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Beware Buying Medical Cannabis Oil in South Africa

Use Zolr to find cannabis oil suppliers in South Africa

If you mentioned Cannabis Oil in South Africa just a few years ago, it’s something that next to no one would have heard about. Even most of the trendiest cannabis enthusiasts I knew at the time weren’t prepared for the fast approaching new world. Along with the boom in cannabis concentrates and oils came a lexicon of new frontier colloquialisms and three letter acronyms such as BHO, RSO, winterization, decarboxylation, reclaim and Rosin to name just a few. But not all has been well for those venturing into this new world; prohibition is keeping the water muddied and the sharks well fed.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of it, I do need to make it crystal clear that “Cannabis Oil” can refer to any number of concoctions that your friendly online or neighborhood dealer will gladly sell to you. Which makes it a monumental task to even begin defining the tips and tricks involved with distinguishing the cream from the crap. Besides, that’s not what this article is about. This article is instead for the people who are being preyed on by unscrupulous cannabis oil producers who are nothing short of the worst sort of drug dealer – a new breed of dealer that feeds on their victims, who out of desperation and in the hope of adding a few years, months or even hours to their lives, make the mistake of treading where there are snakes in the grass.

So let’s cut the metaphors and be frank. As long as cannabis is illegal neither you nor your dealer will have any idea of what exactly is in those few grams or millilitres of cannabis oil that you’ve just paid so handsomely for. Sure, it may come in a nifty branded container or a syringe that gives it that pharmacy feel, but the fact remains that no matter how wonderfully packaged the product is or how full of hugs and kisses your dealer’s Facebook page appears to be, what your are buying is most likely the product of someone who is winging it. Someone who has most likely scored the cheapest weed they could find, processed it in the least refined way and believe that you are sufficiently uninformed to be none the wiser. So poor has been my personal experience with most of the cannabis concentrates presented to me that I gave up the fat dab habit well before it took off for the rest of the country. For every decent quality concentrate that came my way there were several others that I would not want to touch with a 10 foot dab tool. To this day I still flinch at the thought of some of the things that I ingested in those not so long ago early days.

What chance does a ripe for the picking and unintentionally oblivious medical patient therefore stand when wading into a system that is rigged from the start? Gone are the days when you could judge your bag of weed at some degree by face value. The techniques of processing cannabis into oils, tinctures and other concentrates are refined to such an extent that it now takes a completely blind leap of faith that your dealer has your best interests at heart. Maybe you’ll be lucky and find a good connection. Not one who is fuelled on hippie fervour and slowly kills you with their ignorant kindness, not one who lets you down every time they’re out of stock and most certainly not one who willingly profits from misleading you.

Use Zolr to find cannabis oil suppliers in South Africa

That’s why rather than bore you with the intricacies or being sucked into the name and shame game, it’s imperative that I rather take this time to tell you that it is the wild west out there. The place is packed with charlatans running rampant. There’s a lot of deliberately dodgy ones and there are as many others floundering in the quicksand of their good intentions, but there are also some good guys to be found.

Never before has there been so many dynamics at play when getting your hands on some sweet medicinal Mary Jane. So before you take the cannabis oil plunge with both feet… stop… breathe… do some homework… shop around. We’d hate for you to end up as just another new pupil to the ancient art of being ripped off.

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23 thoughts on “Beware Buying Medical Cannabis Oil in South Africa

  1. Thank you for this. So many people do not realise that its a dog et dog world out there and are being scammed by ‘well intentioned’ crazies. I wish we could legalize this so it can be properly monitored for quality and efficacy.

  2. And here for your attention folks is just the sort of specimens that the article is about.
    Note the distinct lack of names or tangible details, as well as the vague sort of email address you’d expect to find on a 419 scam.
    Approach at your peril.

