, one of the best buds I’ve ever smoked. To say it was third in my all time favourites would be an insult, but I personally prefer hard-hitters like white widow.

    COG hits you with a strong high at first, then mellows out nicely, giving you a buzz that doesn’t counchbound you.

    10/10 would smoke again. 😉

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