Culture September 7, 2012

Introducing the BTL Headshop

If you’re reading this, then you’re currently looking at our new and improved website. Firstly, all of us at BTL extend a huge thank you to you, all of our readers! Your constant support, messages, comments and feedback is what keeps us doing what we’re doing. What started off as a small college project in 2010 has grown into something so much more, but our mission remains the same: To spread green intelligence and get the cannabis discussion going between all South Africans.

For little over 2 years now, we’ve been steaming ahead alone, writing content, doing research and just keeping this project going, all in our own time and out of our own pockets. We’ve long been playing with various ideas of how to monetize Below the Lion in order for the site to start paying for itself, and in turn, help us produce more of quality content that you’re all used to. The good news is we’ve finally gotten around to doing so!

We’re very excited to announce the launch of the BTL Headshop!

The BTL Headshop is South Africa’s only high-end, online smoking accessory store. Wherever you are in South Africa, you’ll be able to browse and shop for premium glass bongs, pipes, vaporizers, papers, blunt wraps, hemp clothing and accessories. We accept credit cards, internet banking and EFT payments and offer free delivery on all purchases over R420.

We’ve also made some design and usability changes to the site, namely a new logo and some restyling. Our navigation and and magazine categories have been reworked entirely, making it easier for you to find the type of content you’re looking for.

Our contributors are our pride and joy. We want Below the Lion to be a platform for anyone who wants to talk about cannabis to have their voice heard by SA’s vibrant cannabis community. Short author bios are now prominently featured at the bottom of every article, giving credit where credit is due. Contributors may also add links to their own websites or social media pages in their author bios.

And that about wraps it up. Thanks again for all your continued support! We hope you enjoy the new design and features as much as we do, and we trust you’ll enjoy browsing through our selection of fine glass and smoking accessories in the BTL Headshop!

Have fun and stay high!

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14 thoughts on “Introducing the BTL Headshop

  1. I’m lovin it!

  2. love the site and stoked about the head shop hope it’s going well. can’t wait for my order

  3. Site redesign is super sexy – loving the head shop too. Nice work guys, keep it up!

  4. looking good! Loving the upgrade

  5. hehe can’t wait to write my first product reviews. so irie

  6. Hi All
    Extreme q and mflb have arrived at last…
    Just want to say thanks a mil for the great service,note was a nice touch.
    both products properly packed and sent discreetly.
    even added a freebie crusher,ty kindly,have passed it along to the mflb owner as i already have a 4 piece.
    Gave it a quick top temp burn in and have an og kush elbow pack waiting for 4:20

  7. check the paper the bill is printed on, i think it’s hemp because it smells, awesome!!!!!

  8. Will do,actually used mine to mull some Og a few minutes ago 🙂
    so smell may be somewhat augmented 🙂
    pre burn done,pre heated to 200’c with an elbow pack waiting….c’mon 420!!!

  9. Haha oh well I’m sure it made for a amazing moulding pad

  10. Didnt fold or bugger it up,literally just chopped on it.
    all good and in the box for guarantee,with added “gees”
    Loving the vape,hating my lack of @office smokeables 🙁
    wasted an og kush hit on an inexperienced elbow pack,but redemmed myself with the last of my swaz stash i had lurking around the car.
    Nice head buzz,with a slight body tingle happening,not narcotic at all.
    gonna try a higher temp vape bong hit when i get home

  11. AWESOME place love it!! everything you want, everything you need, Below the lion headshop can provide!!

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