South Africa May 16, 2016

Southern African MP’s Urged To Decriminalize Dagga

During a presentation to Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC-PF), experts on narcotic drug usage in Africa implored parliamentarians to consider decriminalising illicit substances. Considered to be the most commonly used drug within all of the member nations, cannabis law reform was cited as a pivotal part in beginning to move away from the ineffective policies of the past that continue to haunt us in the present.

The drug problems of Africa are a far cry from those of countries such as as Portugal whom for over a decade now have decriminalized all drug use, leading to significant reductions in consumption and abuse. This was something that Kunal Naik from Mauritius cited, among the many other effects experienced by Portugal’s health based approach toward users. Reductions in prison incarceration and HIV/AIDS rates were perhaps the two points that struck closest to home for attendees who well know the ongoing pains felt by Africa due to the massive roles these two aspects continue to play in our respective nations.

Wilson Box, Executive Director of Zimbabwe Civil Liberties and Drug Network, addressed the segregation of drug users and how isolating them from society would never be a solution. Stating, that a “People who use drugs are isolated and stigmatised and at times isolated without any help extended to them” and that a ““narcotic drug use-free world is a pipe dream”, Wilson probably captured the core of the matter when addressing the need for treatment and the proximate causes of substance abuse to be the priorities that drive Southern African drug policies ““Drug users need compassion, love and care,”

One of the symptoms of addiction is denial, something that local drug officials clearly have a chronic case of. Any true reform has long been kicked down the road by politicians and policy makers whom are oblivious to their anti-drug addiction. Thankfully, experts and professionals in the field are intervening to hopefully bring local governments to their senses.

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  • Bobby Greenhash

    African leaders need to catch a wake up, Dagga was, is, and always will be a medicinal plant. The economic spin offs can make Africa a great continent. Time to embrace reality fuckers!

  • Salman Gemini

    it’s so sad to c leaders being dumb enough not to pass this law…..DAMM …are they so stuck in there bubble that they don’t give a damm….drugs is here to stay it’s not going anywhere and jailing us is just going to turn us to crime and records on our files so we can’t land decent jobs nothing positive will come just …..proven negatives………we need to embrace this shit to figure out its weaknesses…..but yet our leaders are to dumb enough to stand the test of time…leaders today are outright stupid #cognitive dissidence


    We must embrace Cannabis, it is a natural medicine, it was used for centuries before colonialist governments outlawed it. It has so many medical applications. It is better in my opinion to use cannabis as your recreational drug than alcohol. Yes guys alcohol is a drug too, only difference is, it is legal, so people ignore the fact that it is a drug! People kill themselves by eating too much sugar for too long, people with problems will always find their “drug” of choice, like alcoholics that literally drink themselves to death over a few years etc, or those that just over consume in one go and die on the spot… point is, “drug” such as cannabis, alcohol, cigarettes and sugar are not going to disappear, the only thing governments can do is what they have done with alcohol, govern it, legislate it and ensure proper management of it. This will also take cannabis out of the hands of drug dealers and into public or private hands that have strict rules to adhere to in order to retain the right to manufacture or trade in cannabis products.