Medical Marijuana December 6, 2016

Dagga Couple & IFP – Khaya FM Interview

The Dagga Couple and IFP’s Narend Singh discuss the legalisation of Medical Marijuana in South Africa on Khaya FM

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2 thoughts on “Dagga Couple & IFP – Khaya FM Interview

  1. Difficult to convince the Portfolio Committee members that Cannabis has medicinal purposes? That’s the problem. Next year is going to be interesting for sure.

  2. The IFP representative seems to be advocating for a change in the law so doctors and traditional healers can prescribe substances without the relevant double blind peer reviewed trials being done. That is incredible dangerous. It opens the door for all sorts of exploitative and phony treatments to be sanctioned by medical professionals without any consequences. The anecdote about the Mango juice at the beginning is a perfect example, that story is the worst sort of evidence, if you want to use it, fine, but if a doctor prescribes such a treatment without well vetted research that doctor should lose their licence. I would much rather see marijuana legalised and available from pharmacies for personal use and for researches to use in drug trials, but not prescribable for treatments, until those treatments have been proven, as any other medical drug requires.

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