South Africa September 25, 2012

Government Commission Asks for Semi Legalisation of Dagga

It hit the airwaves on the 5FM afternoon news last week and set ripples throughout the cannabis community. Courtesy of a SABC news headline, “Govt commission recommends semi-legalisation of marijuana”.

The sweet and short of it is that the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities has tuned the Government to stop beating down on Rasta’s for doing their thing. The timing couldn’t be better as we are in Heritage Month, a time during which we celebrate the culture, or lack thereof, that has brought us to who we are. The Rastafarians tend to get the short end of the stick in the media when they are repeatedly portrayed as red-eyed dreadlocked layabouts with funny accents. This doesn’t compare to the short end of the legal stick they get for engaging in a much publicised aspect of their religion… Da herb.

This possibly or not so possibly government commission has taken this obvious oppression to task and made some recommendations to a few government departments, the most talked about of which is that Rasta’s be allowed to carry at least 100g of cannabis on them. That’s Checkers bag territory.

A great day it would be for Rastafarians if this recommendation were taken seriously, but, and this is a big but. It will not be practical. It would create a similar standard as seen in the alcohol prohibition era of the US during which Jewish rabbi numbers rocketed due to the permitting of religious alcohol. You can imagine that every sort of individual found a sudden new religious fervour within them. It would be just as tough a time separating the real from the surreal in a religious-reasons-only cannabis market. We should not have to settle for a second class law, you do not see Christian’s only wine or moustached men only tobacco laws. Why settle for this with Cannabis?

If something should come of this report and we see the weed freed, but on a dreadlock leash, I will stand and applaud with the rest as it concedes the point of cannabis use not being a criminal act and would bring the rest of the cannabis laws coming down faster than a loosely tendered RDP house.

I’m holding my thumbs, but not my breath… Our government doesn’t have a good current record of sound decision making. Let’s hope.

  • Legal Or Not , Eye Am Gonna Smoke It Anyway 😉

  • IronLion

    This would be awesome in the sense that it’s a foot in the legalization door.

    My thoughts: If this is approved the controversy between groups will eventually push full legalization…or the reverse, making “Da Herb” illegal once again 😐

  • Dubbed Marley

    ^^ And mix some EPIC tunes 😉

    How would they be able to tell who’s legit and who’s talking bollocks ?? If im allowed to carry 100g on me then shit call me a Rasta too !!

    But as you say Buzz, if it gets passed then its a step in the right direction and things could only get better. . We hope.

    Great article non the less.

  • This recommendation for Rastafari only is a violation of my Section 9 right to equality before the law. This recommendation is therefore unconstitutional.

    Rastafari must please not claim Cannabis as their elite privilege but should also recognise and speak for the rights of all citizens to have access to their personal private use of the Herb no matter what their cultural or religious affiliation might be.

    I reject half-baked decrim for one grouping only. This is a weak attempt by a government body to divide the members of the Dagga Culture of South Africa/

    (The term “Dagga Culture” is a generic term for the multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-spiritual inclusive minority grouping of citizens who respect, cultivate and use the Cannabis plant.)

    I only support full legalization and community-based regulation of cultivation, for the public (not corporate) benefit.

    Anything less than full legalization and restitution of the rights of the Dagga Culture in South Africa, including reparations for the violation of human rights under dagga prohibition, is just a worthless smoke screen.

    BTW: After 100 years of persecution of our people, the government is not qualified to write legalization legislation. WE , the smokers, must first write the legislation, and then we will share it with the others of our country, and THEN the legislation can just sign OUR LAW.

    We who are of the Dagga Culture must not let the legalization process hijack our rights in the future (eg seed law and seed rights)

    Jeremy Acton
    IQELA LENTSANGO: The Dagga Party of South Africa

    LEGALIZE 2014!!.

  • What I love is the fact that it is “at least a 100grams” which means they are not allowed to carry any less than that. Symantics is very important! This means if this goes through then it means we can carry several kilogams.

  • huffelpuff

    Nevermind becoming a Rasta. If this goes through thousands of new dagga-driven-religions will pop up.

  • mreowpower

    Guess ima be growing dreads soon..because what else constitutes a rasta in the general publics eyes.

  • I think the best option would be a large Selassie I tattoo on ones chest, less in your face than dreads (Pun unintentional) and equally as convincing in the eyes of the law 😉

  • hippo for 20ing

    a rasta’s dreads don’t have to be on their head, just saying

  • mreowpower

    LOL both those comments made me laugh….@hippo…mmmm the girlfriend would love that.

  • TreeSpirit

    huffelpuff said:
    Nevermind becoming a Rasta. If this goes through thousands of new dagga-driven-religions will pop up.

    Ever heard of Cantheism before?

    Now this is a religion that I could possibly subscribe to.

  • nuzman mhlongo

    i smoked this green sice 1985 and i feel good no law will stop me SO Let Them Relax And live us alone

  • Kaplah

    Having recently converted to Klingon because I believe in their Gods… (whom they killed for being more trouble than they were worth)

    and being bald (thus not allowed to join some Rasta sects)

    I agree with Jeremy – equality before the law does not mean your religion gets preferential treatment.


  • qvd

    I’m all for legalisation of pot, but i dont think its gonna be as easy as marching into the Constitutional court saying sup. I can see how various religious groups, community leaders and similar haters would beat off all over this thing.
    And you guys aren’t gonna enjoy this but i do see merit in the gate way drug theory, especially when considering the current general stigma surrounding pot by the majority populace. So once a dude ‘breaks’ the law to get his herb – as ridiculous as it may be – he’s crossed over, he’s gone to the dark side! He’s gone to this shady guy on the street corner for his pot, what’s stopping him from asking for e, meth, tik, whatever thereafter. And another contributor to the equation of bullshit is that pot is good, really good, we all know that. So the uninformed guy who fucks around with pot for a while, realises everything he’s been told about pot is lies. Now what if this ignorant guy takes this perspective to onto harder stuff, cause pot’s good, but pot is a drug, so maybe what they say about the other drugs is just bullshit too. No dude, heroin, meth, coke… gate way drug to death!

  • Mangaliso hlatshwayo

    Ganja is a natural plant,herb a sacrament to plannet earth,the healing of the nation would God/jah rastafari create anything thats bad for his children?what pains me is that abortion the killing of the youth is legal but babylon has issues with marijuana and it never killed noone let us utilise the plantation of the earth as jah intended give thanks

  • Bananarama

    Good news,

    Ja or Shiva, one and the same 🙂

  • Lol weed master legal or nt General wil smoke lol power 2 weed viva

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