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Magic Flight Launch Box – Vaporizer Review

The Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer is easily one of the quickest and most effective ways to get high. With a charged battery in hand, you could be vaping within 5 seconds, even in strong winds. Just slide the battery into the maple hardwood device filled with finely ground bud, wait for heat and slowly draw on the attached glass straw to inhale the vapour. Simply put, the Magic-Flight Launch Box™ is a small, fast, portable vaporizer useable by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking. To begin this review, let’s have a look at what you actually get for R1190.00.

The details

The Launch Box itself is put together from sturdy materials and measures a mere 6.3 * 3.2 * 2.3 cm, slightly bigger than a matchbox. It is shipped with two special 2000 mAh rechargeable batteries, which recharge within 2-3 hours using the included charger. Each battery will last you about 10-20 big draws, which is enough to finish a full trench of herb. A soft small brush is included to help you clean out the dried herb after use. You’ll also find a glass straw, which can be attached to the vaporizer. Finally, battery caps and a carrying pouch allow you to transport the Launch Box without worrying about breakage. Unlike larger vapes, the Launch Box needs few parts to get going, which makes it ideal for daily spontaneous usage.

Heating temperature and vapor production is controlled manually by varying your breath. Drag a little harder to cool the device and the inhaled vapour, or go slower to do the opposite (you might even cough!). Ultimately, this means your technique will determine how long your bud will last or how much of the two batteries you’ll need to finish a single trench. After every draw, shake the device to make sure that your herb is being “toasted” evenly. You will fast realise that the engineering behind this device makes it very user friendly and almost unbreakable, especially when compared to other vaporizers.

The high

As with all vaporizers, the high is slightly different to that of smoking. The buzz comes on more gradually and feels a lot clearer. Unlike smoking a joint or pipe, a vaporizer doesn’t burn the plant matter, it heats it up, and therefore produces none of the nasty byproducts or side effects of combustion. The high is a more cerebral head-high; it’s clear and functional and doesn’t cloud your mind or put you to sleep. The taste of vapor is also a lot cleaner than smoke, allowing you to really experience all the subtle flavours of your favourite cannabis strains.

Vape anywhere, instantly

You’ll feel like a stealthy ninja using the Launch Box. It’s easy to carry around with you in your pocket wherever you go, and when needed, can provide vapour within seconds whilst leaving almost no smell behind – great for blazing in public. No longer does it matter that you’re staying in a non-smoking flat – we’re vaporizing remember? No smelly clothes, no clouds of smoke travelling downwind and no having to worry about rolling a joint in the wind. Not only is the Launch Box conveniently portable, but it’s also the fastest vaporizer on the market. From being switched off, you can be inhaling vapor within 5 seconds.

Value for money

Judging by the price of the Launch Box you would think that it doesn’t stand a chance against more expensive vaporizers. However, this is far from true – the Launch Box is the most highly reviewed and discussed portable vaporizer online, and will get you high faster than any other. It’s tiny, incredibly durable and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The only drawback is that the Launch Box is really only intended for personal use as it’s quite cumbersome to share a trench or two batteries amongst a larger group of friends.

Your health

Having smoked joints consistently over the past 5 years, and seing the harm tobacco has caused around me, I believe the Launch Box is more than just a gadget. I still smoke with friends on weekends, but the amount of smoke I inhale has been reduced significantly due to using a vaporizer. I feel healthier too – no side effects can be felt the morning after. Personally, I consider the biggest advantage of vaporizing is being able to breathe again whilst doing sports. Using a vaporizer has been described as the ultimate form of harm reduction, and I’m sure you will soon agree. Your lungs and the people around you will greatly appreciate your inhaling vapor over smoke.

Fastest vaporizer on the market
Small and portable
Durable wooden design
Inconspicuous design
Lifetime warranty
Odor free
No hazardous materials used anywhere in the box
Affordable price
Health benefits of vaporizing over smoking

Uses Batteries (although a wall adapter is available)
Not ideal for vaping in larger groups

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18 thoughts on “Magic Flight Launch Box – Vaporizer Review

  1. Wasn’t particularly convinced about the Launch Box until I tried it for myself.

    Could not believe how effective and efficient it is. It really is a top notch vape.

  2. Yep, had mine for a while now and it’s pretty awesome. I’ve yet to try it with indoor.

  3. I bought an extra set of batterries and charge them all up before I go out, gonna come in handy at the chili peppers concert.

  4. o ya peppers in feb and nice ive just ordered 1 and will be joining you

  5. I’ve been vaping for about 6 months now, its all I do. My MFLB goes everywhere with me. I’ve only smoked about 5 times in 6 months. Best investment, now to quit the nasty ciggies… someday.

  6. chil_e_g said:
    I bought an extra set of batterries and charge them all up before I go out, gonna come in handy at the chili peppers concert.

    Yeah, bought an extra pair as well along with a grinder cause you want your herb as finely ground as possible. I usually alternate between two batteries for one trench. With the current mj I have it generally takes about two to three trenches till I’m in my happy place.
    My lungs are eternally grateful.

  7. Guys, I need a heavy duty portable vape that will be able to take a beating without failing on me. Any suggestions?

  8. Mine’s pretty dirrrrrty. Where do you guys get your iso to clean it. Every pharmacy round here doesn’t have. Also what percentage iso should I get.


  9. definitely the MFLB TT, with that warranty it can take a beating and they’ll even replace it for you

  10. I’ve had one for a while now, its pretty awesome I have to say. Went to Hartenbos over christmas and I could easily smoke in my tent or just while walking or chilling on the beach at night.

    Don’t use it that much at home, just because of the fact that the batteries need charging but I’m fine with that because this is the perfect portable vape.

    But I would recommend buying another vaporizer that you can plug in and share with friends if you want to be a daily vape smoker.

    Happy smoking 🙂

  11. True true peanut. We’re looking into getting a few wall adapters for the Launch Box to sell from the Headshop soon, so you can plug it in at home and not have to worry about charging those pesky batteries 🙂

  12. OMG please get

  13. that would be AWESOME

  14. Should continue to post such informative post…Thanks

  15. I loved that you pointed out that’s it’s designed for single-person use. The battery life really turns into an issue if you’re out with friends.

    At home, it’s fairly comfortable with the Power Adapter, but I’m glad it was pointed out. It’s a great little vape.

    Happy 420 everyone!

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