South Africa November 12, 2012

Marijuana Legalized in South Africa? The Odds Are Looking Good

The current legal status of marijuana in South Africa, as we all know, is illegal. But it’s pretty apparent that the market just keeps on growing; busts are getting bigger and more people are opening up about their support for the herb.

Protesters walk through Cape Town for the Global Marijuana March. May 2012

This is a trend not only in South Africa, but all over the world. The U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime’s “World Drug Report” states that between 119 million to 224 million of people 18 and older used marijuana in 2010, making it the most consumed illicit drug in the world. The simple fact is that prohibition doesn’t work, at all. But that isn’t what this article is about. Before we get on to the great possibility of weed being legal in SA, we first need to have a little chat about the United States of America.

America is largely responsible for the worlds’ archaic views on cannabis. It all started with one man, Harry J Anslinger. After prohibition of alcohol had ended, Anslinger was appointed head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics.

“Marijuana is an addictive drug which produces in its users insanity, criminality, and death.”
“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

By using mass media as his weapon, Anslinger propelled his anti-marijuana sentiment to a national movement by spreading false truths, fear, racism and propaganda. By 1937 cannabis became illegal in an act drafted by Anslinger himself. By 1973, president Nixon had officially declared a War on Drugs and formed the current Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Before all of this, cannabis was perfectly legal in most parts of the world, but America’s firm place in the global economy ensured that their views on drug policy were seen internationally.

Fast forward 20 years and America sees it’s first medical marijuana law take shape in California, voted in for the people, by the people – a first step towards the re-legalization of Cannabis. There are currently 18 American States that have medical marijuana laws in place, but there’s still a big issue at hand; Cannabis is considered illegal under federal law. This has led to lots of clashes with the DEA, mostly in the form of arrests and raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and patients. Tax paying businesses which are fully legal under state law are being undermined and ruined by the Feds.

DEA raids oaksterdam university
federal agents raid Oaksterdam University, a university in California that provides training for the cannabis industry

A few years ago we wrote about California’s Proposition 19. It was an initiative that would allow Californians to vote on whether cannabis should be legally traded and regulated for recreational use within their State. The vote went down to the wire in 2010, with the proposition losing by an extremely narrow margin. It was a sad day for marijuana activists and supporters across the globe, as what would have been a legalization ice breaker instead fell by the wayside.

Over the past few years, we have seen huge momentum and growth in the US marijuana movement, resulting in both Colorado and Washington fully legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use. The plan is to have a legal and regulated industry for growers, retailers and users. The industry itself may take a few months to be setup and there will undoubtedly be a few teething pains as it takes shape. A few rules also go along with these new laws, but the short and sweet of it is that citizens of these States will no longer be criminals for possessing marijuana.

Cannabis legalization in Colorado and Washington is a huge step forward and indicates just how fast America is approaching the Cannabis legalization tipping point.

The move beyond simple decriminalization cements these States firmly in the path of conflicting Federal marijuana laws which fiercely oppose the use of marijuana for any reason whatsoever and will be the litmus test for other States who also wish to move in the legalization direction; as well as testing the reaction of the United Nations. Although decriminalization of marijuana is permitted at the discretion of the respective country (aka Amsterdam), legalization is not permissible under the UN’s Single Convention of Narcotic Drugs; a policy that is under increasing fire due to its counter productivity far outshining its unachievable and misguided intentions.

The War on Drugs has first and foremost been a war on people, initiated by fundamentalist leaders who saw no need to define global drug policies on little more than their judgemental ideals, and yet they have maintained their vice-like grip no matter how epic a fail this policy has repeatedly been proven to be. The line has been drawn in the sand as the US tally now stands at 18 States allowing for medical use and 2 allowing for recreational use, with millions of dollars to be legally made and saved. If California alone can generate over 100 million Dollars in tax revenue per year from the legal sale of medical marijuana (forget hemp and recreational marijuana), shouldn’t we as South Africans, at the very least, be discussing this issue more openly?

What about South Africa?

Unlike Americans, South Africans do not have the luxury of being allowed to decide our laws at a provincial or national level via policies that have been petitioned and qualified for a public vote. We instead have our freedom and liberty defined by politicians who consistently display how out of touch they are or how little they care for the citizens of South Africa, often using our Constitution as little more than an occasional guideline that can be ignored if it does not fit their agenda.

A case in point is The Dagga Couple, who are fighting their way to the Constitutional Court in a bid to assert our right to consume cannabis without persecution. Their case is gaining support from the public and continued media attention is bringing the discussion out into the public domain. This will be the second time our Constitutional Court faces a case regarding the cannabis use, with the current case from The Dagga Couple being fundamentally different in that it seeks to not be limited to religious grounds as was the previous case of Gareth Prince. Another defining factor is public participation in this case in order to demonstrate that this is not a case of two individuals verse the law, but rather a country full of individuals verse the law; individuals who should not be considered criminals simply for consuming cannabis.

Hands need to be raised though to show how large the support for legalization in South Africa is and you can do your bit by completing The Dagga Couple’s petition. As it did in Colorado and Washington, public support is needed in South Africa to make this change happen sooner rather than later.

Week 2 and South Africa's first private hemp plants are growing fast. The rows of seedlings can be seen from a distance.

Already South Africa’s first hemp crop in over a century has sprouted and is on its way to showing fruit, thanks to the immense work done by Tony Budden of Hemporium. A first hand example of what we have to gain from hemp alone will go a long way in showing what we have to gain from cannabis overall.

The big question remains though… “How long ‘till its legalized”? The answer… “How long is a piece of string”? It really is all relative, but the more we push together the sooner we will see change. Colorado and Washington have shown that there is no longer any “if” about the matter.

The “when” is up to us.

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263 thoughts on “Marijuana Legalized in South Africa? The Odds Are Looking Good

  1. this is such a shweet article. Dealers will want to keep things the way they are, government wanting a piece of their pie would seriously bum them out im sure… controlling prices, putting them out of business etc. I guess Its a really hard concept to grasp…. decriminalizing/legalizing bud in SA that is. my thumbs are up HIGH tho 🙂

    PS: thats some fine looking outdoor 🙂

  2. there are so many reasons why i would want weed legal, fuck i'd almost even give up smoking! it would get rid of that dodgy nigerian on every corner, i'm probably dying quicker from the fear of getting arrested (which has happened already) than from actually smoking weed, the government would be getting some cash, no more shitty swazi only dank shit, my mom hates me smoking weed and thinks its bad for u simple cuz its illegal.. if it were legal i could tell her 'hah fuck u! its legal!' and i also wouldnt have to drive to ****** to get bud from a stinky white hippy

  3. hahahahahhahaa. 'stinky white hippy'

  4. What you got against hippies?

  5. Theres this quote from The Union, an awesome cannabis documentary. Review and link to download coming soon!

    one ex-dealer being interviewed about legalizing bud in Canada says something along the lines of "how can you compete with companies pumping out perfectly rolled doobies. we'd all be out of business"

    i dont think it would happen exactly like that, but it's a good point. if dealers are wanting to keep prohibition, what is that saying?

  6. Stinky white hippies that overcharge. ya. it's probably not a hippie

  7. If marijuana was legal who is to say it would be cheaper. The government would be quick to seize the money making opportunity IMHO and prices wouldn’t benefit from this. Tax wouldn’t help either..

  8. But if it were legal, we wouldn’t need to buy. We could all safely grow a plant or 2 in our own back yards! Our south african sun is perfect:)

  9. If it was that easy. My guess is it would be run like the tobacco laws, with a license being required to grow it. You would probably have to pay tax on that plant or two aswell. I prefer the idea of true decriminalization to legalization myself. As long as they can’t take me to jail for a little plant or two then I’m happy.

  10. The law they’re voting for in November says anyone may grow marijuana at a private residence in a space of up to 25 square feet for personal use. That’s more than enough for my personal use.. I’ll send a nice tin of brownies to all my neighbours 😉

  11. Thats in the US right? Hope it gets passed. And the rest of the world follows suit. SA is quite backward as far as medical marijuana research, etc, goes so hopefully we don’t spend years with the government doimg studies eish

  12. hahaha. it’s like how the world told south Africa that the OBE education system doesn’t work, but they implement it anyways, only to remove it a few years later. failure. so yeah, they’ll probably end up doing research studies that the rest of the world have done years ago 😛

  13. oh, and yes. it’s in California, US

  14. This is a definite HELL YEA from me and probably everyone on, we have been talking and researching this idea for many years now. We have also been following the news from California very closely, and we support them 200%.

    Prohibition was a dismal failure, and the governments know this very well. They were the one’s after all that created the booming business of illegal cannabis trading and growing. If and indeed when California sign this bill then the hole world will follow, no doubt about that.

    South Africa will follow in their shoes and do it in the same way, they will just give it that african twist as they do with everything. But I have no problem with paying tax on my GREENS, as we do it with everything in this country. So why complain now? It would indeed be the best day of my life when the bill is signed in South Africa. I mean there are more than 25,000 (and counting) uses for this wonderful plant. Government can start thousands of small and large businesses to cater for their dismal failure in creating jobs in this country.

    So come on people lets push the envelope and start working together on this matter and start talking to everybody you know including your family members, and get the word out there.

    AWE redvox

  15. Let’s hold thumbs for Novembers vote! Thanks for your feedback man!

  16. I have only one issue with this. It should be an ethical change, a realization that the plant does not cause harm and that the system has been wrong. Right now with the way that California is going they are appealing to the government in the form of money to save their debt ridden asses. This is greed. I am all for the change to legalization and im happy with many of the restrictions implicated by this bill, but i would have liked something more along the lines of what Jack Herer wanted to get passed (Jack Herer was against the taxation of marijuana). At least it is a step in the right direction.

