Strain Library November 22, 2010


Mango Strain Review

Type: Indica

Mango has been around for almost 30 years. It is the love child of KC33 x Afghani. It offers an impressive yield and is pretty much a 100% Indica. Trying to work on this bud is not the easiest of tasks, in fact even speaking to a buddy seems to take a bit of effort.

Even before you open the bag you will be graced with a smell as if you were picking fruit in a field. It smells sweet and tastes even sweeter, with a very ‘stoned’ high.

Mango is definitely up there with some of the tastier stuff around. We landed up with a serious case of the giggles after this one. Reminded us of Juicy Fruit.

2002: 3rd – High Times Cannabis Cup (Indica Cup)

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5 thoughts on “Mango

  1. i’ve smoked soooooo much of this stuff, its’ great, but its play play compaired to strains like cheese or trainwreck..

    mango is a great smoke tho if u hunt awesome flavours

  2. […] In House + Sharks Breath + Mango + Aubs = A-bomb. Filter tips & 5 meters of good quality paper that tears off with […]

  3. Agreed. Definitely not the strongest thing around, but still a quality smoke with super smooth flavour. And not too pricey either.

  4. Def a good all timer smoke, or just a after work joint. but its bery tasty and the high is not too over powering considering the familia its from.

  5. were can I get some of this?

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