Strain Library November 13, 2010


Champagne Strain Review

Type: Mostly Indica

A lot of people who try this bud will call it their favourite and there is a reason for that. This bud has a great high. It is a super slow creeper, to the point where you’re not quite sure when you have reached the limit. A very pleasant stony feeling, but not so stoned that you cannot function. It’s a great bud for social occasions.

The bud itself is a very light green with orange and purple undertones. It is incredibly dank and a gram can look quite pathetic, but chop up just a bit and you will see this solid little bud can expand far more than you had thought. A good flavour, but not very tasty or smelly. Smells like dry bud, but don’t let that fool you. This bud is covered in thick layer of crystals and even has a shine to it in the right light. If you manage to find some of this don’t miss it. It really is a great smoke.

A winner of the 2005 Tokers Bowl award.

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16 thoughts on “Champagne

  1. HI! 🙂 How much does the bud cost? and Where can i find it monsters?

  2. a great smoke, however i’ve had this, and also bought round the same time what people call “Crystal”, pronounce like the OG’s/50 Cent as “Chris-taal”… are people just getting their cap classiques confused with their french or are these the same strain?
    both delicious, yet this crystal was really reallllllllly tatsy with a bit of a smack within the first few minutes of blazing!…

  3. Awe Jed-aiii, I have smoked Crystal and Champagne before and can assure you that they are quite different, but both are an awesome smoke 🙂

  4. This is the limo of weed, very nice bud, smoked some from an eastern cape grower a year ago. Knocked my socks of. Nice pic.

  5. Another strain i just gotta get my green paws on!

  6. Finally, my tastebuds get to experience the awesome champagne bud.

    Although the taste and smell aren’t so special, the high you get from this bud definately is!Pretty soon you get to appreciate the subtle flavours of the smoke, a hint of ginger and slightly fruity taste.

    A very clean and clear high for an indica strain.Very nice.One of my favourites from now on!

  7. hi guys does any of you kno where to get this strain in capetown holla at me….

  8. Took one hit of this, held it long in my chest cavity, and then let it out in a single vaporous stream that played briefly upon the ceiling before disappearing into the realm of air. My lovely 22-year-old girlfriend and I decided upon a movie, and lay back upon the spacious bed to enjoy.

    At first, I felt nothing from the weed, and wondered if I should take another puff. But then in true creeper style the magic of the Champagne strain began to take hold, coming on like a slowly sipped glass of strong bubbly wine.

    The high will relax you, gently stimulating your mind while counterbalancing with a medium-heavy drowsing effect. It’s a great strain for a rainy weekend afternoon, for lying around, reading favorite passages from time-worn books, marveling at the world in a tranquil, slow haze.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Champagne if you wish to be highly productive; unless, of course, you consider productivity a chill few hours of snuggling with your loved one while enjoying the pleasantries of an excellent 1940’s film.

  9. Dank Nug!

  10. had some of this last night 🙂 yummmmmmmmmmy haha

  11. This is a regular smoke of mine. Bong for buck personally I can’t compare, im getting this shit for a mean price, only prob is the consistency, however when this is not available there’s always a pretty good substitute

  12. I dunno what champagne you”ve been smoking but the batch I good was incredibily sweet swelling and very tasty. Was grown with hydo tho.

  13. Shit this looks good! beautiful bud that is indeed.

  14. Harbor heights favorite brand .
    Dank dank crank expensive, I call it the disco baller.
    Its packed with thc crystals. By far sexiest high

  15. Looking at these strains and I’m envious!

    Here in Pretoria I have no connection to any of this,
    Just cheap ganja!

    This looks amazing, I wish!

  16. is this available in the johannesburg region? please inbox me details about its availability –

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