  17. I agree… Having them admit to their lies would be great. But I think many countries, especially South Africa, could benefit hugely if marijuana were to be taxed. Better medical care, housing, water, electricity, SCHOOLS? These are huge issues which are keeping South Africa from progressing, and none of them have sufficient funding for them to be addressed effectively. Sure, this would be a perfect world, but in reality, our funds don’t get spent properly. If weed were to be taxed, we’d probably just see our politicians driving around in porches instead of mercedes.

  18. I agree with you bootz and with you Sticky Scissors, that it can also be a thorn in the people’s side. Taking as our country has a bit of a problem when it comes to corruption and spending tax payers money correctly, but this will surely be one of the many jobs created in the process.

    Putting a council of some sorts in place to monitor the taxation and spending of the government created by the new Cannabis bill. This should be a main priority, as we don’t want history to repeat itself and have the bill changed again after a couple of years.

    That’s why we need to be so connected and read up on the happenings in California, so that we have an idea of the problems they faced and how they corrected those problems. This way we have a better chance of making it successful in South Africa.

  19. How DO we get the ball rolling, like how do we raise a ballot to vote for?

    Some extra reading on the bill that seems like it’s on its way to being passed –

  20. Thanx for the link m137o, it’s a bit more clear now to what the bill exactly does and what it allows to happen. The 25 square feet that is allowed to be cultivated for personal use is not bad, it comes to about 2.32258 square meter’s. Witch if you think about it is enough for a decent amount for personal use. You can easily fit 2-3 plants in there, or use a Sog method of growing and get lots of small plants in there with a nice amount of bud. You can also try 2 huge plants and have them grow to the size of trees…. lol.

    The government then still has the right to authorize bigger sales in cannabis. But the other laws are still in place, like selling dope to minors and or driving under the influence will also be in place.

    We have to start just like them (California) to get the ball rolling, This website has just launched a new poll section which is a real nice start, we could ask people to vote for specific questions and proposals that we think could benefit our own country. Have different polls and collect the information and present it to our government. If a significant amount of people vote for these bills the government should be forced to do something about it.

    PS, I don’t think we will have a problem with voting on the legalization of POT in THIS country! To many people know and have used this plant.

  21. All be very upset if the vote does not pass. I really believe its time for this craziness to end !

  22. I agree fully with you David, times are indeed changing, and it is indeed time for the world to recognize this plant for it’s astonishing values and uses.

  23. All I wanna know is, why the subject is not even up for public debate?

  24. there is one problem i see…. if they legalize weed then big companies will want to start wanting to start selling joints in packs, and then next thing you know all those dodgy chemicals they use in cigarettes are going to be in the weed…. and when it starts killing you many people are going to claim its bad for your health and then they are going to want to make it illegal again

  25. Well, tobacco and alcohol both stay legal regardless of dangers to ones health. I think the chance of this happening is very low.

  26. […] would not normally be exposed to this kind of information are getting a taste of the real world. Check out this article {click} for more info about weed becoming legal in […]

  27. Ja, i’m very happy for the Californians – does anybody know if there is any similar concerted effort happening here in SA now? Big corporations, big governments, big guns etc. at least if you would be able to grow a spliff or two or buy some without jail paranoia, it would help. Still as said above, there is still a negative stigma that have been spread by years of propaganda, ignorance and irresponsible behavior…

  28. Firstly I doubt that they will put such a regulation through in the near future. First of all – we have to remember that we are still a developing country and our country/government has many other problems to solve before they will even consider legalizing weed. I too wish for it to be legal, and the Regulation in California sounds heavenly – but seriously – we are so far away from turning into that direction.

    Secondly – most of our older generation is too involved with the negative side of smoking weed. And as it will take some rather hard work to convince them otherwise I don’t see much support from ‘our elders’. See for example the Carte Blanche report, yes, the topic Weed has made it to the TV but the problem is it is all negative, I’d prefer them rather to shut up, because if reports such as these will continue they will get attention, and not the attention we need – they might just , most probably,make things worse for the cannabis consuming population.

    Another problem is that ‘we’ are in minority, and a lot of ppl will not admit it publicly simply because of the dangers involved with admitting to doing something illegal.
    Personally – it would never cross my mind to participate in any actions to legalize weed unless I am 100% assured on paper and verbally that it will not be held against me, regardless of the outcomes of such activities.

    It might bring along many more problems in addition to what we already have. It’s Africa.

    I do have hope that someday somebody powerful enough to raise positive awareness about weed consumption will stroll along and make a significant change.

    peace,love and happiness =)

  29. The thing is, the only reason there’s this negative stigma attached is because the whole world views weed as this bad, illegal substance. If first world countries start bringing in billions of extra dollars by legalizing the herb (this is what they estimate california alone will start bringing in), countries like south africa will be stupid not to follow suite. Being a developing country, we have even more reason to legalize it, it would help aid in many of the problems that are facing us today, which all boil down to money (education, health care, infrastructure etc).

    I agree with you that our older generation is still a bit stuck in their ways when it comes to their views on pot. I don’t think they’ll change, but they aren’t the future of this country, we are. The media isn’t helping either… they never look at the positive sides – lets challenge them to do so. Although, the other side of the story is starting to be talked about, look at this website for example, as well as more mainstream media like The Big Issue. They wrote quite a good article last month, you should check it out:

    “It might bring along many more problems in addition to what we already have. It’s Africa.”
    What problems do you see legalizing/decriminlizing weed to have on our country?

    Thanks for your response 🙂 I also hope that some day we’ll be able to raise enough awareness, that’s what this site is all about:)


  30. Its such a shame that the propaganda been fed to us for decades is so fixed on many adults brains. California is going the right way, they are organised and making a show in numbers. South Africa on the other hand it will be alot more difficult due to our education on cannabis and the governments fingers in cannabis. Numbers, support for guys like Justin Ballot, the dagga Party, and actvism events hosted around teh country would be the only way we can move forward. Free the weed.

  31. IMO:
    Reasons why it won’t happen.
    SA is a Slow Country regarding laws etc.
    this will take years & I’ll be old & over smoking mary.
    1st we would need like a movement of people opting for it Legalization or decrim.
    Which we have all ready but very unsuccessful.
    if you tell Zuma Yo you can make some more bucks off this then maybe who knows.
    Why it should happen:
    Police/popo will then have one less illegal substance to worry about & can concentrate on those Life Changing & Family Ruining Drugs like you know the list..
    I know popo who want this to happen.
    I would go for decrim of it like in Amsterdam works fine their so it should work fine.
    & I only have a select few Growers for each province like = they supply = then you have dealers = to us users.
    price could drop then really as one major factor is taken out no going to jail.
    which I think dealers factor in really.
    the tax issue it could be tax free for dealer as long as you have license which you pay for yearly.
    main tax will come from major Grow operations.

    it would be heaven really no more shit blue lights hide the stash dude.
    think then popo could really crack down on crack & the like. which is ruining our country.
    I know people who have had there lives destroyed coz of drugs.
    it is really hard getting off the shit 1st hand experience there.

    Maybe CT should look at getting its laws if only we never had the ANC in power then we could get it right but with them in seat of power I highly doubt it.

    peacd & happy times

  32. oh I go for decrim as it will be quicker to obtain than full legalization

  33. Keep faith brothers, this isn’t the easiest fight we chose! We chose something very real and something that was a part of civilization for a long time. But we are up against, the big corrupt of this world, that will try eradicate us along with this plant we fight for.

  34. Wow this would be so great if this would happen! 2nd Greatest day of my life, 1st would be my wedding day…. Heeyyy what about having my wedding on that day! hmmm

  35. Rad video! marc emery is in jail now tho ;<

  36. That was so cool to watch! Marc is such a coll and laid back guy. I would absolutely love to run or work at a store like that. Will be so nice to go to my favorite coffee-shop to puff with my wife and friends.

  37. Its common knowledge that illegal drugs market at higher prices. If it was legal and could be grown on proper farms and grow ops, the price would decrease a huge amount. Do you know how expensive beer was during its prohibition ? People couldn’t even afford it, they use to brew it in bathtubs.

  38. If it was grown on so called proper farms and grow ops by the govt the quality would drop just as quickly as the price. herb is currently grown on a large scale already, and thats where most of o-ur street weed comes from. Have a look at whats going on in cali with regard to herb prices, its not cheaper there…

  39. price doesn’t even matter! you’d be able to grow your own :>

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  42. […] in the mail doesn’t seem to be something the authorities would chose to ignore. Perhaps, if Proposition 19 is passed in Cali things will start to change for the better and people will begin to wake […]

  43. In my opinion…
    If you compare S.A. and Cali., firstly S.A. Is a third world country…
    So the people growing the majority of commercial bud are rural communities. These people depend on this as a prime cash crop.
    If our goverment did legalise, these people would go hungry or move to selling harder contraband.
    This country has an extremly conserative outlook on drugs, look at the recent clamp down on liquor laws!
    You can’t even drink a beer in public like all over europe.
    Besides certain goverments control the drug industry, so if for example, in the usa, they used to /or still do bring in weed from from south america (as well as other drugs!!This too is common info!), acapulco gold,
    coloumbian gold, etc. When americans started to grow there own, for higher quality, the goverment had to look at new ways to control the industry. People fight for decriminalisation, but its a War on drugs, the war to control drugs. If you look again at the medical marajauna industry in Cali, you’ll notice that there is a limited number of cannabis facilties allowed to be regiserted. Therefore a monoply, whilst the small fish fight amonst each other, only the goverment really benefits.
    The food industry is already controlled by the corporations, using seeds. What do you think would happen to the weed scene.
    It was never in the interest of the Cali goverment to increase quality, as the market changed so did there stratagy. The herb is for the people, its a common currency. I’m not saying I’m against legalisation, but just think its unlikely and it would not be a good thing necessarilly in this world as it is. I agree with oscarmilde that it would not get cheaper either. When shit is illegal and there is a booming market, it gets cheaper as there is a competetive price. That’s why tik is cheap..

