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Promenade Mondays – Legally Skating the Streets of Cape Town

The Promenade in Cape Town is arguably one of the most beautiful and popular public spaces in South Africa. The 3km coastal stretch along the Sea Point beachfront has been used for years by residents and tourists for jogging, dog-walking, picnics and socialising. Skateboarding, however, has always been a crime in these parts, with skaters receiving hefty fines for just setting foot on their boards.

Thankfully the ignorance surrounding skateboarding is starting to change for the better. In October 2012, the City of Cape Town lifted its ban on skating, cycling and rollerblading along the promenade as a “trial phase” for Transport Month. The lifting of the ban sparked a great initiative by the National Skate Collective: Promenade Mondays.

Skaters gather for a group photo at the 5th Promenade Monday skate

Every Monday at 6pm, skateboarders, rollerbladers, bmx’ers (and even the odd pair of rollerskaters) gather at Queens Beach parking lot to celebrate the lifting of the ban and putting an end to the negative stereotypes associated with skate-culture. But most importantly to socialise, have fun and SKATE!

This Monday will it’s see the event’s 8th week, with over 60 skaters gathering for a mellow push along the Promenade, ending at the Sea Point library for some more skating and chilling before skating back during one of Cape Town’s spectacular sunsets.

Promenade Monday sunset - Photo by Byron Geduld (

Marco Morgan, founding member of the National Skate Collective, explains that “Promenade Monday” is aimed at changing the perception of skateboarders.

“To celebrate the lifting of the ban, we decided to invite some people out to the promenade and teach them things around sharing the space and respecting the fact that there are other users”, he says.

To everyone’s excitement, the trial phase in October has since been extended to the 31st March 2013 as no incidents have occurred. Looks like the Promenade Monday initiative is working!

So if you’ve got a board or something on wheels and are in Cape Town, this is one weekly event you don’t want to miss out on! Get involved, have fun and help make a difference.

Big thanks to National Skate Collective and Uneek Mvmt for heading up this event every Monday and preaching respect for everyone who uses our roads. Lets ensure the lifting of the ban becomes permanent. Keep on skating!

For more info on Promenade Monday’s check out:

The Facebook event page
National Skate Collective

Map of Promenade Monday’s skate route

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2 thoughts on “Promenade Mondays – Legally Skating the Streets of Cape Town

  1. […] the beginning of the year, 2013, Promenade Mondays hit the streets of Cape Town, where skaters and rollerbladers celebrated the lifting of the ban […]

  2. […] the beginning of this year, 2013, Promenade Mondays hit the streets of Cape Town, where skaters and rollerbladers celebrated the lifting of the ban […]

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