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Pictures : Marijuana March Cape Town


Saturday 05 May saw the birth of the first Cape Canna Fest, an initiative started by NORML South Africa to unify the South African Cannabis culture and give us all a voice. The day started off with the Global Marijuana March, where roughly 400 tokers gathered outside of Cape Tech University, and joined hundreds of cities around the world in a peaceful protest in the name of Cannabis.

Cars hooting, joints being passed left right and center – smiles and laughter all around. We even got stopped by the 50 at one point, but they couldn’t find any fault in our march permit so we proceeded without any problems. If you weren’t there, then I’m afraid you missed out on quite possibly the biggest blaze up Cape Town has ever seen. It was a truly liberating and moving experience marching though the city of Cape Town together with around 400 fellow tokers. Looking forward to the next one, let’s aim even higher! See the video here.

Pictures of Cape Town’s Marijuana March:

Marijuana March - Cape Town 2012

Marijuana March Cape Tech

Dagga March Cape Town

I love zol

ganja is the healing of the nation

Global Marijuana March South Africa

Dagga protest

Cannabis protest

Marijuana Newspaper

Cape Town Marijuana March 2012


Imiel & The Cops

Company Gardens Protest

Dagga Cops

Free The Weed

legalize it

Dagga Protest

Irie Photographer

Pipe Hit

Imiel Visser Backwards

Legalize it!

Global Marijuana March Cape Town

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43 thoughts on “Pictures : Marijuana March Cape Town

  1. This is the most awesome pics Ive ever seen! Big Respect to all that participated 😀

  2. Amaaaaazing!
    Love the pics.
    There like a bear for 2013.

  3. One of the most memorable experiences of my life. The movement has finally started in SA!

    I was overwhelmed by the positive response from people on the streets. Even parents with children in the car were hooting and cheering. Amazing 🙂

    Free. The. Weed.

  4. God im bleak i missed this!!, whens the next one?

  5. awesomeeeeeeeeeee

  6. Awesome

  7. Wow!! I am not much of an organiser, but if I were or had a bit of help and encouragement, I would definitely get something like this going in Durban. Mail me if you have any ideas! Peace & love…

  8. This is just way to cool… I wish I knew about the protest else I would of totally been there man… Send me mail about the next one, you can count me in.

    One love

  9. Please add my email to the next list for the next march – i would have loved to be there – and thank you to all of you for marching – great!!!

  10. Really awesome that so many people went, Pity I missed it, will defo’s be there next year!

  11. I wanted to go to that! Did know i missed it, im sure many didnt…

  12. 1st and foremost well done to everybody who did more than a fb like and got off their fat asses and made the effort.
    2nd and I think just equally important: judging by these pics the black market clearly has not been reigned in for support.
    400 tokers based on a minority group so imagine what we could do if the niggas were included…cmon guys this requires a unified effort.
    Toke till u croak

  13. 400 tokers based on a minority group so imagine what we could do if the niggas were included


  14. […] For photo gallery and more accounts from the march, see this post. […]

  15. 400 tokers based on a minority group so imagine what we could do if the niggas were included


  16. I was at the march and I agree that my black brothas nd sistas were 2 few in numbers.
    Why are ppl bein so anal. Do ur thing the way u do it…marijuana is about free spirit and forgetting about all the bull.don’t make issues where its not needed.


  18. Dope..when is the next march.?.

  19. […] are photos taken from cannabis lifestyle blog Below The Lion about the Marijuana March which happened in the city centre earlier this month. #gallery-1 { […]

  20. I’m so glad somthing finaly is happening..! Atleast the ball is rolling and,I realy do think the next march should be trippel that though.. Better organizing and planing should be awsem.. I’m talking about spreding the word from know till next yeat to make this such a big thinh the goverment can’t ignore this big march going on, and that will realy start making them think again. And I’m talking about advertising in newspappers and at partys and in LOng treet and on facebook and just every wher for a hole year and then we see the big rock up! This will be played acros the hole world!

  21. Next time we’ll bring a bus full of tokers from Worcester to support the cause. Worcester is like Amsterdam, we toke where we want, and when we want.

  22. im there for next march. with out a doubt

  23. 2013 lets go!! Wanna Temp the nation with my Hemp!!

  24. Hey guy its nearly March whens the next one I would love to join in on this. We just need to spread the word a bit more and it will Become huge!!!!

  25. would love to know when the next march is…………………………..wanna get my walking shoes out

  26. I also can’t believe I missed it last year. I am definitely coming this year. Making a huge effort with a banner…I really hope we have a massive gathering as to really rock the S.A. prohibition off its pedestal and create media awareness in all media fields. We all need to stand together and sign “the dagga couples” petition and aid in the ‘re-legalisation of the herb in our country. Following the leading modern 1st world countries model of implementing the structures needed to legalise dagga for regulation and taxation. all the tokers of S.A. … Stand Up, Roll up & BLAZE IT UP

  27. PRESS RELEASE: 4th May: Cape Town, Global Cannabis March
    2013 Cape Town, Global Cannabis March

    DATE: SATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013

    … TIME: 10:00AM



    On Saturday, May the 4th, a diverse group of South Africans who
    support the re-legalisation of the Cannabis plant will gather in Cape
    Town for the annual Global Cannabis March to celebrate global unity
    and support for the Cannabis plant’s re-integration into our society.

    This is the only African event which coincides with 125 cities from 25
    nations around the world.

    There is growing awareness among global and South African citizens,
    that the drug war propaganda against the Cannabis plant and its
    consumers is not scientifically based; does not justify
    criminalisation; is at its roots racist; and promotes profits in many
    organised crime sectors within our own economy.

    Marchers are seeking to claim equal rights to adult users of alcohol
    and tobacco who may freely produce, consume and trade these products
    responsibly without fear of criminal prosecution.

    Citizens will meet at the corner of Keizersgracht and Chapel Street,
    Cape Town, at 10am on May the 4th for a Festive Walk through the
    streets of Cape Town.

    There have been global winds of change regarding Cannabis. Prohibition
    started here first. Let’s end it here!

    The Cape Canna Fest taking place after the march will be announced
    in the next press release.


    Imiël Visser


    Jeremy Acton


  28. Really something worth going to, supporting. Thanks for sharing.

  29. usertest1 said:
    400 tokers based on a minority group so imagine what we could do if the niggas were included…cmon guys this requires a unified effort.
    Toke till u croak

    Is it me, or do others think this post should be removed?

    • Flaming:
    Any material which constitutes defamation, harassment, or abuse is strictly prohibited. Use common sense while posting. We’re stoners, not fighters.
    • Offensive Content:
    Material that is obscene, racist, or otherwise overly intolerant is not permitted on these forums. This includes profile pictures. Again, use common sense.

  30. P.s for those of you wondering:

    It’s really really soon! Get involved 🙂

  31. […] See pics of last year’s march Watch video of last year’s march […]

  32. Dopest movement I have seen so far this year! You can see in the pictures that people really enjoyed themselves.

  33. this is great! Keep on doing this and my generation will be the ones that will make people want to legallize weed!

  34. It’s great to see South Africans take such an initiative towards legalization of the herb .I think it would be great if Johannesburg was to have a similar kind of march.

  35. So bummed I couldn’t make the march. Work intervened again, as well as an unexpected stomp.

  36. […] probably not far off the mark. Either way, the popularity of the event has more than doubled from last year. Excellent news. It’s not exactly Buenos Aires with 150,000 stoners on the streets yet, but […]

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