Culture April 18, 2017

Saying Farewell To Our Online Store

When we launched BTL in 2010, our mission was simple; educate South Africans about cannabis by bringing them the latest legalisation news & culture. Even though our mission still stands true today, we want to pursue a broader vision of creating a safe environment for medical cannabis patients to find their medicine. You can check our new project here.

And while the BTL Headshop has consistently delivered the finest glass bongs to our happy customers over the last 4 years, we believe that we can have a larger impact if we move beyond its scope. To allow us to focus on our broader vision, we closed down our online store on 20 April.

Can you recommend another headshop?

Yes! We can highly recommend VapeStore. They are South Africa’s largest supplier of cannabis herb and concentrate vaporizers, and have the best prices in the country, guaranteed! They also offer free delivery and have amazing customer service. Check out

What about my order?!

Don’t worry, all recent orders will still be processed. Customers who have any product related queries can email for support or warranty claims.

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3 thoughts on “Saying Farewell To Our Online Store

  1. So where can we find that glass tube you place plant matter in when you make BHO?

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