South Africa February 13, 2015

Jacob Zuma Gives Dagga Legalisation the Cold Shoulder at SONA 2015

I’d hoped that the 2015 State of the Nation Address would leave a deeply bitter sweet feeling for Msholozi. Bitter over how his cat in the hat at parliament’s helm would predictably employ the usual strong arm of the law to put out the red beret wearing fires that her beloved ANC had started in an environment of condoned and celebrated corruption. But hopefully sweet regarding his responses to the social media campaign launched by the presidency asking what the people on the street most desired to hear No 1 talk about.

Alas, all we got were buckets full of bitterness that’ll long be the legacy of the taint Jacob Zuma leaves on our nation. Despite being plagued with cell phone signal blockages, audio issues, parliamentary staff strikes, camera feed cuts and a water shortages; the fun was done within the first hour of SONA kicking off. Julius and crew, after an earlier fallout among the EFF, delivered as promised. #PayBackTheMoney ambitions were fast stomped out as the red brigade were punched and scrummed out of parliament by armed police forces while the SABC’s cameras spoiled us with an exceedingly long shot of the cat in the hat putting on a sour face to the chorus of the non-aired scuffle taking place in front of her on parliament’s floor.

Not long after the EFF’s eviction, the DA could not stomach the lingering bad taste and staged a mass walkout. Leaving the remaining MP’s to fend off sleep by wedging match sticks into their eye lids or playing Clash of Clans during an otherwise monotonous speech from a president whom appeared completely unperturbed by the parliamentary spectacle. With an occasional amused chuckle and colloquial remark, JZ lumbered on as his supporters clapped their blistered hands to tatters during every pause… of which there were many.

It is the president’s complete disregard of the responses to his appeal for the people of South Africa to tell him what was important to them which reflected how little he thinks of the people who put him on his throne and fund his infamously lavish lifestyle. Although the legalisation of cannabis was the leading topic demanded to be heard by the public during SONA, it got not so much as a mention, while the other popular requests were simply thrown out with a casual remark about the buck being passed on to some autonomous part of government. This is where the ANC continues to blindly follow its leader over the cliff of condemnation in no longer being a movement of the people. If anything has been learnt from SONA 2015, it is that team Jacob will merrily trample the constitution to shreds and remain untouchable thanks to his parliamentary pit bulls keeping any scrutiny at bay.

There was a time when South Africa loved the charming cattle herder who had fought his way to captaining the country while calling for his machine gun along the way. Now there is nothing left other than a frail old man with a few comrades who love him and a nation that now despises him.

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  • PorkChopNinja

    A simple acknowledgement would have been fine…. Yet instead we had a MonkeyPuppet reading a set script while being protected by his bulldog

    Not once has he mentioned anything else than what he wrote down, Clearly the views of the public does not mean anything to our Glorious leader / dictator

  • Ad

    I’m glad he didn’t acknowledge the MIB; in it’s current form it would have insultingly only allowed the sovereigns / kings to grow non-psychoactive hemp in this constitutional democracy, unlike the 1st people of America who can grow cannabis.

    I mean who would hobble-foot their own country like that? In a Global Economy?

  • I was listening to the whole speech. The very end of it JZ mentions health day and just after that he spoke vernacular something about skyf. Can you please find out about what he actually said. thanks

  • Nkosikhona

    Whatever he said on he’s speech he never mention what we real want from him , I wrote maybe 7 blogs to his public survey opinions, that marijuana must legalized in this country. But he never mention it on his useless speech. Even in wits i told the lady who was doing street survey that many south Africans want the legalisation of marijuana and by doing so he would helped so many people living with cancer aids.

    Lastly i didn’t know that there’s a website that fight to legalize marijuana in south Africa let’s fight this guys , till we got it . If it come to an end that we have to plant our own weed, let do it in our back gardens in our homes .
    Thanks .

  • Aubrey

    We need to go on the offensive with a class action law suit against the government for the implicit genocide that frustrating access to the most therapeutically active plant known to man directly implies. Cannabis is literally as safe as mothers milk, which contains one of the highest naturally ocurring concentrations of cannabinoids found outside the plant. Truth is stranger than fiction. Prohibition kills.

  • janet O’Donoghue

    Actually, this man PROTECTED your herb from a corporate hijack of epic proportions. You would do well to enlighten yourselves about the facts and think about it all long and hard before jumping to conclusions. The fact is that you would have been completely cut out if he had mentioned it, and now at least you have a small window in which to become truly informed. ASK your questions, verify your answers with facts, not beliefs or opinions. But seriously, do it quickly or everyone will lose out and still be caught up in the blame game instead of being responsible and doing something about it.