  3. Okay, let’s see the lab analysis certificates for your product?

    1. there you go tomas….seeing is believing

      1. Can’t believe it if I can’t read it.
        Happy to peruse a higher resolution copy.

  4. yes it’s a real hassle if you need it and got no contacts.
    Personally, I only help people that I know or who is somewhat related to my family. Otherwise I don’t even mention it to anyone else, not even friends. It’s just too dangerous to try and make a profit of it. If I can cover costs for making it then great. I don’t really trust anyone else making extracts as there’s just too many variables which I can’t check on. You can only send it to a lab at great expense and time.. Would still be great to get testing kits for general purpose basic tests.

  5. I think you’ll find that all cannabis oil salesmen are conmen.

    1. Not.

    2. Not Bobby Greenhash, I got my oil within 3 weeks and it’s of good
      quality, I’ve been using it since late February for a wide range of
      health issues including epilepsy because my medications aren’t helping.
      Guess what? The oil helps a lot for the epilepsy, the headaches that
      accompany it the onset of my seizures and I’ve been decreasing my
      epilepsy medication. My blood pressure has dropped too. Six months
      ago, I was on a whole bunch of medications – now I am on only 3
      different medications. Thanks to the Bobby Greenhash Foundation, I’m no
      longer reliant on painkillers and slowly coming off pharmaceutical
      medications. I’m hardly in pain and can do so much more stuff around
      the farm. So this is the company you should trust for the oil and other
      products – I was hesistant to get from elsewhere because they were too
      expensive and I had no idea what they put in their oils. Bobby
      DISCLOSED everything that was put in the products – this oil is even
      safe for people with gluten intolerance / celiac disease / Chron’s
      Disease (which I am gluten intolerant big time) because the base oil is
      coconut oil and it’s good for the stomach and intestines. There are no
      hidden agendas about the Bobby Greenhash Foundation.

  6. One of the things that piss me off the most, is all those snake oil operators out there that have suddenly jumped on the band wagon, all just smelling big bucks, producing “oils” in their garages and kitchens, using fuck-knows-what industrial solvents to extract from crap weed, and generally not giving a shit about the people they supply. I am fully behind regulation of this industry, so that we can eliminate these vultures, who have zero understanding of natural healing.

    So, The Bobby Greenhash Foundation decided some five years back, the only way we can push the money chasers out of the business is to produce quality, organic products, at rock bottom prices. A huge contingent of the peeps we supply, we supply on charity. By crashing the prices, and giving free to the needy, we feel that we have minimised the opportunistic element to some degree. Point: we dont do this for money, we do this because its the right thing to do. All who know us, know that we are very strong activists in getting some sort of infrastructure in place, not to control the rouges, but to get access to the people who need it. Even in a regulated industry, the fact of it is, you will still get black market operators.

    Here is a bit of information when sourcing cannabis oils for medical reasons:

    1. Check out your potential supplier, either by getting reference from others who have used his/her oils. Being an illegal industry, most oil makers (good and bad) are undercover, and dont have much reference. The Bobby Greenhash Foundation are quite open about what we do, and we have many public success stories over the years, which have been published and televised in major media around the world. We are also endorsed by the South African Traditional Healers Council.

    2. Check what extraction method they use, and what solvent is being used. Most oil producers use the Rick Simpson Method, which involves isopropyl alcohol extraction methods. Most will tell you they use IPA, the wee problem with that, is that you cannot purchase IPA in large quantities without attracting attention. IPA is also used in Meth labs, so the man keeps an eye on that sort of thing.Lots of these wannabe oil makers, use Acetone, Butane, benzine and shitloads of other industrial crap to extract oils, which at best, are highly toxic. It is impossible to get a 100% boil of of solvent, it always retains chemical residue.

    At this point, I must make it clear, we do not say that chemical extractions such as Rick Simpsons methods are wrong, or dont work, they do, and there are some really awesome oil makers that are really doing their best, and we are always happy to help potential oil makers.

