Culture May 11, 2016

The Face Of Dagga Prohibition Is Back

The viral sensation and face of dagga prohibition is back! This time she debated Jeremy Acton of the Dagga Party of South Africa.

Just in case you missed her previous viral videos, check them out below!

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14 thoughts on “The Face Of Dagga Prohibition Is Back

  1. Me thinks Miss Maphanga has watched Reefer Madness one too many times.

  2. Jissis Jacaranda FM is a fucking joke. What is the point of having people talk over each other? Then they try and make it seem like it’s the two who are talking that are the problem. FUCK SA RADIO.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

    2. Agreed, this kind of platform does little to advance either argument. Long form podcats would do a much better job

      1. I agree man. Long form podcast is the real way to do it. That said, I would not want to hear someone like Mamazane on a three hour podcast.

        1. She needs just enough time to let her hang herself, and then be forced to hear the facts and argument for equal rights of cannabis users to those who use alcohol. Nothing less will do.

  3. The ignorance is strong with Mamazane Maphanga. You would of thought that after the last incompetent interview, she would of gone and done actual research. The face of the youth – pffit please!

  4. Wow this woman makes herself look so ignorant…

    1. Spot on, she is one seriously ignorant individual. I wonder why she is so vehemently against it..

      1. I presume it has nothing to do with Cannabis itself and more to do with her wanting to “fight a cause” and maybe get a bit of notoriety for it. Unfortunately for her, she never did her research before deciding on the cause and if it was actually legitimate or logical. Now ego is holding her in an ugly position, instead of coming clean and changing her view of Cannabis based on all the information readily available and presented to her, She continues to dig herself into a deeper hole by spewing out right lies. I’m thankful for this interview though as it has confirmed what I have always believed, common sense will always prevail. The outright absurdity of her views shines so bright it can’t help but to show how ridiculous prohibition is.

  5. This is great! The more we have of these fanatical morons punting prohibition, the more likely sane and rational folks will come over to our side. I say we make her the poster child for decriminalization!

  6. Firstly, this was a terrible platform and highlightes the problem with these short radio eniterviews. They do not give either participant the relevant time to discuss what is a serious issue. Long form podcasts would do far more justice.

    Secondly: Ms Maphanga once again seems to completely miss the point. Poeple are going to use mind altering substances, and there are a lot of them. She says that dagga is habit forming which makes it a drug and should thus be banned. But this argument always falls flat. Sugar is habit forming, and mind altering, and can cause people who suddenly stop using it to feel some withdrawel. Same with coffee, or carbohydrates. Anytime you use a substance, any substance, for a period of time and stop cold turkey you will experience some changes, that’s just the body adjusting. Some substances’ withdrawel is worse, like tobacco, alchohol, heroin etc. Should we ban sugar and coffee because some people become addicted and arrest these people? Imagine if we criminalised cigarettes tomorrow, half the country would be in jail. That really sounds like a good plan, doesn’t it?

    Finally, the main reason she misses the point is that you can never stop drugs. We, along with most of the world have been trying to stop drugs all together for decades with zero effect. More people use drugs more than ever before.What it really comes down to is this: If a person decides to use a substance, any substance, and does no harm to anyone or anything, that person should be left to his, or her, own devices. It is no way an excuse to lock people up ruin their lives.

  7. I have met Ms Maphanga in person at the Central Drug Authority Dagga Indaba in Benoni last year (a farce id ever I saw one) , and all those prohibitionists had an aggression toward me like I was affecting their cognitive dissonance or something, :-D, and as the debates at tea got prolonged the anger just got more and more in your face.

    I did not want to speak over Mamazane here, but when she ignored me I thought I would force a stalemate/reset, and then try to re-engage.

    I hope to meet her again and offer her a dagga chocolate brownie.

  8. Fuck me that’s radio at it poorest levels! Well done Jeremy!

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