Strain Library September 28, 2010

Sensi Star

Sensi Star Strain Review

Type: Mostly Indica

Some might call this lady the mother of all chronic, and they rightfully can. This shit is super dank.

Winner of the 1999 Highlife Cannabis Cup where she won first place in the bio indoor category, as well as first prize in the same year it the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Indica category.

Literally drenched in trichomes; it looks like this bud been dunked in a jar of sugar. It’s so white and resinous that the buds have a silver/blue tint to them. It’s hard to tell that there is actually green plant matter underneath there.

The smell is very sweet and strong but not overpowering. Smoking it was amazing, real connoisseur quality herb. A sweet, sugary taste which was extremely smooth on the throat. The aftertaste was really pleasant, but the high was something else. This stuff is strong.

The super relaxing body high glued me to my chair for hours, deep in thought, “wow that shit was good. I want another hit… hang on”.

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18 thoughts on “Sensi Star

  1. Mmmmh, lovely stuff. Awe bud-lover!

  2. The snowy peaks of the Sensi mountains. 🙂

  3. yumyum 🙂

  4. This is one of the best smokes ever, sensi star. It rocks, lovely aromas and purples from the bud. Send some beans up this way.

  5. Sensi Star rocks,I personally think some of the sensi hybrids are better as the original just puts you down. I tried looking for those hybrids on-line but to no avail. Probably just a growers little pets. Green Sensi, which i’ve come across a couple of times is definitely my favourite sensi branded bud.

    Peace out

  6. where do i get this in capetown???

  7. ok im from bloemfontein, can anyone help me out where to get some good weed in bloem.

    thnx in advance

  8. […] After a long drive I insisted on smoking a phattie and we were lucky enough to be blessed with some Sensi Star cross Trainwreck (awesome site), put the 2 together and you can only imagine the damage it’s […]

  9. You guys…wish i could get my hands on some.wanna smoke a fat bong of this stuff NOW.where can i get seeds for this in capetown?!

  10. Ahoy smoke 🙂 if you want to order some seeds try:

  11. awe, have u got this bud from around cape town?

  12. Yes. Have tried 3 different sensi star buds from in Cape Town, all from different guys. This one took the cake!

  13. I’ve tried what was called orange sensi. also a growers pet. amaaaazing 🙂

  14. SensiStar has been grown and sold in Cape Town for years bro

  15. The purple and green sensi are just different phenos, some tend to go more purple than others. Not a hybrid though, still sensistar. Have had a few good hybrids though, I made some too lol

  16. hey ive been living in cape town for 3 years and i havnt yet found any gud weed man, where do you get this sensi star at? or anything gud 🙂

  17. need to hook some of this Sensi, i haven’t seen her this good in CPT

  18. this is one of my all like fav smoke.. along with Hindukush and OG kush

    Awsome dude

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