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KO Kush

KO Kush nugget

Kush budshot

trichomes close up

KO Kush Strain Review

Type: Mostly Indica

Killa Kush (killa queen X pre 98 bubba kush) X Herijuana

As a Kush fanatic of sorts, I can’t help but love the KO. These solid buds are very orange and hairy, with calyxes ranging from small to medium in size. On closer inspection they are well coated in trichomes, and it looks as if this plant was harvested at the perfect time IMHO.

This strain doesn’t smell particularly pungent, it has more of a dull, earthy, spicy aroma with a slight fruity undertone.

The flavour is similar to the smell, but stronger; with the spicy terpenoids easily overpowering all the others. But that is quickly forgotten as the high sets in: this is why I love good kush, all of a sudden my eyes feel really small and gravity seems to be slightly stronger than usual. This high is soaring, long lasting and exceptionally satisfying for the indica lover!

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7 thoughts on “KO Kush

  1. Oh Wow… that looks like some amazing bud.
    Quite a fan of ‘kush’ myself. managed to score some hindu kush a few weeks ago, was very fun.
    Would love to get my hands on a gram or two of this lovely stuff though

  2. WOW! This looks soooooo tasty!!! It makes me soooooo in the mood for a good drag now 🙂
    peace & luv

  3. Looks about as good as a Big Mac Supersize meal after a couple of stogies’

    Wish I could get my hands on some in PTA, or any other good strains cuz’ my 8 month Blazing life has consisted of crap swazi and some pretty lame skunk (on special occasions). Nt cuz of cash cuz of unavailability.

    Wish I could track some down…..

  4. check out my grow log, 1 hindu kush in progress.

  5. wow that looks amazing id also love to try some hindu kush #Rastafari forever

  6. How much does 10 seeds cost

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