South Africa February 5, 2015

Legalise Dagga Tweets To Zuma Dominate #SONA2015 Suggestions

Jacob Zuma asked and so he has received in abundance. The Presidency of South Africa’s invitation for the public to ask what they would most like him to discuss during the 2015 State Of The Nation Address brought on a flood of Tweets demanding that he discuss the burning issue on everyone’s lips… legalisation of cannabis.

The social media outcry in favour of legalisation has been so vociferous that it has far overtaken the cry of those who are calling for the president’s resignation, with a poll on whether he should step down or legalise indicating that two thirds of voters would rather have him end cannabis prohibition.

Whether Zuma pulls an Obama, and laughs off the question or makes a ground shaking announcement remains to be seen. If it even gets that far between Eskom needing to bring the lights, parliament not cutting the camera and the EFF delivering the action.

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