  44. […] people wont have their lives turned upside down after peacefully puffing on a joint. So even if Proposition 19 isn’t passed, and weed doesn’t become legal in Cali, at least people can live in a bit […]

  45. […] just 12 days left before November 2, the day Californians vote on Proposition 19, the vote that could legalise marijuana in the state of California, thus regulating, taxing and […]

  46. […] marijuana on the ballot in four U.S. states this November, most prominently California’s Proposition 19, which would fully legalize the substance, the legalization of marijuana has become a hot topic of […]

  47. […] marijuana on the ballot in four U.S. states this November, most prominently California’s Proposition 19, which would fully legalize the substance, the legalization of marijuana has become a hot topic of […]

  48. Guys, I’m all for this!!! I am a South African living in Uganda, (Short history on Uganda’s weed, Sherlock Holmes done a study back in the good old days when it was legal, he stated that Uganda’s weed is in the top 3 best weeds he has ever smoked! High THC content and good smooth taste makes it a really pleasurable joint.) In Uganda it is still very much illegal to have weed, yet it’s a big part of the culture here, traditionally cannabis is smoked by men almost like a perk. I also know that with a relatively small farm here I could grow organic weed that would become a world favorite, as I have smoked with people from all over the world and they all agree that this weed is up there with the best of them, what people don’t realize is that there are so many uses for it that it could become Uganda’s largest revenue income, it will also have a Holland effect where people would come here on “Safari” and see all the African animals as high as they want to! Also something I have done and to see a huge lion next to your car high is a special moment in life!! Another thing that just really gets to me is the fact that when I want to buy I have to go to some creepy guy whom I don’t trust and always hate having to do it! I have been smoking weed as long as I have been smoking tobacco and the truth is I can go weeks without smoking the good plant but tobacco I can’t go a day without! Where is the sense in this pathetic law??? I wish I could vote in California, and we all know what I would vote for! Big ups to all you guys pushing the change! Always remember you have just as many people if not more standing next to you as there are standing against this!!!!! Good luck, I sure as hell hope that my kids one day will be able to role a joint and smoke it in peace!


  50. Just read it, great post Sarai!

    Keen to have it featured on BTL?

  51. Can’t believe Prop.19 was denied!only a couple of percentage points.damn!Cali’s gonna have to wait a while longer still…

  52. legalize weed im from south africa

  53. Its a proven fact, denial leads to harder more dangerous ways of doing things. Deny a kid alcohol and he will end up in some club, OD on a spiked drink… Just legalize it and everyone can benefit.. I’m not saying sell it to 10y/o’s but to 18+…. (Altho I’m only 17 its something to look forward to in a dull live)..

    IM FOR IT!!!

  54. Hi there

    Ithinks they should legallize weed as that’s the only unman maid drug and if they can’t stop the growth of it why fight against it the world will never stop prOducing the product sO capitlize on it tax it make a plan to get it off the black market and in our stores wOrld wide as we men never made it we found iT. So. Give it back to the pEople and not to the drug cartell


  55. Pass my words through


  56. Plz Zuma! Make SA happy and legalize Canibbis. This will mean a massive work opirtunity for all the workless ppl in SA (less crime) wich will be like the best ever. Secondlay, OMW do you know how much in come SA will have with cash??? :))).. That only can be good in my eyes. Thirdley, no more worrys about cops waisting theie time, this will never ever stop GARENTEED! And like the man says, god gave us this beutifful herb that causes nou harm at all, praven by the best dockters from accros the world. So weird to think an planet earth you get ppl that will lock you up for somthing growing natural and hasent killed one singel sole. Never ever ther has been a case. But the my export alcohol and cigaretts that kills thousands a year. Legal or not legal, ill never stop smoking and the market will just keep getting bigger by the day. Stop waisting monet and make some money. But ill do anything for it to be legal!! Aaah man imagine! Anyway peace, time for a fattie!

  57. Decriminalized is the way to go. No one will control it, we wont go to jail for it. But will grow it anyway with a lot less fear and worry. Legalising would take a long time and the whole control thing im not to0 keen on. Just my R0.02 🙂

  58. i just wana say. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT, that marijuana will be legal in south africa. i have many times writing to the political party on facebook and my comments get removed the D.A dont wana listen to what i have to say and they even take the time to remove my comments i have added another comment online lets see if it stays there, i added the video that i put up here yesterday to my comment

  59. Lets keep trying.. Damn Marc Emery, legend!

  60. Yo,the government should legalise weed in a controlled manner,not like in Cali but they should make weed licenses. Similar to those that need a liquor license in order to sell liquor. But this S.A we talking about,who’s willing to really make an effort to legalise pot,we can post comments the entire day or go out there and make a difference,high power guys,high power…

  61. Ok, so I think legalising cannabis in SA is a great idea!!! Even better if we pay tax. That way we could help the whole country!! And if we use hemp to help out the less fortunate. Its cheap and durable, blankets for people with no homes? Hell yes! And I think the reason for people going from cannabis to stronger stuff is because dealers offer them that stuff, maybe we could fix that… this is just a little of why I say it should be legal!

  62. Legal = selling your house to buy weed. Decriminalised = not against the law and grow it with less worries 🙂 Which would you choose?

  63. Dubbed Marley said:
    Legal = selling your house to buy weed. Decriminalised = not against the law and grow it with less worries 🙂 Which would you choose?

    Il choose legal because ganja is not addictive plus it will be dirt cheap and i wont need to sell my house

    Decriminalising is even worse than being illegal, if you caught you still pay a price, even more than you do now. Read up about the UK

  64. I disagree on the dirt cheap part ey? Maybe a while after its legal? Either way they should make a decision so I can grow in peace and not worry about being arrested for a natural substance 🙂

  65. it will be cheaper once its legal, imagine how many people will grow. There will be so much they will have to drop the prices.

    I agree with you with growing in peace but in my opinion thats extremely far away, especially in this country

  66. Who cares if they legalise it or not. I’m still gna smoke any way I don’t need no guy telling me what to do last I checked this was my world. Lol! Ok ima go get higher now. Anyway you guys who have da energy to keep tryin to convince them to legalise da herb u bet find another hobby or jst go enjoy a blunt,cos that aint happenin. Don’t u understand the more illigal it is da more its potential is preseved

  67. having it legalized would be awesome because you could go places and do stuff with a joint in one hand and munchies in the other. but would it be as fun, knowing that its fine if you do? i think the illegalness of it makes it specifically more fun especially for us south african youth. besides finding weed in south africa is easier then finding food in a restraunt, legalization wont make it easier to buy hash. you just will get protected and served the f#@! out of yourself by police

  68. Re-legalisation is the way forward, I believe.
    Cannabis is a medicine as one of MANY amazing things, and we should simply have the human right to use it, grow it and share it. Simple as that.

  69. Posted by unregistered user: danyilsaid:
    having it legalized would be awesome because you could go places and do stuff with a joint in one hand and munchies in the other. but would it be as fun, knowing that its fine if you do? i think the illegalness of it makes it specifically more fun especially for us south african youth. besides finding weed in south africa is easier then finding food in a restraunt, legalization wont make it easier to buy hash. you just will get protected and served the f#@! out of yourself by police

    That’s the thing, we’re trying to get it out of our Youths hands….
    And if you only enjoy smoking Cannabis because it is a rebelious thing to do, then you need to get your priorities straight, and respect the plant more IMO.
    Legalisation would be a great thing, it would give us so much more freedom to work with the plant, and it would advance our knowledge exponetially.
    I defenitely think that we would all benefit greatly from the legalisation of Marijuana, and I am eagerly awaiting that day, even if it means you lose the excitment of smoking because you are now allowed to do it…
    No offense danyil, I just think you’re missing the bigger picture of legalisation a tad bit… 😐
    P.S. Trust me, if things become legal, it’ll be a pleasure buying bud, unless all you look for in a smoke is a R5 section from your nearest car gaurd that is.
    You’d have so much choice you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself…
    I hope I haven’t come off too offesivley but we seem to have two very different views on Cannabis, it’s use, and legalisation.

  70. usertest1 said:
    having it legalized would be awesome because you could go places and do stuff with a joint in one hand and munchies in the other. but would it be as fun, knowing that its fine if you do? i think the illegalness of it makes it specifically more fun especially for us south african youth. besides finding weed in south africa is easier then finding food in a restraunt, legalization wont make it easier to buy hash. you just will get protected and served the f#@! out of yourself by police

    That’s the thing, we’re trying to get it out of our Youths hands….
    And if you only enjoy smoking Cannabis because it is a rebelious thing to do, then you need to get your priorities straight, and respect the plant more IMO.
    Legalisation would be a great thing, it would give us so much more freedom to work with the plant, and it would advance our knowledge exponetially.
    I defenitely think that we would all benefit greatly from the legalisation of Marijuana, and I am eagerly awaiting that day, even if it means you lose the excitment of smoking because you are now allowed to do it…
    No offense danyil, I just think you’re missing the bigger picture of legalisation a tad bit… 😐
    P.S. Trust me, if things become legal, it’ll be a pleasure buying bud, unless all you look for in a smoke is a R5 section from your nearest car gaurd that is.
    You’d have so much choice you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself…
    I hope I haven’t come off too offesivley but we seem to have two very different views on Cannabis, it’s use, and legalisation.
    ————————-Rant/Opinion Over————————-

  71. And if you only enjoy smoking Cannabis because it is a rebelious thing to do, then you need to get your priorities straight, and respect the plant more IMO.

