Medical Marijuana August 17, 2016

DA Changes Stance On Medical Cannabis

The Democratic Alliance’s disdain for cannabis is nothing new. Taking every opportunity to avoid any sensible discussion on the topic of legalisation and kicking the medical marijuana bucket down the road have been long favoured tactics. Until now that is.

In what appears to be the DA’s first real stance on the matter, MP Wilmot James explained the political party’s unexpected shift in a sentimental article which highlighted the crucial role that the late Mario Ambrosini had played in bringing the urgent need for cannabis based medicines to parliament and the president’s attention. Although James made it clear that he does not agree with the means by which Ambrosini sought to achieve these goals “Much as I admired Mario’s cause, the vehicle he chose to advance it, the Medical Innovation Private Members’ Bill, is an unnecessarily complex and cumbersome route to get us there. There is no need for new legislation.”

Citing the existing legal avenues that have so far been unmoving in the denial of permitting any form of medical cannabis in the country, James may well have an inside scoop on what’s to come. “As for the Medical Innovation Bill, it should be withdrawn and replaced by an effort to produce, register and schedule a cannabinoid drug as a prescription drug for well-defined clinical indications.

In the next few months, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will be calling on Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi to encourage pharmaceutical companies to bring a suitable cannabinoid-derived drug to the MCC for approval and registration.”

In order for this to meet the DA’s exacting standards there will need to be some terms and conditions:

1. Comes in an ingestible form, ie as an oil or a pill to be swallowed rather than smoked, smoking being potentially carcinogenic;

2. Consists of compounds that can be biochemically standardised; and

3. Is registered as a medicine based on clinical trials or a dossier that complies with strict regulatory requirements and MCC approval.

It will be interesting to see if or how the Inkatha Freedom party will defend the MIB as it has become a notable feather in the party’s cap. What is perhaps even more interesting is that the DA has waited for the National Election dust to first settle before making a move on this popular issue that got not so much as a mention during months of campaigning. Begging the question on whether the leadership of the party is truly committed to making any changes that don’t involve the large investments and chunky donations that would undoubtedly go along with getting into bed with Big Pharma.

An anonymous source who was a close friend to Ambrosini at the time of introducing the MIB to parliament and his eventual passing away was distraught about the news of James betraying the wishes of a dying man who’s legacy he’d promised to protect. “He promised Mario on his death bed that he would not corporatise the bill.”

The DA is clearly waking up to the prospect of a local legal medical cannabis industry. One can however only wonder what their motivations are.

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33 thoughts on “DA Changes Stance On Medical Cannabis

  1. I wouldn’t trust the DA as far as I could spit at them. They will side with Big Pharma every day of the week over the best interests of the people needing medical cannabis.

  2. “We think allowing people to grow their own medicine is deeply flawed and insist that Big Pharma be allowed to overcharge people with Cancer.”

  3. Money, their motivations are simply for money. Fucking cunts. I can see it now, legal if bought at a pharmacy, illegal if you grow your own in your garden. This is not how we solve the problem DA.

  4. Time for the ANC to step up and catch up with the IFP, EFF and now DA. By the way cannabis can be consumed orally via edibles or safely via vaporisation.

  5. Corporations own the DA

  6. Why not just lagalise it for medical use what is easier and cheaper making a fake pill with chemicals the same as cannabis or just legalising the stuff for certain medical conditions.
    Let medical marijuana crops be grown by licenced people or let the patients grow 3 or 4 plants to aid them.
    Why must the governmen control everything. It was us smokers and cannabis uses that showed you poor aggogant souls that it is a medicine and not a drug.

    1. I read only yesterday that any form of heating destroys the healing properties of cannabis. Unheated, it also has no ability to make one ‘high’. When used for cancer, an individual actually needs about 30-40 plants to keep a regular supply available. I would prefer to see an industry created that was more similar to our Rooibos industry, than have the possibility of other chemicals added, which is likely by big pharma. Firstly, we need to stop the SAPS spraying with Monsanto weedkillers.

      1. No ,you are misinformed heating creates THC which has a lot of healihg properties.

  7. Sounds too good to be true…but look at it like this: Legalize, regulate the shit out of it and hand the contracts to your fat cat Pharma buddies. We know the plot, rest assurred, we ARE a registered company, we ARE recognised by Traditional Healers Council and we WILL be submitting our products and research for approval. Lets see if the DA live up to their word.

    Bob Greenhash.

    1. You’ll have to design a protocol first, which means you’re gonna need a few botanists, biochemists, and medical doctors to sort that out.

      I’ve been involved in trial design, and it’s a pretty lengthy process, not to mention the fact that you need to standardise all your actives. Something you often remind us you cannot do. Clinical products do not tolerate larger than 5% deviations in API, 10% at most if you’re adhering to the US Pharmacopoeia.

      Which also means you’ll need actual HPLC methodology for testing the active concentrations, and it spills over into things like cleaning validations and the like.

