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Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain Review

Type: Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Northern Lights is one of the first successful and stable Indica/Sativa hybrids. It was first entered into Cannabis Cup in 1989 when several NL #5 seeds were mailed from the U.S.A. to Amsterdam. The strain quickly dominated the Cannabis Cup, winning in 1989,1998, and again in 2009.

We haven’t seen this strain around town for quite a few years, so we were quite happy when we had a chance to get our fingers sticky, and our taste buds satisfied from these organically-homegrown nuggets.

Not the strongest smelling bud, but it has a distinct lemony/citrusy smell. The smoke was extremely smooth in a spliff, with a sweet earthy taste. Great high. This review took me ages to write.

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17 thoughts on “Northern Lights

  1. Where can I apply to become a BTL strain reviewer?

  2. i need high THC content cannabis for my moms cancer? Can any 1 help me locate it in Cape Town?

  3. try afghan kush very high thc content, sorry cant help you to locate it

  4. i could tell you where to locate it but i cant say any names so as to put anyone or myself at risk . just head off to tableview beachfront in front of the total garage i think it is and you will find some car guards. speak to them and they will hook you up with some decent shit thats not swaz ! hope ur mom gets better man . good luck

  5. This is by far one of my most favorite buds,Tastes amazing,looks amazing and spins you out of this world.

  6. Can’t believe I have tried so many high quality strains yet I still haven’t had the pleasure of testing some Northern Lights, seems to be lacking here in jhb or maybe I’m just aware of it which is always a possibility

  7. need to find the highest THC strain in Pretoria
    if possible would like some seeds aswell to plant
    coz i want to make hemp oil for my ppl who have cancer
    if u could help me out this would be a non profit thing
    on my part coz i wont be selling the stuff but i would
    give it away to anybody that it would help

    Plz the Happy_Man is just trying to make SA a happier place

  8. Anyone know where i could possibly get some in jhb??

  9. hello im new here and i’ve been suffering from insomnia and lately depression due to the untimely death of my best friend 🙁 i used to smoke some strong English cheese (indica) and it really helped me with my insomnia and sleep problems. I recently moved to SA but i dont have any marijuana to help with any of my problems so i spend most of my nights up till 5am and my days isolating myself in my room, anyway i really need a good sativa hybrid or indica weed in Johannesburg near south hills (not sure on locations yet) to help me with these problems…. any help?

  10. As a new smoker this is probably one of my favourites that i have had the pleasure of smoking. It smells great and tastes great. 🙂

  11. I suffer from Breast Cancer, which for me, is basically a Death Sentence on my life, the thoughts of having Breast Cancer burns and itches simultaneously in my heart that i was dead alive (and looks hideous). I heard that Hemp Oil could help, and for the price i was willing to try anything that would save my My Life. What I found out was astonishing! It was instantly getting better and better and most of the virus are gone and just little medication left for me. It’s also a light, i am very grateful to Doctor Melamede for Selling the Hemp Oil for me and his Medical Advises, for all those that have problems with Cancer Please Please Kindly let the Doctor Know at:

  12. My friend THC is for the smoker that wants to get hi, you are looking for a hi CBD strain. This is the chemical that has lots of health benefits and is the cause of better eating (very debatable) as research is throttled in this department.

    As far as strains go a good seed bank should tell you what the expected CBD and THC % should be but Thats as far as one could go in SA (I think a lot of sellers talk shit when it comes to the strain name

    I have a friend who’s mom has cancer and what seems to work well is a bucket load A grade jut used in space cakes helps her a lot.

    Good luck

  13. Pretty much my favorite strain! Make me and my mates laugh and laugh and puts you in party mood. Smell good, tastes good. Good bang for your buck too IMO.

  14. Hi im looking for northern lights seeds. Im a first time grower and have done my research thoroughly in cultivation of the herb. I can get it abroad but are a bit scared for Cape Mail that will confiscate it. Does anyone know where I can buy a few seeds in the Cape Town/ Cape Winelands area from a reputable breeder that sells this feminised strain? Your help will be highly appreciated

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