    In my opinion, teens are always going to have the need to rebel, I’d much rather they do this through marijuana than alcohol, or pretty much any other drug for that matter. Just my 2c

  72. ▲▲▲ said:

    And if you only enjoy smoking Cannabis because it is a rebelious thing to do, then you need to get your priorities straight, and respect the plant more IMO.

    In my opinion, teens are always going to have the need to rebel, I’d much rather they do this through marijuana than alcohol, or pretty much any other drug for that matter. Just my 2c

    Valid point, but I’m sure smoking would still be seen as rebelling by the teens parents, even if it where legal, and at least they’d be smoking a cleaner product, which isn’t sold by the same guy selling other harder substances.

  73. Agree, legalize it. Love the work being done in California, there is hope.

  74. It would be awesome to have it legal. im 16, and i love smokin ganja! i dont do it to rebel, never have. itz for your own personal enjoyment, in my case, itz gives me a more positive outlook on life. makes me see thingz from another and allowz me to let people just be who they are without insults or anything! to legalise pot would make kidz more obidient to their parentz (if the parentz allow em to smoke, they will respect it), the weed will be more accessable (not that it isnt already super easy to get), and we wont be frying our brains with low grade shit. purple haze, ganeshaz dream, northern lightz, all the rare strains will enter the light and nobody will be able to bullshit teenz who pay for indoor chronic and get outdoor skunk! LEGALIZE POT! ILLEGALIZE ALCOHOL! MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE TODAY!

  75. Dubbed Marley said:
    Decriminalized is the way to go. No one will control it, we wont go to jail for it. But will grow it anyway with a lot less fear and worry. Legalising would take a long time and the whole control thing im not to0 keen on. Just my R0.02 🙂

    Agreed, i just don’t want my heart to race every time i see blue lights or a damn road block.

    If its legal wont we be paying excessive tax etc on it?

  76. Its just so sad how naive, arrogant, selfish and unfair the govt is being regarding this issue… People are risking there lives for employment and survival, and the solution is right at our fingertips… The least they can do is make an effort toward hemp manufacture. Hopefully things can progress from there

  77. Awesome stuff, It has to happen eventually, but sooner than never i would say…The fact of the matter is; being living in South Africa all my life, when it comes to getting hold of some good green, it can be a hassle. Having this marvulous plant which JC(the big man upstairs) has blessed us with can also result in you having to interact with sometimes if not alot of the time somer not so very nice people(ie. Dodgy dealers). This is just the one thing I would be very happy to avoid when having to get some ‘erb…Anyways, enough for now, Keep it eiry peeps…And rememba, keep it clean, keep it green…Ohja, and roll it up, light it up, Smoke it up!

  78. In my personal opinion I think government should begin to look @ legalizing Marijuana. as another strategic approach for job creation that will open doors for young and unemployed school livers and graduates. This should be looked @ with a view and focus on growing marijuana for health / medical purposes only. People can begin to own farms wherein young agricultural scientist can begin to play a role towards having the land tested prior any cultivation can take place. Entrepreneurs cold begin to seek official licenses and may have patent rights to harvest and supply Marijuana to nearby health depots. Thus more jobs opportunities for the unemployed and with a relief on current trade barriers, more international markets could benefit from our home natural born resource with positive domestic economic benefit (increase in GDP = reduction in unemployment = reduction in poverty for South Africans that are mostly living below poverty line. An objective of having at list one meal per day equivalent to one family might be realized.

  79. Currently the land has been redistributed for some deserving communities in South Africa. They own and manage farms with governments intent to see such initiatives having direct contribution towards the economic development of this country. To my surprise some farms are just white elephants due to lack of experience, expertise and viability on market, however if South africa could begin to go green with Marijuana, it will indeed benefit more domestically in health related illnesses and the current pandemic unemployment rate.

  80. Legalize it! I hope to see this day in my lifetime. It will defos be the greenest day of my life!

  81. Legalize Marijuana! The medical benefits far outweighs any perceived cons associated with the use of it. In response to Munch (07 June 2012) above… You probably would pay tax on it. However, once its legal you can grow it yourself. That way you can consume what you grow – No taxes or anything 🙂

    For those interested in knowing more about the history of Marijuana, google the following book: “Marijuana – The first 12000 years”.

  82. Make it legal. 1 acre of ganja sucks in 5 times more CO2 than 1 acre of trees. And if you look at all the uses for it. There is the medicinal and recreational uses, but it is also rich with amino acids and stuff so it is also a great and cheap way for the less fortunate to feed their families. I cant wait for the day that i dont have to grow my trees in secret anymore. And i think once it is legal the bad stigma that pharmecutical and paper forestries atached to it will go away and more people will realize that this is really a miracle herb and that the benefits for this plant is endless.

  83. yo tell that woman why cannabis is so great, you toss. the best gift you can get her for christmas is enlightenment mate.

  84. […] prosecution for possession being dropped for adult users. This is where the action is at. In 2010 California came pretty close when their citizens voted on State level legalization. It was a sad day when the […]

  85. Article has been updated and re-written. Puff puff pass…

  86. How long is a piece of string?

    twice the distance from the middle to the end.

    Now legalize that herb man!

  87. You don’t need a license to grow tobacco dude – just to distribute and sell. So if you want to grow you own tobacco in your own garden there is nothing to stop you from doing so – however selling it in bulk or producing your own cigarettes for sale is illegal.

    I would think the same kinda rules would apply to cannabis – if you are growing for personal use then no licence required but if you are growing for commercial bulk sale then you need one. Makes sense to me.

  88. Nicely written article, and I totally agree..the when is up to us.

  89. Guys.. posting in this forum wont help…
    If you wanna help get everyone to sign this!

    Sign it now! this couple is fighting for our right to toke!

  90. Youve hit the nail on the head. The goverments couldnt care about the people they’ve just realized theres a new cash cow out and about ready for the milking. With regards to the polititions in this country do you really believe things will be done correctly? Like with the peoples intrests at heart or then again, is anything done correctly in this country? This debate is political and I seriously doubt that this country even with unlimited tax reveune could get the basics of heath care, schooling, housing etc. right. A bit off topic here but its not our laws or our past that have us in the shit as a country but the monkeys who are in power to implement these laws. Our consitution might be one of the newest in the world but we are decades behind the west mentally. This is not a perfect world and it is run by greed and money, I just dont see it working out the way it should and that most goverments would use it to benifit themselves more than the people…

    PS: I live miles away for the cape, actually in the heart of the zulu, and it just seems to me that lots of people on the site here are from the cape and hold different views to the state of our country due to the DA in power there… Almost like its “first world” down there[without wishing to effend anyone] but if you see whats happening else where. its like, f@#k!! a HOLE nother country out there…………………….

  91. I personally don’t believe its that easy to get good quality weed anywhere you want, not if you don’t know any dodgy people, legalising will surely aid in people getting to use the herb more freely.

  92. Legalizing it will ensure that Africa is in the rightful place it deserves. It will also help African people to start thinking Afrocentric and help them start believing in themself. Once your spoke herb, you actually free your ideas to flow…you free yourself. thanx

  93. Damn crack fiends!

  94. if marijuana was legal companies which produce ciggarettes would start selling weed with all types of toxins ciggarettes come with and this would take its ‘purity’ away i think weed should be de criminalized but not legalized.

  95. Pinkfuss……………………………….so only dodge peeps have good weed. Are you part of 420no? you chop……

  96. it is scientifically proven that cannabis is good for human health its just the ignorance of some people and poor judgement. if not good for you dont use your powers to prohibit me in tha way many human rights are trampled into. LEGALISE MARIJUANA was sung by Peter Tosh a long time ago.

  97. cannabis cannot kill a person, no has ever died from cannabis. there is no dangers involved with cannabis, so why is it illegal? In South Africa the useless police will arrest you for possession and throw you in jail with criminals. 99.9% you will get raped in jail, commit suicide, move on to hard drugs and crime after being raped. all for possessing something that is harmless. all i have to say is that the government is fucking worthless, the SAPD is fucking cunts that target people for shit, alot of white males get arrested for nothing, thrown in a cell and then they get raped. fuck this corrupt government! people should take action against the criminals in power in this country!! black,white,brown, we should all stand up against this ANC mess thats doinf nothing to better our lives!

  98. I have worked for so many years in the hospital enviornment

    not even 1 person was killed by ganja. I support a call for it’s

  99. “Marijuana never kicks
    down your door in the
    middle of the night.
    Marijuana never locks up
    sick and dying people,
    does not suppress
    medical research,
    does not peek in
    bedroom windows.
    Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation
    of the prohibitionists at
    face value,
    marijuana prohibition has
    done far more harm
    to far more people than
    marijuana ever could.” -william f. Barkley
    It is outrageous to live in
    a society whose laws
    tolerate sending young
    people to life in prison
    because they grew, or
    distributed, a dozen grams of marijuana.
    Treatment is not now
    available for almost half of
    those who would benefit
    from it. Yet we are willing
    to build more and more
    jails in which to isolate
    drug users even though
    at one-seventh the cost of
    building and maintaining
    jail space and pursuing,
    detaining, and
    prosecuting the drug
    user, we could subsidize
    commensurately effective
    medical care and psychological treatment

  100. True Mr Tosh sang da song cyng ganja mst b legalied
    Bt at the end of the day a billion ppl smoked it way b4
    It bcame legal.I’m not gon cy much bt either thy legalise
    Or not we still gon kip it burning so since well thy nt gon
    Beat us thy rather join us,Flippin governmnt

  101. The SA sun and land IS perfect! Please Sticky, read my page then get in touch. Peace2u

  102. Is it too much to hope that perhaps having been the first country to criminalise Dagga, we may inspire our political leadership to make us the first to end this human rights violation?

