South Africa May 31, 2016

Malema Says Dagga Must Be Legalised

Journalists love him. Parliament’s bouncers hate him. 702 callers the land over love to hate him. Whatever your take on Julius Malema there is no discounting the nuclear impact that he has had on South African politics. But he’s just dropped another bomb on the local landscape with his open calls to legalise cannabis.

With just months left until the nations’ municipal elections there are oodles of political antics yet to play out. With the SABC already firmly on its way to censoring anything other than the good story across the pubic airwaves, the ANC struggling to retain its shine and the DA already moaning up a storm; no one genuinely expected that the EFF would give up the limelight without a fight. Hot on the heels of just dropping their not too shabby at all track “EFF I Trust” Julius has kicked things up another gear.

Expressing the EFF’s stance “We have no problem with marijuana being legalised. It must be legalised. It must be dealt with professionally so that it is not abused and used for wrong purposes.”
“I think alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana. I tried it once and then after trying I went home to cook and I messed up everything in the kitchen”, then sharing a little personal insight “I have seen a lot of people smoke it, and read and not have any problems. But I have never seen people drink alcohol and read books afterwards.”
“There is no solid reason why it can’t be legalised,”

Clearly the comrades in red overalls have their sights set on mobilising young voters, something that a pretty much unknown young Obama employed to great effect a decade ago before going on to become the leader of the Free World. And their timing could not have been better. With the DA’s eternal hard on for a Drug Free World and the ANC trying to keep all their comrades in the kraal, it’s getting easier to look beyond the patently obvious flaws of the rabble-rousing Julius Malema and appreciate the gale force breath of fresh air with which he is pulverising parliament.

SA’s already feeling a little beaten up by the stream of hollow political promises that were destined to never materialise. Will this be enough to get young voters into municipal election booths? If the EFF can’t do it, surely no one can.

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  • Salman Gemini

    DAs like bitches ANCs to busy imploding and if this guy can do it …..fuck…ill vote for him

    • Riaan van der Merwe

      must watch when a fool leads us….we must learn from the current situation.

      • Salman Gemini

        Politics has never benefited anyone but the rich……..SA has taught me one thing ……everyone for himself..&..the world is a business…..and fuck the rest….as sad as it is thats the reality of LIFE….debate all you want ….at least kids wont be going to jail for stupid dagga charges and have there careers ruined because they were caught smoking weed and thats a win for me…..if the DA was so amazing why do we still have informal settlements/ crazy ass crime/ getting jobs by who you know and not what you know…being too white and all this is happening in the western cape the DA….dont even speak about the ANC….anyway i never registered so this convo dont mean anything .

  • Riaan van der Merwe

    The man speaks sense, too bad his actions dont match his words. Unless he is farming votes…..Good parasitic behaviour in action.

    • Griffinn

      From what I’ve seen Riaan, you are right! He is indeed just farming for votes.

    • @RealestWeed

      Too bad about his authenticity. At least the DA and the ANC are having dagga nightmares these days

  • tgif1

    Good to hear, but lacks the urgency that anyone who understands the dismal war on drugs, would insist on.

  • Bobby Greenhash

    One wonders if this is just another bullshit political electioneering trick, but if he is serious about it, the EFF certainly have my vote on the matter.

    • ikick

      Really? You would accept Malema as President, with his current manifesto, for the sake of legal Dagga? Wow!

      • Bobby Greenhash

        Read carefully “ vote on this MATTER..” Did not say anything about voting for the doos.

  • ikick

    Here’s the real question for you. Are you willing to have Malema in power in return for legalising Dagga?

    • Riaan van der Merwe

      no. sense must go with the decision.

  • unixhed

    How many of the target youth have bothered to register to vote? If they are, and vote while stoned, they may end up voting for Snoop Dogg. (I’m sure I saw his face on that paper thing)

  • @RealestWeed

    At least now we’re talking more. Action is still too much on the low low. Show some veracity.

  • Interesting to see the EFF standing for this.. I would have thought they had more important agendas than fighting for cannabis legalization. Oh well, good luck to them