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Wappa Strain Review

Wappa Cannabis Strain

Beautiful bud

Marijuana nugget

Close Up Trichomes

Breeder: Paradise Seeds
Genetics: Unsure…
Type: Indica Dominant(surprisingly enough)
Grow Method: Indoor hydroponics (Deep Water Culture)
Method of Ingestion: Clean glass bong

The following is based on a scale of 0-100 in the following categories:

Bag Appeal

(80) Overall Appearance (1 = unattractive 100 = Beautiful)
(30) Calyx Size (1 = Tiny 100 = Huge)
(75) Trichome Coverage (1 = Sparse 100 = Totally Coated)
(85) Density (1 = Airy 100 = Rock Solid)
(65) Aroma (1 = None 100 = Overpowering)
(45) Moisture Level (1 = Dry/Crumbly 100 = Wet)

Comments: At first inspection I reckoned that the bud was harvested slightly early(definitely not too early though), but hey each grower to his own I guess.)

Smoke Report

(75) Potency (1 = Weak 100 = Overpowering)
(78) Taste (1 = Tasteless/bad 100 = Delicious)
(85) Smoothness (1 = harsh 100 = smooth)
(40) Indica Influence (%)
(60) Sativa Influence (%)
(70) Effect Onset (1 = immediate 100 = super creeper)
(1-1.5) Duration of effects (In hours)
(6) Tolerance Buildup (1 = slow 10 = fast)
(75) Overall Satisfaction (1 = Unsatisfied 100 = Great Job!)

Comments: A nice, smooth and relatively tasty smoke, yet to reach its prime.

High Description:

Definitely more of a cerebral high (surprisingly so, considering it’s supposedly Indica dominant). After a hit of this my cannabinoid receptors start racing (just letting me know they’re there, haha), it feels as if it starts in my chest but shortly races straight to my head, where it remains, giving me a sense of awareness which fluctuates with the occurrence of infrequent waves of couch lock that seem to become slightly more frequent but less intense.

Hints of passionfruit and citrus

Fruity and fresh.

Additional Comments:
I reckon that the high would have benefited if it where harvested a week or so later, just so that those trichomes could have matured a bit more and given it a more rounded, more even high. Sometimes the heady-ness of the high can be a bit edgy (maybe from immature trichomes/early harvest?) I’m going to try and cure a nugg or two for a month or so longer just to see if I can get some of those trichomes to amber up a bit and even the high out.

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20 thoughts on “Wappa

  1. Nice pics man! And those look like rock solid nuggets. Kept its indica looks, but sativa high. Awesome 🙂

  2. Nom, nom, nom. Love the tric pictures.

  3. Damn, I wanna get high now. Nice report.

  4. @Sticky Scissors:
    Ja, they where pretty dense hey!!! hahaha. The high is definitly an interesting one though, very unexpected for an indica dominant hybrid, which even looks indica dominant. Definitly makes it an interesting plant with it being structured like an indica but smoking more like a sativa. Could probably get some interesting results if one was to use this for breeding, then again, it itself is an interesting result from previous breeding. hahaha damn I love the Cannabis plant!!! Infinite variaty!!!
    @Buzz :
    I just wish I could get closer!!!!!!

  5. Really you guys need to work on a scratch and sniff module for these reviews. Nice post.

  6. Those look awfully special for some reason.

  7. Awsome Bud!! I Just want to live in that world of trics, “Honey I shrunk the kids” style!!!

  8. Damn that would be shweeet!!!!!!
    One day, one day…..

  9. ChronicExposure said:
    Awsome Bud!! I Just want to live in that world of trics, “Honey I shrunk the kids” style!!!

    ScrOGger said:
    Damn that would be shweeet!!!!!!
    One day, one day…..

    And then someone lights the bong…

  10. ‘Rip’……’Exhale’…..
    I’m there…. I see it…. Hahaha
    Got my ‘Trich Vision’ on now….

  11. Flame grilled deliciousness!

  12. […] here: Wappa […]

  13. mmmmmm What a Wappa!!!

  14. awe irie bud need to buy some bulk of this how do i do that? Capetown

  15. usertest1 said:
    awe irie bud need to buy some bulk of this how do i do that? Capetown

    this is getting ridiculous…

    usertest1 said:
    hey mannn, im salivating————-pls pls tell me where i can get a bud or two for myself in durban——–im a weed smoker—–but never smoked wappa in my life————help help——whatever the <span title=”mailto:price———–” class=”comment-link”>price———–</span>

    even worse..even a email address included…haha

  16. Quite excessive… Come on people. This is not Gumtree for pot…

    That bud does look lovely though. Never tried it though.

  17. kdstanhope said:

    That bud does look lovely though. Never tried it though.

    i have… and its true…its wonderful…

    might add some pics later…

  18. that be some might fine looking bud i would like to try some wappa with my grappa : )

  19. Looks delicious right about now!

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