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Trainwreck Strain Review

Type: Mostly Sativa

Opening the bag, we were greeted with a smell of fresh sweet plant matter, not the super stinky chronic that you’d expect from these beautiful nuggets. The bud was obviously recently harvested and hadn’t been curing for that long. But given a month or two, this stuff would be stinking your car out; we could smell the potential.

Like the name suggest, Trainwreck does damage. This bud is strong, with a soaring sativa high. The nuggets we got hold of were beautiful. Well trimmed, and covered in mature trichomes and dark orange hairs. Definately a must try.

Trainwreck hasn’t won any cannabis awards to date, as it hasn’t been entered into any competitions.

  • jediiii

    Ooooof. Got hold of a beautiful batch of this on friday, chucked it into my boot and when I came back to get it about half an hour later I smelt it before I even opened the boot! Some of my mates were a bit worried about smoking it again on saturday due to how high they were on friday… lovely bud though, an all-time favourite of mine next to the sensai! Peace out

  • novelty

    The first time I had this, me and my mates tripped hard.
    I saw a friend fly away on a unicorn, and a another friend saw what he thought was jesus.
    Then we watched TV for what felt like half an hour too find out it was off.
    and we didn’t talk for half the night.
    Heavy high but awesome.

  • A_S_toner

    Dude… what were you smoking?

  • Sticky Scissors

    haha, or maybe how much did you smoke? Everything in moderation dude! but if you enjoy seeing unicorns, then it’s cool. I’d love to see unicorns one day…:)

  • novelty

    It was like a dream 😛 It was one of the first time we’ve smoked and there was also northern lights around. lethal combo. definitely recommend it 😉

  • Sticky Scissors

    Ah yes.. sometimes I wish I didn’t smoke bud.. just so I can experience those first few times again.

  • igethigh

    lay off the acid and mushies boetie cos you werent smoking weed!! hahaha

  • S02

    That head makes me quite hungry.

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  • al

    the wreck comes from “export quality” durban bust, so enjoy the last of an original mother.

  • Candice


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  • Bust here:


  • to3zparuk

    lol sounds like they smoked TIK..lmao 😀

  • jimmychronic

    Wish I could find some of this in jhb.

  • TheGreenComposer

    Absolutely true to its name…a puff or two of this stuff, wow! Trainwrecked…definately one of my favourites!

  • Defiler

    I would love to get my hands on some trainwreck again! I found that the high lasted for hours, a great strain to wake n bake to. After 2 bongs and a cup of moer coffee I would be ready to seize the day.

  • thegoodherb.

    I smoked this bud just the other day and the effects were pretty dramatic. It was such a hard bake that i just wanted to become the chair. I must say I properly didn’t know what was potting and you couldn’t have paid me to move. Also for the first time ever i found myself getting irrationally annoyed with the friend i was smoking with. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. If anyone has any comments i wouldn’t mind hearing them.

  • CouchLocked365

    Got some a month or so ago and somked it about 3 times. The taste isnt anything to write home about but the effects are epic and lasted pretty long imo. The couch lock was heavy for me though, as soon as I stopped moving it was very hard to get going again. Good stuff, one of my favorites.

  • SAM

    where can i cop some of that Good in the Mother city?? lol

  • Johannes


  • Andrew

    Either it was all in your head or u took a lot of acid….

  • Andrew

    Why won’t it let me review when i click on the leaves?