Strain Library March 30, 2011

Jack Frost

Jack Frost cannabis

Jack Frost Strain Review

Type: Mostly Sativa

Jack Herrer x White Widow x Northern Lights #5

Quite a few different phenotypes are present in this bud, most of them very much on the sativa side of things. All of them seem to be solidly coated in bright red pistils.

The buds have a sour, Jack Herrer smell to them and taste really savoury and herby; much better flavour in a spliff than a bong.

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7 thoughts on “Jack Frost

  1. Eye Love This Bud !

  2. Where bru!!!! WHEEEERE!!! chewing knuckles here! lol

  3. Really really love the taste of this bud. Very rich and spicy.

  4. Must say I have a particular place in my heart for this strain. Smoking it through a bong comes with a spicy kick, that warms the chest

  5. mmmm, enough to impress an old timer too, where can i get some indoor seed locally??

  6. Wow this looks really good!

  7. Where could you buy a strain like this, most dealers have cheese (mmm) but it seems like we’re lacking the awesome stuff that exists, such as jack frost and Champagne, I’m sure its around but i haven’t seen it and would love to!

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