Culture June 5, 2016

Dear BTL – May 2016

We receive all manner of questions and comments errr day. Some are weird, some are wonderful and some inspire us to keep on keeping on. So let’s take a look at what’s been weighing heavily on folk’s minds this month.

Q- I studied Landscaping and Horticulture. Growing in this country is illegal and I am not familiar with the process and technical set-up with growing this particular plant. I was wondering if growers in Germany, Holland or any other places where growing is legal would be a good place to learn as I have an EU passport?

Also with certain medical conditions are the strains of the plant of great importance, such as “Charlottes Web” being used for MS and Cancer I believe?

A- The USA, Canada and Spain are where you’re likely to get the most hands on experience with legally growing cannabis at the moment. Although you may find opportunities tough to come by as cannapreneurs and employment seekers have been travelling to these destinations for years already. So do your your homework first with much Googling, invest in a good grow book and decide which one of the growing industry facets you would like to focus on. Networking before hand will be essential in ensuring that you find a position before setting of for foreign shores.

Strain is certainly important. CBD and THC only products have however been coming under recent criticism for not working well due to lacking the essential components that make up the Entourage Effect of cannabis’ efficacy in medical applications. Hype about strains such as Charlotte’s Web has been so popular that it can be difficult to tell if you are getting the real thing. Again, do you homework and due diligence before coughing up any cash.

Q- I ordered seeds online and I am really worried. A guy posted on your site 2 years ago saying he was called aside and had to give his ID and that the seeds are illegal and was confiscated by Cape Mail. My seeds have been there since March 31. I’m scared to go in coz what if they find it? Have you ever had packages through Cape Mail?

Ah- That sucks 🙁
Cape Mail is really good at intercepting this kind of stuff. Have heard of many folk receiving letters, but never heard of anyone responding to the letter or being arrested. May have to write off the seeds and request a more creative packaging solution on your next batch, maybe even courier.

Q- Do you supply the E-cigarette twisp thingy or can I just get that from a regular store? So if i wanted to purchase an “oil” filter somewhere, would it fit all types of E-cigarettes? i.e. Is it a standard fit/size?

A- You can easily get E-cigarette’s all over the show now days. Twisp is just one of many available brands. A quick Google search or visit to your local mall should deliver easy results.

You will want a model with a 510 thread and preferably variable Ohm settings. Be sure to ask the sales person if the unit is compatible with other “tanks” and “atomizers” as these are the easily removable chambers that will allow you to customize your vaping experience between e-cig juice, cannabis concentrates and herbs. Although the herb fittings are usually quite kak. For vaping concentrates look out for skillet atomisers as they do a great job, but get more than one at a time. They tend to need replacing every few months.

Q –  We are not dealers but an elderly couple who has a daughter with breast cancer. My wife did a lot of research and trial and error to develop what we think is a pure and ethical cannabis oil. We will in most deserving instances donate oil However.In order to recoup input costs we would sometimes require some contribution. Is there a legal way of doing this or are we still in the dark ages?

A- We’re still in the dark ages. The law would certainly view you as dealers and your daughter as a criminal. How you choose to handle the contributions is up to you. Some local oil makers are even beginning to register companies and charge VAT on their products, but this is a ballsy move as the product itself is still considered strictly illegal.

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  • Vik

    Nice monthly 🙂

  • tgif1

    Send your beans via unregistered mail if possible. The risk of it not arriving is lower than cape mails theft record for registered delivery. interception. 😛

  • Amvios

    Ive ordered seeds before and no problems. Personally love attitude seedbank. Always ensure to take insurance when ordering beans. If you studied landscaping and horticulture your studies would have supplied you with the knowlage of the whole biology and environmental factors required to grow plants. And if your studies was worth it. You’d completely understand the entire prosess from germination to harvest. As this plant biologically requires the same resources to flourish as other plants and more complex prosesses would be familar to your understanding. Taking any bsc degree with botany would cover this. And most of the work should be dedication effort and love of the plant. Besides legalization is upon us. If you haven’t grown 1kg yet with a 10-12 plant setup of top quality bud your so far behind itll be very scary for people to invest in a new industry when theres allready so many pro growers, and yet the shit indoor is 4 to 6 figure Good luck to all the growwers may you have the stock and equipment ready for this green avalance. And another thing we should appose goverment to controll cannabis. Make it an open industry with regulatory body to check if viability and health n safety for human consumption is met. Yet weve been producing distributing and selling this product for years withouth govermental support and no one ever died from toxic or dangerous compounds. Why let them controll and make millions of it. Let people be employed. I believe cannabis market in south africa would be on world standards from first week. Alot of the idiots who sell shit will be batted out of business so quick!!!!