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Indica/Sativa, Whats the difference?

I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the terms, but for those of you who aren’t, you’ve probably, most likely heard them or read them some where before.
Sativa and Indica are both sub-species of the cannabis plant, and are both as illegal as each other in most parts of the world. This is because they make you high. They can inter-breed freely with one another, and many famous cannabis strains are in fact some sort of hybrid of the two.


Indica marijuana strains originally come from the hash producing countries of the word like Afghanistan, Morocco and Tibet. These plants are short, dense marijuana plants with shorter, broad leaves which often grow a darker green. Indica strains are highly prized by many cannabis growers and breeders for their squat, bushy stature and tightly packed buds, as well as their shorter flowering period.

LA Confidential - Indica

The smoke from an Indica is generally a body type stone, giving you that couch lock feeling where you’re just too stoned to move. There are 2 main chemical ingredients in weed that make you high, THC and CBD. Indica’s higher CBD than THC equals a much heavier, body type of high, you know, where your eyes feel like they’re about to cement shut. They also tend to have a more pungent, musky smell.


Sativa cannabis strains are quite different to indicas. The plants grow a lot taller, with much narrower and longer fan leaves, which are a lot lighter green in colour and their flowering period is longer than that of indica strains. They grow quickly and grow to about 6 meters in a full season. Sativas originate from places like Mexico, Thailand, South Africa and South East Asia.

Durban Poison - Pure Sativa

Sativas have higher THC than CBD levels, giving you a cerebral, soaring head high, a lot more energetic and “trippy” than the high from indica strains. The plants also tend to not have such a musky smell, with a more earthy or fruity flavour.

Some examples of different strains.

Indica Strains: Northern Lights, Deep Chunk, OG Kush and other Kush variety’s.
Sativa Strains: Various Haze Plants, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, NYC Diesel and Trainwreck.
Hybrid Strains: AK47, Armageddon, Strawberry Cough, Sweet Tooth and White Widow.

AK47 - Indica/sativa Hybrid

I hope you guys learnt something new. Phew.. My brain hurts now. I know what’ll fix that..

Edit: Corrected some examples of indica strains. Thanks OscarMilde for pointing them out.

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27 thoughts on “Indica/Sativa, Whats the difference?

  1. Very nice n comprehensive. Informative read

  2. Yeah, you just made me wanna go home n toke 😛

  3. Some of that info is wrong. Most of the strains listed as indicas are infact indica-dominant hybrids.
    Better examples of true indicas would be more along the lines of :
    Deep Chunk
    Northern Lights
    Pakistani Valley Kush
    Basically strains gathered from hash valleys in asia mostly.
    Peace an Love

  4. Sweeeet. Thanks for educating me 😉
    updated the post!

  5. More random trivia. OG kush is also a hybrid, not even a real kush, its bred from mostly chemdogs lines. Dunno how it got its name.

    1. OG stands for ocean grown ie close to the coast.

  6. Nice little read man, thanx. I like the website you guys put together, just what the stoners ordered.

  7. Thanks for the feedback man, much appreciated. glad you like the site!
    lots of big plans to come. aaamped!

  8. Oohh nice, looking forward to those pics man.

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  10. great read guys!

    loving the photos


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  14. sup guys awesome website! would be sick to see Armageddon in the strain list!

  15. Hey, thanks!
    The next time we come across it, we’ll be sure to post it. Great strain.

  16. it is inded very expensive but very worth it!

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  18. I’ll do a review soon

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  21. I just thought you’d like to know that all og’s are sativa dominant hybrids and are not a kush at all. There is alot of misinfomation out there because they are the strongest and therefore often called indicas but they are lanky with long nodes and typical sativa stature when you grow them out. The real ogs: tahoe, larry, sfv, ghost, poison, xxx, skywalker abusive, diablo, king louie, etc etc, These are the real og cuts and they’re sativa. For indica just show some real stout indicas like bubba or master.

  22. Well as far as I understand it the plethora of cuts you mentioned above are all slightly different, some showing more indica characteristics than others. Certainly not a pure kush, but not a true sativa either (I’ve seen my fair share of OG and wouldn’t describe them as having typical sativa structure), taking into account the terpene profile (which it shares with many true asiatic kush plants) and in sativa terms, its’s brief 8-10 week flower time..

  23. Bill Nye the Science Guy 🙂 Bill Bill BIll Bill Bill!

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