    Having said that, we do not use the Rick Simpson Method of extraction, for many reasons, main reason being is that we feel that chemical elements that are residue in the final product are hazardous, even in minute amounts. We opted for a more traditional method of extraction, using a natural time tested recipe and some fancy biomass extraction equipment. Simply, we use natural tri glyceride veagtable oils, Soy Glycerine and coconut oil being the most compatible at molecular level to bind to the Cannabis plant oils. The oils go through a 5 day process under controlled conditions, where the oils are then spun out of the plant mass with industrial centrifuge machine.The oils are never exposed to excess heat or chemicals with this method, and ensures a pure, organic tincture that can be safely consumed. Being in suspension of the base solvent oil, allows the cannabanoids to absorb into the system over a sustained period.

    Another questionable practice, is shipping raw extract in plastic “Use once & dispose” syringes, is that oils stored for a prolonged period in these containers can become contaminated. Oil extracts, like any meds are sensitive to light. We use only medical grade glass amber bottles, to ensure this does not happen.

    Finally, for any potential oil makers out there that think they can make a quick buck, making a batch of oil in your kitchen for you and a couple of buddies is one thing, making oil at a commercial level requires a much higher level of quality, and that costs money. This business is like any other business, its hard work, an in addition, its illegal, so unless you got the money and the balls, stay out of the game. Plus, we got more weed than Jesus.

    Anybody who wants to know more about the Bobby Greenhash Foundation, catch Bob Greenhash on Facebook, or, just google us.

    In the meantime watch out for the fucker trying to sell you oil at R1000 a gram!

    Bob Greenhash

    1. totally agree!!!!

    2. Bobby – please help me with a few questions I have. I met someone who uses your oil.
      My problem is known as “Neurogenic Claudication” – Bad leg pains!
      I think you supply 20ml bottles, if so, can you say how many ml of PURE BLACK CONCENTRATE is in your 20ml bottle & how long should one bottle last me.
      What is the price and how long after confirmation of payment could I expect delivery and how is it delivered – I hope not our splendid Post Office.
      Thanks Bob

    3. I import my seeds from Amsterdam and only use the highest quality strain to produce my oil. I give 25% of my product away and sell the rest as those imported seeds are not cheap and neither is the whole production process.

    4. How can we get in contact bobby?

      1. Facebook Bob Greenhash

  7. Still here.

  8. How do I call you on phone?

  9. and join the fight to legalise and regulate the industry. The fund raiser for the supreme court battle is this weekend. Search Weedstock on Facebook events, or search daggacouple. That’s the real team fighting the good fight. Check it out and join them. If this is your industry, passion, or hobby, it’s worth getting involved to help each other out.

  10. Soooo…..who can tell us which suppliers are good and which suppliers sell “snake-oil”…
    I just ordered from a supplier….paid her handsomely….
    Now I’m freaking out!!!!!

    1. Lizel just saw your post friend me on fb. I do test plant and oils as well.

  11. Is it really true that there is such ” junk” oils out there.Does any cannabis plant not contain THC and other constituents naturally,even the” lowest quality”.If we us the female plant of ANY kind of cannabis and make oil by low temp oven decarboxylation,course grinding and then oil or alcohol or butane extraction ,why would it be so bad? Will even the most humble female plant not have some medical benefit? Why not? We dont all do laboratory analysis and pay a fortune for ” premium seeds”.I make mine from ” street weed “and even 1/4 teaspoon of the oil method is enough for a mellow effect.After straining the solids out a dark black oil is left,I dont get it why anyone following the basics cant just make and distribute for general health and to sick people.As You said. It is God given for medicinal use.I believe any cannibis plant has medicinal value ,some maybe more potent than others,very few people I know who sells the stuff makes real useless stuff,its all usefull.No one will really make oil and deliberately use Petrol or something crazy to extract the oil,they are selling to people who know them.From a marketing point of view”everyone has the best stuff “.I believe the truth is that most all still have some benefit if only the very basic method is used to easily extract from any female plant.

    1. We’ve seen oil that catches on fire when lit… That’s not healthy and still has a high quantity of dangerous chemical solvents in the extract…

      Using street weed is another problem entirely. How do you know what you’re getting, if there’s mould, pesticides or other contaminants? If you’re making your own oil, then quite frankly you should be growing your own plants. Patients deserve better.

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