South Africa May 19, 2016

Date Confirmed For Dagga Couple’s Legalisation Court Case

Over the last five years it will have been tough to miss the multitude of headlines, both good and bad, about cannabis. From being a miracle cancer cure to heavy handed police enforcement efforts, it’s been practically impossible to miss both sides of the hype. Thankfully the time has now come for Mary Jane to finally have her day in court.

I’d be lying if I said we weren’t initially gutted when hearing that the Trial of the Plant would only be taking place from the 31st of July 2017. Having been on this road for what sometimes feels like a lifetime, watching the bucket being kicked down the road for another year brought on an instant sad-face. But after sleeping on it and realising that this actually now provides the ideal opportunity to strengthen our efforts, it became clear that this would be a blessing and allow for an even stronger case to be put forward by The Dagga Couple and their panel of expert witnesses. “The various deadlines are realistic and attainable by the defendants (the government) so there will be no room for further postponements. We mentioned before that a judge would be appointed to manage the case and we are pleased to announce that it will be Deputy Judge President Ledwaba himself, mediating between the parties and making sure that all deadlines are met. We take this as a sign that he is determined to get the show on the road.” said Fields of Green for ALL in their announcement of the date confirmation.

The time, effort and money so far invested in the Trial of the Plant has been monumental, with a team of professional attorneys working tirelessly to ensure that the applicable government departments can no longer postpone what is now considered by the courts to be a long term public interest trial. All indications are that the nearly month long case will deliver the definitive answer on whether the prohibition of cannabis is consistent with the South African Constitution. Given the judiciary’s much lauded and celebrated resilience when dealing with other matters of unconstitutional laws and behaviour, it is hard to imagine a verdict that will be any thing less than an affirmation that cannabis should be legal.

The jam may however be in defining what exactly “legal” means as it is doubtful that we will end up with a weed free for all being declared. Where the rest of the world is at in terms of cannabis law reforms is another variable that may play a part in defining the outcomes of the trial. So while the focus can now move beyond the “if” or “when” of dagga’s day in court, the real work needs to begin on the “how” of legalisation.

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5 thoughts on “Date Confirmed For Dagga Couple’s Legalisation Court Case

  1. How is the fundraising going so far? We need those expert witnesses to overcome the sugar in my tea mindset of those that oppose legalisation

  2. And we all know what games are being played here…
    Revelations: chapter 2 verse 9.
    9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    It is time for us all to speak truth to power.
    These evil parasites have ruined the planet, it is not just about the injustice of dagga-prohibition, the Synagogue of Satan harms all forms of life, from Rhinos being poached to Lord Greville Janner of the JBD.UK smuggling thousands of children as sex-slaves…
    How much more damage needs to be inflicted upon life before people stand up and speak out?
    Know thy enemy, call him out and let everyone know who is ruining life… We are merely slaves to the Synagogue of Satan, and these evil cretins are not real Hebrews, they are fake, they are pretenders.

    *** — ***
    And now that the ‘conspiracy piece’ has been said, congratulations and blessings to the DC for the tireless mission to bring true justice to the dagga plant.

  3. lets just hope the Judges don’t have a narrow mind…….

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