South Africa June 9, 2016

WATCH: Dagga Couple and CDA Talk Decriminalisation on SABC Newsroom

As the Dagga Debate again heats up, The Dagga Couple and The Central Drug Authorty joined SABC Newsroom this morning to discuss the latest developments around the decriminalisation of cannabis.

Peter Ucko of the CDA was up first. Emphasising that they had been stewing on the matter for a while and now given it their full consideration. Concluding that legalisation would be a step too far, but decriminalisation made far more sense. “We’re pleased that at last the Central Drug Authority is able to make its statements and make its position known.”

Giving his opinion on medicinal use, “There is evidence to date that some of the extracts of the marijuana plant are good for treating nausea after chemo therapy, spasticity can be treated, but we still need to bare in mind that it is a psychoactive substance.” Which is something that Mr Ucko repeatedly raised through the remainder of the interview, suggesting that people advocating for legalisation perhaps suffer from a chronic condition.

The second half of the debate featured The Dagga Couple who supported the CDA’s recommendation for decriminalisation, but warned that we could well be setting SA up to only be repeating the lessons that other nations are already two decades ahead on, “Thank you very much CDA, thank you for getting out of the same old tired arguments that have been repeated over and over again, and for giving a new perspective on this whole debate. We’re moving in the right direction.”
“There’s more grey areas with decriminalisation than with outright legalisation”. “Decriminalisation doesn’t stop the war on drugs, it just extends it.”

When all was said and done there was shared ground on one issue; the need for funding to start dealing with the hands on work of making legalisation a reality. One can only hope that we don’t have to rely on Gupta involvement to get these wheels turning.


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6 thoughts on “WATCH: Dagga Couple and CDA Talk Decriminalisation on SABC Newsroom

  1. This video just makes me wanna roll a j

  2. He says he believes in the facts, then in the next sentence he says its linked to vascular problems … what a hypocrite!

    1. did you do some research yourself that shows that this is not the case?

      that dagga does not cause cardiovascular problems?

      or is this just your opinion because you use dagga and this goes against the current drive to legalize cannabis?

    2. because if you yourself are not medically qualified and are not yourself conducting any research into the matter, then you really cannot make such a statement.

      this is just your opinion, you believe that this is not the case, maybe you even read a few ‘peer reviewed studies’ on google?

      the medical fraternity in South Africa, and the CDA and others have stated clearly that the recreational use of dagga is harmful.

      also a report released by Colorado’s State Health Department (just one example), which was published by at least 100 medical professionals, most of whom hold PHDs, outlined all the negative repercussions of the legalization of cannabis in their state,

  3. as a dagga user / cannabis connoisseur with 20 odd years experience with the plant, it is definitely true that cannabis has the ability to cause vascular constriction or dilation.. Many years ago, a friend of mine grew a strain from California, sage X white rhino X mothers finest. Amongst friends it was nicknamed : ‘the heart stopper’ . Nobody actually had their heart stop BUT the effect of this strain was that it caused one’s heart rate to increase quite dramatically. Lesser experienced users didnt enjoy the experience and became very anxious. DO THE RESEARCH PEOPLE, SOME STRAINS ARE VASOCONSTRICTORS AND OTHERS ARE VASODILATORS. The breeder : DJ Short (creator of blueberry) has touched on these two types of effects cannabis can create. Go expand your mind, there is so much more to this plant than meets the eye. Not everyone needs the same kind of treatment, therefore there is not one ‘blanket’ strain that will have the same effect on everyone. RESEARCH!!

    1. 🙂

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