Culture May 9, 2016

Cape Town Cannabis March 2016 – Photos

There’s a ton to love or to green eye’dly loath about Cape Town. We for one are kingsize fans of the annual Cannabis march that takes place in the heart of this beautiful city. Each passing year has seen the peaceful public protest garner increasing support and media attention as participation from even the most couch-locked stoners grows. This year took the annual cannabis march to new heights with an estimated 20,000 peaceful participants.

Andy Reeves was there to snap beautiful pictures. You can see the full album on Facebook here (287 photos).


IMG_5820 IMG_5881 IMG_5866 IMG_5846 IMG_5843 IMG_5838 IMG_5833 IMG_5831 IMG_6881 IMG_6874 IMG_6740 IMG_6704 IMG_6688 IMG_6680 IMG_6624 IMG_6617 IMG_6559 IMG_6531 IMG_6450 IMG_6440 IMG_6427 IMG_6345 IMG_6272 IMG_6198 IMG_6110 IMG_6088 IMG_5998 IMG_5991 IMG_5982 IMG_5974 IMG_5973 IMG_5951 IMG_5932 IMG_5907 IMG_5898 IMG_5896 IMG_5888IMG_5883IMG_5886


Photography by Andy Reeves

See the full album on Facebook here (287 photos).




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One thought on “Cape Town Cannabis March 2016 – Photos

  1. Is an under 18 year old allowed to participate?

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