Culture July 19, 2017

South Africa’s First Clinical Cannabis Convention

On August 5, South Africa will see a first of its kind Clinical Cannabis Convention take place in Johannesburg. Hosted by local non-profit organisation, Fields of Green For ALL, the convention will be an opportunity for all medical professionals, healthcare workers, traditional healers, caregivers and patients to gain valuable insight into the various dynamics of the plant and the future of Cannabis in South Africa.

Local and international Cannabis experts in various fields, ranging from medical to legal and law enforcement, will inform you about the latest scientific findings, the legitimacy and practicality of the Cannabis trade, as well as the ethical considerations of cannabis use. The convention is also endorsed by the Health Practitioners Council of South Africa.

The Clinical Cannabis Convention will build on matters challenging the constitutionality of Cannabis arrests in the Dagga Couple’s Court case, otherwise known as “The Trial of the Plant”, scheduled for August 2017 at the Pretoria High Court.

Guest speakers, many of which are also expert witnesses in The Trial of the plant, include internationals Prof. Donald Abrams and Prof. David Nut. Local speakers include hemp expert, Tony Budden, and Adv. Don Mahon, a Senior Partner at Schindlers Attorneys who are representing The Dagga Couple during The Trial of the Plant and of course the Dagga Couple themselves.

So if you’re a patient, a doctor, a cannabis entrepreneur or simply just interested in the topic of legalisation in South Africa, grab your tickets to the convention below.

Clinical Cannabis Convention Tickets

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  1. We would like to have a space at the convention. Are there tables or stands available?

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