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Eastern Star

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Eastern Star Strain Review

Breeder: J-Thang
Genetics: OG Kush Hybrid
Type: Indica Dominant
Grow Method: Indoor Hydroponic Semi-Organic Scrog
Method of Ingestion: Glass Pipe

The following is based on a scale of 0-100 in the following categories:

Bag Appeal

(90) Overall Appearance (1 = unattractive 100 = Beautiful)
(25) Calyx Size (1 = Tiny 100 = Huge)
(75) Trichome Coverage (1 = Sparse 100 = Totally Coated)
(75) Density (1 = Airy 100 = Rock Solid)
(75) Aroma (1 = None 100 = Overpowering)
(50) Moisture Level (1 = Dry/Crumbly 100 = Wet)

Smoke Report

(75) Potency (1 = Weak 100 = Overpowering)
(100) Taste (1 = Tasteless/bad 100 = Delicious)
(95) Smoothness (1 = harsh 100 = smooth)
(70) Indica Influence (%)
(30) Sativa Influence (%)
(80) Effect Onset (1 = immediate 100 = super creeper)
(1 to 2 hours / short) Duration of effects (In hours)
(10 real quick) Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
(90) Overall Satisfaction (1 = Unsatisfied 100 = Great Job!)

Comments: Easy to grow with impressive yield.

High Description:

Mystic, easy to handle. Narcotic, leading to introspective healing high. Heats you up instantly.

Citrus, earthy, almost minty.

Tones of fig, woody, oak

Additional Comments:
This strain is a true medical strain, very effective for pain relief as well as positive upliftment. Guaranteed appetite enhancer.

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5 thoughts on “Eastern Star

  1. Got a few grams of Eastern Star from the Cannabis Embassy last month.Great strain for pain relief (for my joint-and-muscle pains it worked wonders)!!
    A real knock-you-down-on-your-ass Indica dominant strain.I loved it!I totally agree with the warm feeling you instantly get after a phat bong!It starts in my chest and rapidly moves to my face.could do with a nicer taste though(not bad at all, but nothing special)
    But the pheno i received consisted of much denser/tighter nugs!And it was COVERED in HUGE trichomes.unlike the pictures above.Maybe i was just lucky to get a good batch.
    I voted it my SA Cannabis Cup Champion 2011.Lets see if the other judges agree…
    Awesome strain.A new favourite of mine…

  2. Sorry the contents of the bag has been…ingested 😉

  3. Hey up in smoke how much did u pay a gram?

  4. He pays in discretion! Duh Dude…

  5. […] Yeh once ^ same here haha /I`m in EL . I dunno people are still doing it though strain review from bud grown from that seedbank lol . But yeh i`d rather just grow bagseed . Yeh […]

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