Culture April 30, 2014

Cannabis March Cape Town 2014 Pictures

On Saturday over 3000 diverse South Africans gathered in Cape Town to march for cannabis law reform in the annual Global Cannabis March. Cape Town joined over 125 cities from over 25 nations around the world. See the full gallery here.

See all the pictures on our full gallery over here.

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7 thoughts on “Cannabis March Cape Town 2014 Pictures

  1. I love dagga…
    I f I diid

  2. I was there, it was amazing!!!

  3. The Newspaper said 100, BTL say 3000

    I say 10,000 – someone count and prove me wrong!

  4. It was insane the chanting gave me goosepimples having everyone stare at you and proudly screaming dagga!!!! What a rad day.

  5. I was there too !! such a sick time !! 😀 Who knows where the videos are ?

  6. Finally !!! a march without violence

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