April 23, 2011

sativex cannabis mouth spray

Sativex cannabis mouth spray

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3 thoughts on “sativex cannabis mouth spray

  1. Good day how much does the Sativex mouth spray cost and can we order from you.

  2. I suffer from Dystonia this could be a helpful medication. How much does it cost?

  3. I suffer from epilepsy and every morning I get an oral epilepsy episode. Jaw moving to the side, biting my tongue or inner cheeck, salivating like crazy, biting my bottom lip, not to mention migraines. I am tired of it all even though I am on meds. The mornings are a every day thing and sometimes during the day. I never get full on seizures but its frustrating. I would like to try the the mouth spray for during the day. I am a housewife

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