Win a Vaporizer : Build a Bong

Posted by Buzz in Culture on 1st August 2011

Every stoner has one of those friends… A self-proclaimed MacGyver of pot, a true “bongineer”. A person who will always find a solution when there’s no paper, bong or pipe nearby. They can make a smoking device out of absolutely anything; from fruit to fruit juice bottles to bamboo to car parts, a bong will be built and that green will be smoked.

Below The Lion and Vaporium have a special prize for this special kind of stoner; a brand spanking new Extreme-Q Vaporizer worth R2500. The runner up will get a 4 piece, hand-crank Sharpstone grinder worth R350. We also have a 3rd prize to give-away (another grinder) to a lucky reader who comments below. Keep reading to find out how to enter!

vaporizer grinder

Extreme-Q Vaporizer

Extreme-Q Vaporizer

Sharpstone Grinder

Sharpstone Grinder

We want to see your home-made smoking devices! They don’t necessarily have to be bongs at all, that’s for you to decide, but what we do want to see is creativity and great craftsmanship. We’re sorry, but one old Energade bottle won’t cut it this time ;). That’s not to say cooldrink bottles can’t be used in your creation though… absolutely ANYTHING can be used! Get creative!


Send us a photo (or two or three) of your home-made smoking device by posting your pics to our Facebook page. If you don’t do Facebook, you can email your photos to and we’ll post them up for you.

To the best of your ability, and for the sake our readers and judges, please try ensure that your photos are as clear legible as possible. Please try to shoot your home-made smoking device without other objects like computers or kitchen appliances lying next to it in the photo.

Feel free to include a description or caption to go with your photo/s.

You may enter as many times as you like.

The entry period will run from 1-31 August.

The top entries will then be chosen and entered into a poll in which BTL readers will have the final say.

The voting period will run from from 1-7 September.

The 2 entries with the highest number of votes win!


If you don’t have any bongineering skills, you can still win yourself a hand-crank Sharpstone grinder.

Simply Like this post:

And leave a comment below, telling us why you deserve a new grinder.

Winners will be notified by email.

So, you’ve all got a month… Smoke that bowl, come up with your crazy ideas, get building and maybe you’ll end up with an Extreme-Q Vape of your very own. Lets find out who really is the best “bongineer” of them all!

The competition is only available to people living in South Africa. The judges decision is final. You have to be 18 years or older to enter.
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