  103. As much as we all want weed to be legal the government won’t want to legalise em herbs especially if have such a stupid set o leaders running our country…don’t get me wrong but if we were to even have a chance at legalising weed we would need to start campaigns to open peoples opinions and this can only happen through media!!! If people don’t have facts about weed then its pointless trying to convince em to accept it so if we want to see progress in the legalisation of we us as the “herbalists” of SA should take vast actions to prove our point???or. Do you got any other suggestions we could consider?

  104. Team Dagga Couple ftw.

  105. Why don’t we call for a referendum on the topic.
    That would be the most democratic way to do it.
    Ask the people of our great nation if it should be legalized compleatly or not.
    Easy as a yes or no vote.
    Let the people decide.

    Should the vote be yes, market the country, tax the product and do something great for a change.
    I would believe the boost to tourism and taxes would be incredibly beneficial to this country.
    We need to be quick to get a head of the rest of the world.

  106. I believe cannabis will be legalized in our country sooner than later, like I believe the sun will rise in the morning..

  107. usertest1 said:
    Why don’t we call for a referendum on the topic.
    That would be the most democratic way to do it.
    Ask the people of our great nation if it should be legalized compleatly or not.
    Easy as a yes or no vote.
    Let the people decide.

    Should the vote be yes, market the country, tax the product and do something great for a change.
    I would believe the boost to tourism and taxes would be incredibly beneficial to this country.
    We need to be quick to get a head of the rest of the world.

    What and actually leave choice in our hands?
    power plays will abound.-

  108. I have been smoking weed from 2003 have stopped in some occasions, but cant really seem to be able to quit.

    I love weed and from the time I started to smoke it changed my life for the better and my personality for the better, My self esteem improved, I tought it helped me as well with my studies. and I am able to stand up for myself and I dont have the fear that I used to have.

    now I feel that It the cause of my memory loss sometimes and my left eye drops and becomes painful like it will fall off. I constently have headaches. I get moody though at times I still feel like it helps me think clearly and I can put things into perspective when I smoke, I also think it makes me less loving, I get angry and anoid quickly.

    I feel like it holding me back somehow so is the problem with weed or me should i consider quiting does anyone else feel the things that I feel. and why is this happening? Is it really a herb or what we weed smokers would like to believe!

    I’m from South Africa it not legal I dont think it will be legalised ever.

  109. But out here in SA the stakes of a wed roling fabric is low,every boddy who deals en sell will get a little cut from the cash,more weed despensaries,more weed dealing and shit,People in sa would start dealing bigtime i you know what i mean

  110. I would love the herb to be legalised, but sadly, most of the poulation are still way too ignorant for this. If the government should decide to decriminilise it, they will open themselves up to severe critiscm and probably lose much of their support. If more people could be more open minded, then I think the the chance of getting it decriminilised would increase quite substantially. But the change first needs to come from the general public, then supported by government. It really is a difficult situation, especially to change the views and misguided opinions of folk who are still of the old school.

  111. Dude if you can grow blackjacks in your yard you can grow weed so it will be free coz all you need is 1 square meter of soil and some sunlight and a little bit of love .Yes its easy and I could teach you to grow evil stuff for FREE!!!
    No tax ,No dodgy dealer ,No problems…….sun+soil+water= free weed

  112. Small price to pay for legallity. By allowing the government to levi VAT & sin tax on marijuana, would seem a justifiable cause for the amendment of the drug trafficing act.

  113. The legallity of use and possession of the herb, would probably not include the conservation of the substance. by considering foreign legal systems, such as the state law in california, it is expressley stipulated, that one must obtain certification in order to grow.

  114. From the bottom of our stoned hearts, may the government legalise pot. And apparently this will lessen the odds of people fighting in S.A. Please someone let me know how and where to sign the petition. Bless all of yall.

  115. i wish it was legal. but the problem lies when we decide to take a puff of some super cheese and then, you get a call from work or were ever and you have to DRIVE there. SCAREY hey or not some people can drive and smoke but it depends on what strain you smoke.

  116. usertest1 said:
    i wish it was legal. but the problem lies when we decide to take a puff of some super cheese and then, you get a call from work or were ever and you have to DRIVE there. SCAREY hey or not some people can drive and smoke but it depends on what strain you smoke.

    Same applies for drinking but even really stoned you have a much better chance of arriving safely (and about 3 to 4 hours later if smoking you will be pretty much sober and without a hangover).

  117. From the bottom of our stoned hearts, may the government legalise pot.

    100% Canna love, postive vibes. Lets support and they will change the law or atleast get people talking about it. Free the weed.

  118. No one answered my question yet! When is the march to legalise weed?!


  120. No need to soak your weed in anything, at all, unless you making hash extract. Keep it natural. Its potent enough.

  121. lowrider said:
    No need to soak your weed in anything, at all, unless you making hash extract. Keep it natural. Its potent enough.

    Unless you plan on a water cure 🙂

  122. hi guys. i was watching a show called the best of weed documentary.
    i found out that the reason that weed is a stepping stone to our drugs is that the people selling the weed r selling the other drugs . and if we would buy weed from a shop do u think u would ago looking for any other drug. what about the people that call weed a drug? Do they know what is a DRUG? Do the know that all DRUGS Kill. YOU go out and find any drug and take a lot of it and see what happens to you. you will die or overdoes on it. here is a list of thing at can kill you.Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    25% of 8th graders have admitted to being intoxicated at least once.

    Other Names:
    Beer, wine, liquor, cooler, malt liquor, booze

    How Consumed:

    Addiction (alcoholism), dizziness, nausea, vomiting, hangovers, slurred speech, disturbed sleep, impaired motor skills, violent behavior, fetal alcohol syndrome, respiratory depression and death (high doses).

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Chronic use can induce psychosis with symptoms similar to schizophrenia.

    Other Names:
    Speed, uppers, ups, hearts, black beauties, pep pills, capilots, bumble bees, Benzedrine, Dexedrine, footballs, biphetamine

    How Consumed:
    Orally, injected, snorted, or smoked

    Addiction, irritability, anxiety, increased blood pressure, paranoia, psychosis, depression, aggression, convulsions, dilated pupils, dizziness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, malnutrition. Increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases if injected.

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Some users avoid sleep 3 to 15 days.

    Other Names:
    Speed, meth, crank, crystal, ice, fire, croak, crypto, white cross, glass. “Ice” is the street name for the smokeable form.

    How Consumed:
    Orally, injected, snorted, or smoked

    Addiction, irritability, aggression, hypothermia, stroke, paranoia, psychosis, convulsions, heart and blood vessel toxicity, hallucinations, arrhythmia, formication (the sensation of insects creeping on or under your skin).

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Ecstasy is popular at all-night underground parties (called raves) and is the most common designer drug.

    Other Names:
    XTC, Adam, MDMA

    How Consumed:

    Psychiatric disturbances, including panic, anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Muscle tension, nausea, blurred vision, sweating, increased heart rate, tremors, hallucinations, fainting, chills, sleep problems, and reduced appetite

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Some children buy or steal from their classmates

    Other Names:
    Speed, west coast

    How Consumed:
    Tablet is crushed, and the powder is snorted or injected.

    Loss of appetite, fevers, convulsions, and severe headaches. Increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and other infections. Paranoia, hallucinations, excessive repetition of movements and meaningless tasks, tremors, muscle twitching.

    Drug Name:
    Herbal Ecstasy/Ephedrine

    Drug Type:
    Herbal Ecstasy, Cloud 9, Rave Energy, Ultimate, Xphoria, and X

    Facts for Parents:
    The active ingredients in Herbal Ecstasy are caffeine and ephedrine.

    How Consumed:

    Increased heart rate and blood pressure. Seizures, heart attacks, stroke, and death.

    Drug Name:
    Designer Drugs

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Changing the molecular structure of an existing drug or drugs to create a new substance creates Designer drugs.

    Other Names:
    Synthetic heroin, goodfella

    How Consumed:
    Injected, sniffed, or smoked.

    Instant respiratory paralysis. Potency creates strong possibility for overdose, many of the same effects as heroin.

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Cocaine is a powerfully addictive drug. Heavy use may produce paranoia, hallucinations, aggression, insomnia, and depression.

    Other Names:
    Coke, snow, nose candy, flake, blow, big C, lady, white, snowbirds.

    How Consumed:
    Snorted or dissolved in water and injected.

    Addiction, pupil dilation, elevated blood pressure and heart rate. Increased respiratory rate, seizures, heart attack, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, irritability, increased body temperature, death from overdose.

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    A cheaper form of cocaine that may be more addicting.

    Other Names:
    Rock, freebase

    Same as cocaine

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Heroin users quickly develop a tolerance to the drug and need more and more of it to get the same effects, or even to feel well.

    Other Names:
    Smack, horse, mud, brown, sugar, junk, black tar, big H, dope.

    Addiction. Slurred speech, slow gait, constricted pupils, droopy eyelids, impaired night vision, nodding off, respiratory depression or failure, dry itching skin, and skin infections. Increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases if injected.

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Marijuana joints can be dipped into PCP without the smoker’s knowledge.

    Other Names:
    Angel dust, ozone, rocket fuel, peace pill, elephant tranquilizer, dust.

