Strain Library November 16, 2010


Sharksbreath Strain Review

Type: Mostly Indica

A predominantly Indica strain, which is the lovechild of Great White Shark x Jamaican Lambsbread. The result: Sharksbreath.

The first thing that came to mind when laying our eyes on these nuggets was “Oh my god, it’s Christmas time”. Dark green buds that look like the’ve been drenched in snow and decorated with bright orange tinsel.

It isn’t the stinkiest strain, but it makes up for it with a great chronic taste and a powerful stone. Being productive after smoking Sharksbreath isn’t really feasible, but it’s a great smoke for the end of a stressful day. Reward spliff and a couch.

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16 thoughts on “Sharksbreath

  1. The shark rocks. The original that is.

  2. […] In House + Sharks Breath + Mango + Aubs = A-bomb. Filter tips & 5 meters of good quality paper that tears off with […]

  3. Yo Guys

    I am glad to say I smoked this smoke the last couple weeks. Its exactly as you say, no smell, and puts you somewhere trippy. It looks good, tastes good and smokes well. And I heard it grows like a monster.

  4. Ah nice one! Must be from the same grower. I liked it a lot – weird about the lack of smell tho hey? Especially since it was pretty tasty…

  5. Not sure what the other reviewers are talking about, while Sharksbreath is a low aroma plant but it still possesses a really nice lemon scent and flavor that are actually quite strong after curing. Super stony buzz and also nice cerebral effect- but the narcotic effects of the indica are also present. Really well balanced, one of my personal favorite strains.

  6. i grow sharks breath and yes its pretty much exactly as described…dark frosty frosty strong danky smell really..only when u break it up do u smell the breath trait and a little bit of a blueberry smell..even in flower the bud really has no strong smell…it is weird but good for me cuz i live in an apartment….it tastes amazing when smoked and a realy strong high. wish it lasted a lil longer tho…this plant grows like a machine..branches on branches on branches..4 1/2 ounces per 3ft plant is what i got…love the sharks breath

  7. I”ve smoked lambsbreath before was very nice. Has anyone tried this strain outdoor? How is the yield.

  8. @RLyle

    Well good luck finding that strain ne otherway. A lot of growers from the US use that site with no problelems. Idk if Ur laws are making it difficult to get the strains but it should b easier and quicker for you since I’m pretty sure attitude is from Europe…good luck

  9. haha. I stay in SA blair. When I said I was paying in euros, I was reffering to the way the seeds are priced online.. Not exactly a favourable exchange rate 😛

  10. Dank dank crank . Awesome smoke

  11. Im lucky enough to be in possession of 7 Sharksbreath seeds,the 8th is already a week old seedling
    Cant wait…

  12. Haha I want!

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