      1. Clinical trials are so rigged, that they are very misleading.Watch the Docummentry called Making A Killing The Untold Story About Psychotropic Drugging on You tube, It is scary how the whole system is controlled by the 1%

      2. I do clinical trials every day on my patients and they all appear satisfied. Works for them and I don’t sell to make a profit so I have no vested interests.

    2. Hey Bob,
      How would I go about getting hold of you! A family member is currently fighting cancer, and I’m hoping to get her some medicinal treatment…you seem to be the best option…

      My contacts are :

  8. Smoking cannabis is NOT potentially carcinogenic you morons,it also does not give you lung cancer either,and what bs is DA talking about the pharmacies need to research pills of cannabis ,have the cunts heard of Sativex and Dronabinol.

    1. I adore the way you put it, thought I was the only person using the word ‘cunts’ publicly –

  9. So the DA wants to hand the rights to manage medical cannabis to big pharma! Fuck that!!!!!

    1. Pandering to the police and “security” side of the state too – they want to retain the right to arrest a kid on the street with a joint in his pocket. They need to be able to intimidate and terrify the population to “maintain order”.

    2. Hear! Hear! The DA can go to hell!

  10. First they vilify the plant. Then they use that as justification for the production of ‘safe’ medicine via prescription. I’m ok consuming the plant in it’s native form with all its wonderful biodiversity. If you want to regulate something harmful, look no further than sugar, but please stop with all the bullshyte regarding this therapeutic plant.

  11. So let me get this straight, Big Pharma, or whatever that is, just wants everyone to be sick so that they can be customers and every scientist in the world is in on some kind of murky conspiracy to withhold cures from people, regardless of the implications on themselves, their friends and their families?
    Reality check – and “alternative medicine” that has been demonstrably proven to be effective is simply called medicine.
    While like any industry there are dodgy business practises at times, basing an entire argument on a mythical entity with a business model that is based on killing it’s end consumer is patently absurd.
    Cancer can affect anyone, regardless of their beliefs and access to resources. Take lifelong vegetarian, health, alternative healing fan and multi-billionaire Steve Jobs as an example.
    No, you don’t get to use the term “sensible discussion” while making assertions like that.

    1. No, you got it wrong.

      The article never said big pharma wants to keep people sick. No one said all scientists are involved in a conspiracy to withhold cures from people. What are you smoking, boet?

      Totally agree, cancer can effect anyone. Pretty ironic though, how the US government holds a patent on cannabinoids (this is not a conspiracy, look it up, – they acknowledge the medical value of cannabis. It doesn’t need to be smoked, it can also be taken taken orally. Cannabis in its pure form is extremely safe and non-toxic. The same cannot be said for synthetic cannabinoid drugs like Marinol (legally available in SA, btw) which has resulted in overdose and death.

      There are stockpiles of anecdotal evidence of people using cannabis in its natural form to self medicate. We dont “need to find something else to protest about” – it’s just a fucking scam if one is arrested for growing their own medicine, but can legally take the (potentially fatal) pill form… For a ridiculous amount of money…

      Boet, for the sake of sensible discussion, lets move past medical use for a second. Should the use of cannabis amongst consensual adults really constitute a criminal act, considering that the substance is categorically safer than just about all of its legal counterparts?

  12. nope. sounds like bullshit.

  13. Asking pharmaceutical companies – pfft. So in other words, bastardised Monsanto cannabis, devoid of any healing properties whatsoever and just another ruse to get money out of people.

  14. Attention Attention Mr President….until the day your forces leave us alone to grow our own trees to smoke in our yard…Coz smoke is incense for our prayer….rather sit ur councils, regulators, law makers and politicians. we be growing…so align to full freedom or sink. irie.

  15. And what happens to the millions of South Africans who cannot afford to buy this? They will surely continue to be targeted and victimised by law enforcement due to nonsensical dagga prohibition laws.

  16. The most versatile plant for humankind on the planet…set it free……it belongs to us….To hell with greedy governments and companies.

  17. I just hope the DA could see the money that cannabis can bring in for s.a if legalized like in some states of usa coz the plant can also be used for various courses not just medicine plus it takes the tree about 5-7 month’s to be mature and there will be less trees harmed for paper, furniture, etc… which means more oxigen for us n more living space for wildlife

  18. How dare the DA pander to Big Pharma in this way? They have just lost my vote over this! People MUST be free to grow and ingest whatever they choose!

  19. Finally!????????
    My effort in standing my ground with them on Election Day, ACTUALLY paid off, Haha.????????????

  20. Grateful that they listened to me after initiating they record my testimony so as not to forget it before I vote as my fundamental right!????

    Enjoy, and treat it with respect!✌????️????????????PeAce

    1. What happened exactly?

  21. Grateful they listened to me!

    After insisting they record my testimony as my fundemental right before I even consider voting, challenging the status quo of what is possible, defying the notion pooling money to private campaigns was even necessary to have delayed a revolution so many years, amongst sharing fine too the and comb facts to benefit the economy, and improve the health system.

    Enjoy, and treat this gift with more faith and educated respect, so we may retain this. ✌????️PeAce????????????

    1. What happened, Merlin?

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