    How Consumed:
    Snorted, smoked, orally, or injected.

    Hallucinations. Out-of-body experiences, impaired motor coordination, inability to feel physical pain, respiratory attack, disorientation, fear, panic, aggressive behavior. Increased risk of exposure to HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases if injected. Death.

    Drug Name:
    LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethyl amide)

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    LSD is the most common hallucinogen. LSD tabs are often decorated with colorful designs or cartoon characters.

    Other Names:
    Acid, microdot, tabs, doses, trips, hits, sugar cubes.

    How Consumed:
    Tabs taken orally or gelatin/liquid put in eyes.

    Elevated body temperature and blood pressure, suppressed appetite, sleeplessness, tremors, chronic recurring hallucinations.

    Drug Name:

    Drug Type:

    Facts for Parents:
    Many mushroom users purchase hallucinogenic mushroom spores via mail order.

    Other Names:
    Shrooms, caps, magic mushrooms.

    How Consumed:
    Eaten or brewed and drunk in tea.

    Increased blood pressure, sweating, nausea, hallucinations.

    Drug Name:

    Facts for Parents:
    Hundreds of legal household products can be sniffed or huffed to get high. All inhalants can be toxic. Other Names: Laughing gas, whippets, aerosol sprays, cleaning fluids, solvents.

    How Consumed:
    Vapors are inhaled

    Headache, muscle weakness, abdominal pain, severe mood swings and violent behavior, nausea, nose bleeds; liver, lung, and kidney damage; dangerous chemical imbalances in the body, lack of coordination, fatigue, loss of appetite, decreases in heart and respiratory rates, hepatitis, or peripheral neuropathy from long-term use.

    Drug Name:

    Facts for Parents:
    The average age of first use is 14. Can be smoked using homemade pipes and bongs made from soda cans or plastic beverage containers.

    Other Names:
    Weed, pot, reefer, grass, dope, ganja, Mary Jane, sinsemilla, herb, Aunt Mary, skunk, boom, kif, gangster, chronic, 420.

    How Consumed:
    Smoked or eaten.

    Bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, impaired or reduced comprehension, altered sense of time, reduced ability to perform tasks requiring concentration and coordination –such as driving a car, paranoia, intense anxiety attacks, altered cognition, making acquisition of new information difficult; impairments in learning, memory, perception, and judgment; difficulty speaking, listening effectively, thinking, retaining knowledge, problem solving.

    Drug Name:

    Facts for Parents:
    Steroid users subject themselves to more than 70 % potentially harmful side effects.

    Other Names:
    Rhoids, juice

    How Consumed:
    Orally or injected into muscle

    Liver cancer Sterility, masculine traits in women and feminine traits in men, aggression, depression, acne, mood swings.

    Drug Name:

    Facts for Parents:
    1 in 5 12th graders is a daily smoker. How Consumed: Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, smokeless tobacco (chew, dip, and snuff).

    Addiction, heart disease, cancer of the lung, larynx, esophagus, bladder, pancreas, kidney, and mouth. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis, spontaneous abortion, low birth weight..

    there is no case of weed ever killing anyone or loosing brain cell or any bad thing. you tell me about some one that smoked weed and went to fight or kill someone there isnt a case like that.
    crime in south Africa is growing and growing if the government would let people smoke weed i think crime will drop.because weed is a happy drug…….i hope this help with the fight for weed.
    stay high guys

  123. Seeing the positive cannabis revolution in Colorado & Washington State, it’s just a matter of time before pot is legal in, at least, the Liberal Democratic states. I foresee a huge increase in tourism to touristy spots like Aspen, Denver, Vail, Seattle & other cities within these 2 states. Neighbouring states will become envious too!

    What has me SHOCKED is that Gay Marriage is legal yet cannabis is ILLEGAL? WTF? It’s not that I have anything against what citizens do in the privacy of their bedrooms BUT you’d think pot would be an ‘easier sell’ than gay marriage to the moralistically IGNORANT American sheeple.

    Duan, dude…I’m heading to East Africa in a few weeks…looking to grow my own private stash on a big secluded property where I’ll be staying. 🙂 Your Ugandan weed sounds like the BOMB!! Who knew they had the good stuff?? 🙂
    Would LOVE to somehow grab some seeds offa ya. 🙂

  124. Question: What is the most liberally minded country in Africa with regards to dagga?

  125. Dagga smoke has significantly more toxins, tars and carcinogens than tobacco smoke, but a recent scientific study by Re Donald Tashkin at UCLA university in California proved that heavy Cannabis smokers had a significantly lower incidence of cancer than people who smoked nothing at all, proving once again the powerful anti-cancer properties of Cancer. It is unconstitutional to deny people access to the benefits of this miracle herb. Our highest constitutional law guarantees the Right to Life as inalienable. No lesser law may deny this right. A law which arrogates to itself the right to dictate dietary and Pharmacological freedoms, risks killing people by denying them life saving choices. The Federal Drug Adinistrations own Judge descried it as Capricious to deny people access to this plants obvious benefits, and I am astonished that our traditional healers have not been more outspoken about defending our rights in this regard.

  126. As a stoner myself I think legalizing mary would be awesome but then again it would have devastating problems to everyday life.the reason is because not everybody even smokers themselves knows about the true effects of marijauna even if there is studies out there proving the medicinal value and economical value for the use of bio-feuls,fabric material and food.smoking/using marijauna shouldn’t depend on the law or its value to the economy or the say so of the community.Human beings are suposed to use this wonderfull plant.just to explain.tree’s can provide paper and furniture ect. but it is optional that’s why there are no chairs or table’s growing from it.the same about hard drugs there are plants like opium plans providing the chemicals used in herion but using that plant as u would herion it won’t have the same effects that’s why make herion is optional.but the fact that u don’t need to make marijauna but just plant a seed in a sunny enviroment with regular water consumption states the mary is good and should be used I don’t even know why anyone can say marijauna is bad and infact I think that there shouldn’t even be tests on marijauna finding out if its good for your health or not cause a lot of proud stoners will stand up nd say ”I am living proof that marijauna is GOOD” if a person should be respected for having a certain religion then he should also be respected for his believes and actions.

  127. “Already South Africa’s first hemp crop in over a century has sprouted and is on its way to showing fruit, thanks to the immense work done by Tony Budden of Hemporium. ” Hey SS, going through alot of your articles. Alot of misinformation. Hemp has been grown in SA quite a few times since then, even a few times since 2000.

  128. To be arrested for being high that’s Bullshit. having possession of weed is fine with me and should be fine with the law but don’t sell. Some people want to legalise weed for the wrong reason and that involves growing your own stash and making money out of it… All I want is to be able to light a blunt walk to the shop and buy myself a GATSBY without being arrested and jailed for months or years. but don’t get addicted because addiction causes you to do bad.

  129. It might be a bit naive of me but I think its time we regarded the industrial aspect of it. Im sure you all know hemp, we can start an industry that had alot of benefits in the past. Most of them were made in the 19th and 20th century but are still very practical to this day. Imaging how we would have better jeans rather than some of the crap we have. We have a textile industry in SA that can benefit from hemp, but that just means it has to be legalised. Either than that decriminalization.

  130. If the herb was a drug which drug factory produces it and the other known drugs were do they grow. Its time to face the facts herb is natural and should be treated so. Legalizing it is human right.

  131. I may be wrong , but , I believe that Aspen Pharmaceuticals has a massive dagga plantation somewhere in the Eastern Cape?If that is the case , then how have they managed to “legally” cultivate an illegal plant while the rest of us would be arrested on sight?

  132. Ironic how the Israelis who are a massively staunch ally of the United States have been quietly cultivating dagga since the 1970’s.It’s amazing what some nations can get away with while the rest of us are forced to sit in the dark.Truly sad.

  133. Can you imagine if CBD Cannabis was actually legalised for medicinal purposes.The pharmaceutical lobby would be furious – they would lose significant market share in a number of therapeutic classes.They would be forced to give away their man made crap.

  134. The wonderful aspect of CBD Cannabis is that it is a naturally made medicinal cure for various disorders and probably many more disorders which still have to be explored while using CBD. The main advantage of this plant is that it belongs to everyone and not some greedy pharmaceutical underbelly!

  135. What I think we need here in S.A. is for someone,
    or an originsation, to do a valid proposal that demonstrates
    to the goverment just how much money they would stand to make, by regulating
    and controling it.
    Pointing out to the “powers that be” the medical / health benefits.
    assosiated with it, I think, will not do the trick. As we all know
    they really don’t give a toss about how healthy we all are.
    But when they understand just how much they stand to gain financially,
    well, I’m pretty sure they will see it as another big gravy train pulling into
    the staion, and they’ll want to jump on board.

  136. Fuck that…I wanna get high without getting my ass arrested

  137. Fuck that…I wanna get high without getting my ass arrested.

  138. If weed was legal in sa , medical dispensers and seed companies would be open and this will cause job creation and get people to start business. This will be a WIN-WIN situation for the smokers and the country

  139. Legalization of de herb is good economical strategy to create massive job opportunity in south africa!

  140. One of the bigger problems I believe is how misinformed the public is. When I argued with my mother on the subject she stated that she heard weed makes people aggresive…nuff said!

  141. Cannabis generally is less harmful than alcohol. I have never heard of a guy who smoked a joint and then went home and beat up his wife, that is something a drunk would do.

    There are medical benefits such as the those for cancer patients.

    It could be a source of additional tax revenues!!!!!!

    Police and court resources would be freed up for more serious crimes.

    Drug dealers would lose most or all of their business.

    Like sex, alcohol, or cigarettes, marijuana is one of life’s little pleasures!!!!!!

    Aside from recreational drug use, Cannabis has several industrial and commercial uses, as over 25,000 products can be made from the crop.
    Drug busts often trap young people in a flawed system that turns them into lifelong criminals.

  142. Ive been arrested in december 2012 for growing cannabis which has been bought for maybe 12 yrs for my birds (parrots) which then got into the compose heep and grew big but very spindelly or long shoots the analises has come back as dagga do the forensics know the difference and if i sold it it would be a different situation but the took my birds food and due to this ive not bread a parrot since then why can we not let nature take its course to feed nutrition to our birds

  143. please take note ur so called cannebis in south afrika is called DAGA and is armful drug. it will never be legalised.

  144. Yeh keep it up on Ganjah, more Fire Brothers-Dagga is been my Life eversince,JAH BLESS.

  145. The re-legalization of marijuana and hemp might just be one of the greatest social and economic revolutions to hit our planet. It would create entirely new industries and unleash a wave of creativity never seen before in this country and worldwide.The efforts of these gallant fighters who are standing up for nature will be remembered by history. Even the shape of our economy is changing, from rigid money chasing power mongers to servants of the earth and all who live in it. This new economy will feature a great number of marijuana users who subscribe to the free will of man and the responsibility which comes with it. It is time we enjoyed a puff without the fear of jail, social ridicule and self sensorship. It is time we pursued the great creativity which comes with marijuana without fear of ridicule, completely free to think outside the box, so to speak!

  146. Our economy today is known to steal from us, cannabis will become legal not doubt, and the government knows just as well as us how big the profits are it’s just a matter of strategizing who’s going to get the bigger percentage and that takes time when you’re busy flying jets and having family holidays.


  148. Why must the Government have control over a HERB that is naturally grown.

    If it is legalized they would want to put systems in place to control & tax the people for using a HERB that belongs to mankind.

    This HERB was given to mankind to explore whether you smoke, drink or eat it so who the HELL is the Government to tell the people it is crime to grow or possess.

    This law must be abolished totally & people must have the freedom to grow & have as much of this HERB in their possession to do with it whatever is required.

  149. The whole world loves Durban- Poison….Come on South Africans, Come on… we have no big technical companies like Samsung and Microsoft here in South Africa, not that much Oil either, Platinum and Gold is al we rely on but these resources are not always in demand..Wheat and other agricultural products are bringing us enough but now farmers are changing their farms to game reserves coz tourists bring more money. we import more than we export, I think RSA need to act quickly here. Durban poison has been in demand in Amsterdam, USA and many other countries since prior 2003. Gangs make Billions smuggling it, those billions could be going to the Government.

  150. To all the haters out there.. If weed was so bad, why do psychologists prescribe it to people with eating disorders and people who suffer from depression and bipolar? Why do doctors prescribe it to cancer patients for the pain and to pregnant ladies for morning sickness and to actually be able to eat during the first trimester?
    So far, there has been no proof that its actually bad for you but there is proof that it can help you in a number of ways.
    People really need to do be abit more open minded and do their research.

  151. Take two guys. The one drunk as a lord and the other stoned off his tits. Give them each a gun and tell them to go hold up and rob a gas station convenience store, at three in the morning. The drunk fella will end up killing a few innocent bystanders along with taking off with the cash register. The chap on weed will eventually walk out of the store, having misplaced his weapon somewhere, with his hand full of coins complaining he doesn’t have enough money for a Mars bar.

  152. i agrae with a lot of these people. they will legaliz it soon , and its truely an amazing plant … i have 2 of my own , every morning wen i go out to see them it puts a smile on my face watching them grow… people say shit about the herb and they dont even know anything about it… all i say to the non smokers out there, try a joint and chill out and only do the herb…


  153. how can a plant be illegal?

  154. I have no hate 2 our government bt i hate their attitude towards dagga smokers. You know what if they dont legalise it,people will keep more fire on it. Poverty is high in RSA,selling ,marijuana helps us put food on the table. LEGALISE IT OR LET US DIE HUNGRY N THE NATION COLLUPS IN ECONOMY!!!! MORE FIRE……..POWER TO WEED

  155. if every one in the world would spark up a joint at the same time we would have WORLD PEACE… respect #DAGGACOUPLE

  156. Fuck da Government, m makin a livin outa dis…!!

  157. giepe ur a puss. get a dictionary or use some of the herb, theres a reason why its been called the tree of knowledge, take a leaf outta that book;) so to speak. i got bust by a racist cop yesterday(yes racism still thrives in the freestate) with 4grams “A grade swazi” as he put it, the detective who booked me in was like “are you serious”, 4grams isnt a lot but the arresting officer probably needed a bit of bragging rights HEY LOOK AT ME IM A BIG BOY I GOT MY BIG BOY PANTS ON, yea well fuck u, now i have to appear in court on monday, small fine payable if i plead guilty which is gonna leave me with a criminal record ruining any chances i have of securing a well paying job, the people at work found out about the arrest so ill be sure to be pissing in a cup anytim soon, leaving the country is out of the question all for a couple grams of mother nature, nice one south africa, well if thats the law in good ol south africa im just gonna have to speak the only languages our justice department understands; palming, bribe, choncho, omkoop, diza

  158. In all my days of smoking, the worst thing that has ever happened to me was failing a maths test coz i wrote it stoned on some heavy blue cheese! So, in fact, the most dangerous thing about weed is getting caught with it. What frustrates me the most is that government spend R9,876.35 per month per inmate! Yet we have thousands of school children with no food, let alone books and proper classrooms. I am now a mining engineering professional and It boils my blood to see my hard earned money being wasted on unnecessary prisoners! Legalising weed has the potential to add billions to our GDP. We have some of the best weather in the world and the land for it. If Zim can do it with tobacco why can’t we do it with some really good cannibis? I don’t even have to mention what a success it has been. Immagine how great a tourist experience it would be enjoying the amazing scenery of the drakensburg while enjoying some amazing homegrown greenhouse… Think about it.

  159. hey I am sick and tied of the SA Police or South Africans as a whole who always having negative attitude on people who use Marijuana which is part of our indiginious food or plant

  160. We need to legalise weed the thing is not enough people know about this out of all the people I know I’m the only person that knows that there are actually people trying to legalize the herb so we need to find a way to spread the word out and fast social networks would help a lot and broadcasting time would make a huge difference

  161. @amor i think u were high when you wrote that… But yah here where i am on vacation in Denver colorado I’m actualy loving it here dont even think of returning to South Africa coz im getting baked as fuck here, I get so high of the diesel and og kush that the law dont even scare me for possesing weed… So all i want to know is when are S.A legalizing coz realy I love getting medicated. I think someone must make Jacob “the padda” Zuma high and everyone in government so they can know that weed is harmless, coz research through books and internet dont always do the job they must first hand experience the herb. Jah Bless all my mary-jane musicians… For now lemme spark 1 and go rest my head peace ✌

  162. Please get them to legalise my trees maan, please maan. We want to climb them freely!

  163. I man Rasta as an end user of cannabis with at least 35 year experience, these are the facts about marijuana . THE TRUTH ABOUR THE GANGGER
    1. Marijuana is not dangerous
    2. Weed is not a gate way drug.
    3. Pot is not good for children.
    4. Weed has no damage on brain cells
    5. marijuana heals various sicknesses
    6. It is in the bible that man must use the herb
    7. The feeling of highness is normal.
    8. Weed is not addictive.
    9. Jah created this holly herb for the healing of His nation.
    10. Weed plays an important part when achieving peace love am harmony
    We need just one right to control our own little lives before we die.


  165. and on no deaths on zol. but evry year mny ppl die bcz of alcohol evn now someone is dying

  166. ligalize the herb, & let peace rule in this land

  167. Its plain 2 c dat weed is a must be legalizd…NEED!!

    Nid i say more..gipie jou p**s!!!

  168. No no no no, its clear that weed is natural , y isn’t legal yet??? Legalize it !!!!!!

  169. Fuck around… maybe first they should legalise spelling correctly and making sure that your sentences are in fact sentences; then when people read the comments they would understand what was hoping to be said.

  170. In the 20 years of democracy we are yet to have a Referendum. Perhaps this issue is an opportunity for such.

  171. Lets make it 200… Legalize marijuana. Its not a drug, its a herb. Drugs are manufactured (ask any pharmacist) and they’ll tell you the same. Marijuana is grown. (Ask any botanist) Need I say more. Educate yourself, before you decide on your stance… My stance is mentioned above, and its a educated decision.

  172. Ja mon…ifa ya read da bible the erb is mentioned by the almighty JAH…its a tree growing free from mans corruption…its the one ting dat brings Rasmon closer to JAH infact. All mankind…it have good benifits also…it cures a variety of ailments…ya brew tea…make clothes….houses….it helps the birds of all feathers….and all the nations see through one eye no matta what race you are….legalize the herb mon….is not dangerous at all…it will help us all…get up and stand up…weed is a human right


  174. Yeah government should just legalize it . I know people who’s been smoking weed for years and they are still kicking it . these days you can find all sorts of drugs , but weed is not bad the government should really legalise it , it can help also help to decrease the number of heroine and tik and mandrax users . then less people would die every year of drugs , but what if dagga is legal in our country , we will obey the rules and knowing that dagga is legal we wil only stick to wht we cn actlly buy at a shop coz it would be much safer for the next generations to come .

  175. Cannabis a crime to be in possession of? It is a crime against humanity to deny the use of it where it clearly has so many beneficial properties. This might be a touchy subject to some naive people, I for one am totally for it. Time for us to stand up for what is right people. Change the views on cannabis that have been embedded in our minds by the pharmaceutical industry. Change is inevitable, and now is the time for that change.

    On the social side of its uses, it is far safer than alcohol which is legal. In my field of work as a Paramedic, I’ve seen horrific motor vehicle accidents as a result of alcohol. .. numerous trauma incidents as a result of domestic violence due to alcoholic husbands. Renal failure and malnutrition in alcohol abusers, strokes, coronary artery disease, copd, cancer all as a result of cigarette smoking, another legal substance.

    Cannabis does basically the exact opposite of these things but is considered illegal? Makes no sense to me at all.

  176. Cannabis a crime to be in possession of? It is a crime against humanity to deny the use of it where it clearly has so many beneficial properties. This might be a touchy subject to some naive people, I for one am totally for it. Time for us to stand up for what is right people. Change the views on cannabis that have been embedded in our minds by the pharmaceutical industry. Change is inevitable, and now is that time for change.

    As for its social uses, it is much safer than other legal substances. In my field of work as a Paramedic, I can’t even put a number on the amount of motor vehicle crashes I have attended to annually as a result of alcohol usage. .. Never have I attended to one caused by a calmed blazed driver, either because people tend to be more careful when they’re blazed, or due to the fact that they are driving a max of 40km/h which makes a motor vehicle crash less likely to occur.

    Cigarettes are also the number one cause of strokes, coronary artery disease, copd, cancer. . The list goes on. Cannabis not only doesn’t cause these diseases but also aids in treating them.

    Numerous traumatic incidents caused by violence as a result of alcohol use is ridiculous. . Yet alcohol is legal. Makes no sense to me how cannabis can be illegal and cigarettes and alcohol

  177. Legalize WEED(DAGGA) because it is a way of life. I smoke it and it helps me relax think and most of all its great to make my mind expand in my music it makes eveyone feel at eS

  178. A legal joint in s.a. man it may be good, but I don’t think so

  179. Industrial Hemp to create jobs(permanent), not temporary EPWPjobs Gov system that only benefit the contractors. I will apply for a cop job , just to trade illegally from weed, as the system works in corruption , not with the citizens.

    The Tobacco industry and Pharmaceutics are big foreign giants that control our Gov system for the benefits.

    By law it is the right of the President to use state money for personal use (safety,etc). Our laws states that we can cultivate hemp, but the stupid black govern system, old stale heads that use Weed privately, making stupid national decisions.

    former President Mr T Mbeki smoking pipe (maybe weed) had an economic impact in his time, showing what he smokes gives brains. Sex sells and makes you stupid typical example JZ`s many wives are mind blocking his intelligence.

    JZ has relationship with the Chinese , which has never illigalized hemp/marijuana and they export the most in the world. Where thus weed we smoke comes from , influx is huge but we have border patrols and harbour customs officials. Millions worth of Dagga enter SA how, there must be top officials controlling this industry.

    Dagga will profit a few but hemp is an industrial economic boost to the citizens and financial stability.

  180. Okay i have a few things to say …… firstly yous people are going bafuck with each other. Why there is no need for that yes i understand that some people just dont undersand that weed is not harmful and has many useful purposes. As much as i wish it is legal you dont see be going all jus with people yous people call youre sell weed smokers right? well then act like it people who smoke weed are not violent and are lovable and undersandable is that not right? Look there are people out there that dont just smoke to be cool people like us are not ashamed to say we smoke alone because there is nothing wrong with that but then you get people out there that just want it legalized so they can go to a party with friends and go on a trip yes its amazing i know that…. and the other thing i wanted to say is for us people who acctully want it to be legalized it will make i big difference in our lives but what is the bet that when it is legalized we are going to have a evern bigger problem with all the other drugs reason being alot of kids nowaday that smoke weed only do it to go around telling people they do drugs or they do somthing illegal witch i find fucked up…Yous people that do that need to understand that you are fucking up things for us.. like me yes im 16 but i dont going around telling every tom dick and harry that i smoke weed yes i wear my rusta stuff but thats not the point i also respest JAH thats the reason why i wear my rusta things i dont wear them to look cool anyway i personally dont care if i get locked up for smoking the herb what can they do if i tell the judge its part of my religion they cant do fuck all but i do hope that they legalize it soon if they want to make somthing illegal they should make alcohol illegal you see people everyday getting killed from alcoholics or from drinking and driving or cancer you dont see people getting killed by weed smokers or being high and driving or getting cancer from weed that shit just doesnt happen with weed anyway i hope yous people enjoy youre lives may JAH be will you BLESS


  182. why is weed illegal GOD made it

  183. I agree with Larry

    Sa would be such a chill place if they could just make it legal.

  184. I would have expected injuries and other obvious evidence,” said Main. On average the most common conditions 5-10 session is fully resolved and the customer must be receptive to change for therapy to work. Out of the possible fields of law that someone might specialize in probate litigation is one of the most varied and intricate disciplines you can find in the legal profession.

  185. To be honest I don’t give a fu*k if marijuana is legal or not I’m gonna keep on smoking till the day I die! Let’s see how many prisons they would have to built if they throw all the weed smokers in south africa in prison, just think about it the goverment would have to spend money they don’t even have just to supply the prisons with the meals for the inmates!! Oh ja before I forget as I’m writing this I’m high as fu*k lmfao! Jah bless

  186. Legalize!! Why should it be illegal for people to enjoy something that came before politicians, presidents… Well basically a bunch of pricks. Most people want to legalize some need it. A year ago I found out I had a brain tumor 3cm x 2.5cm doesn’t sound that big but it’s effected my whole body blackouts memory loss bad vision it’s all in there. Only fix is radiotherapy or a expensive op. But a while ago I read in many cases like 50 or so(that being said only 100 in 100000 people have the same problem) weed has helped. Since then I’ve started to smoke more often and the headaches and blackouts have subsided and I feel better! Which is Fucken awesome!! So don’t be a Poes legalize!! Ps- TREB YOUR A CUNT HAVE A NICE DAY!

  187. weed should be ligalized in South Afriica bc it can cure cancer & other diseases. People should stop call weed “dagga” & call it with it’s origional name which is weed.

  188. Cannabis should be legal no doubt about it.. and I came across this site which clames to write the truth check it out and just breathe after reading it is quite frustrating and unfactual

  189. i agreeeeeeee dat weed must be legal because if u compare people dying because of drunk driving de rate is toooo high than people dying because of they were high or they smoked weed toomuch,weed is a herp lets face it…!

  190. god put this herb on earth for reason so did the cows ,sheep ect they are holdn us from doing what we need to do for peace if this country smoked they would be so much peace our constitution wouldnt be a joke like it is as we speak a big one i blame the constitution for all this is has done ,next it will be said that you forbbiden for to eat vegs. that all i can say

  191. I’m a 77 year-old cancer survivor, and weed saved my life 25 years ago. This God-sent wonder imparts too many benefits to be listed here — but here’s one for me fellow old farts: If you’re having trouble getting it up, forget Viagra and have a smoke 10 minutes before stripping down for action!

  192. You know with all the crap going on in South Africa recently economy wise it will be one of the few smart moves made in a long time, LEGALIZE!!! It will benefit right across the ‘Spectrum’ (:D) from private to commercial. Its pure bullshit that it has been left this long anyway, my heart goes out for those with cancer and those suffering from various mental illnesses, not only are they head deep in medical bills they sit with ineffective medication which leads to other unwanted side effects! But the discomfort and pain is something unspeakable… The legalization is inevitable, we just have to try speed it up, when there is a march ill be there!

  193. It is a Godly given gift…it is just a plant how can mankind stop us from enjoying nature !

  194. Drug are manufactured not grown although certain drugs are grown plants that have been manipulated into something else… This herb is absolutely harmless unless you cant find any to smoke???

    They should just chill and legalize this as it has been proven to help with several different medical conditions. The government is just scared that they won’t be able to control it… Although properly handled will make SA one of the super countries in the world with this boost to our economy.

  195. Where can I apply to grow legally? My mother needs the stuff to get better and I cant afford to go to jail or pay these insane prices…. Please can anyone help?

  196. I say let the message be spread out there, people… We need to stand together and as we do, cannabis might be legal with a blink of an eye.#TeamLegaliseWeed

  197. weed is a plant… just like all other plants… all plants have their purpose! weed just so happens to get us high. how the hell can you ban a plant that has over 240 uses. maize has about 10 uses why the fuck don’t we ban that too.. people against weed need to open up their god damn eyes. I have been smoking for 12 years and have not noticed a single difference in my self

  198. I’m successfully at all I do. I own my own company, I gym at least 3 times a week, I also have my own four bedroom house with two dogs… Yet you get these idiots out there who are comparing the use of marijuana to cocaine. what utter bullshit.
    weed is harmless!

  199. Hey all count my vote no one wil take my weed away legal or not role em and smoke em

  200. Marijuana should be legalized, not only will it benefit the country but it will reduce the number of nyaupe users. This is not a drug but a herb that was given to us by GOD. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!

  201. Watching ETV and I see the campaign on nyaupe, I’m in Nigeria, and I am thrilled as a benefactor of cannabinol and THC I am sure legalization will influence economic growth m dunce it helps in neuro and psychic awareness.

  202. Free marijuana…the lesser crime we will experience

  203. Clearly all this racist guys are not mary jane users can we please have stoners that know the benefits of weed and are willing to fight so we can smoke in peace and and not have our rights abused i mean its a herb after all

  204. Dagga is not a drug,dagga is a natural herb to keep you in the is a grass of nature and i don’t see anything bad about it.No one created dagga except the All mighty God.So let us enjoy our free order to make our economy looks good,we have to legalise it………..if i had power like God,i could have made it legal


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