Culture October 1, 2012

Win Tickets to Organik – Gaian Dream

We’ve got 2 tickets to give away to Organik’s Gaian Dream on the 20 October. The event promises to be a magical outdoor psychedelic experience set in a spectacular valley with forests, dams and lush green grass.

To win a ticket, simply complete the following 3 steps:

1 – Like Organik Facebook page
2 – Comment below and tell us your favourite after party food/dinner/junkfood
3 – *Bonus points* follow Organik on Twitter

For more info visit the Gaian Dream Facebook Event

Some pictures of the venue:

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80 thoughts on “Win Tickets to Organik – Gaian Dream

  1. my is most definitely caramel vodka and some special brownies mmmm

  2. Best After Party Food, “munchies food” which usually consists of me attacking anything in my cupboard and making some kind of meal (that in sober mind i would never eat). Or I just am really lazy and simba chips on a roll does the trick 🙂

  3. Yoh, pending on where the party is determines where we eat.
    but the most satisfying is steers 🙂
    Thousand Island Sauce for the WIN

  4. Best after party food would have to be some nice fresh fruit with some fruit juice on the side. After an intense party one needs to restock the body with nutritious foods to avoid the monday morning zombie blues 🙂

  5. It’ll have to be KFC!!

  6. Who needs food when you can just EAT THE BEATS?!?! 😀 Gaian Dream please give me a ticket, i will die of starvation if i don’t go, i need nourishment!! 😀 <3

  7. Call-a-pizza has saved my life many times after a party!

  8. Steak pie and a coke. Jassis, I don’t know what that combo contains nutritionally… but it is the BEES KNEES when you need something to get you going after a big party. Nobody can deny it.

  9. …on leaving Trance parties, myself & my partner always stop off at the Juice Stall, & get a Detox Juice each, made with Beetroot/carrot/apple/ginger///yummmy deluxe, PLUS, 2 x veggie samoosas…too wonderful…got to keep the balance!

  10. Has to be, without a doubt, Steers <3 nothing quite as satisfying as a Steers burger and chips to help a post-stomp body recover from the weekend…

  11. Everyone is tempted to stop off at that steers or wimpy at a garage on the way back from a party. but not me. no no. After a weekend full of drinks and strange eating habits, I need something of sustenance. Luckily I’m so jacked up when it comes to parties, and I like to look after people, so pre-party ash makes sure that post-party ash will be well looked after and happy in a love bubble of comfort. SO i made lasagne or something on the same level of comfort food, but I freeze it before I cook it. Then i make sure the fridge is stocked up with cold fizzy goodness, and that I have enough early-grey tea in the cupboard. When I get home from a party, I pop the lasagne in the oven, have a shower, get into my post-party jaamies, wrap myself up in a blankie on the couch and shout to my housemates “pleeeaaasseeee bring me some food”. and I feel magical.

  12. mY AFTER PARTY meal is ….. Frying some eggs and onion on a bread – slutting that MEAL one time 😀 and I must add that you dont have such a bad hang over the next day:)

  13. Maccy D’s all the way, but here is a tip for all the other poor trancers who can’t buy their own ticket like me (wink wink) : You can build your own Big Mac meal by buying 2 other cheap burgers and it works out cheaper and tastes the same! 🙂 Help a poor trancekop out please! 🙂 irie

  14. Boerewors space cake roll with cheese doritos and hummus! YES!!!

  15. Definitely Call-a-Pizza. It’s kind of a tradition to go dine on one of those Jumbo monster pizzas after a party. 🙂

  16. Let’s just be honest. Nothing beats a good old toasted cheesie after a big jol.

  17. Definately pizza!!! Hmmmm

  18. I have two veru different and unusual favourite food and drinks… My absolute best food after a jol would HAVE to be Nachos. The flavours are so much more exciting, it feels like you haven’t eaten in daaayyss. The textures cause your exhausted brain to feel a sense of excitement that it’s never felt before, apart from that moment on the D-floor. My favourite drink, very odd, and onot many enjoy it, is a smoothie offered at EVERY trance party by the most amazing couple !! It’s a beetroot, carrot, smoothie. The colour is so electric and the taste so fresh, it always perks me up and keeps me going 😀

  19. my favourite munchies by far after a party would be home cooked good nourishing food!!i also love sald because is nutritious and tastes soooo good!steeers after all is the beeest fast food!junk food!after eating my MEALS i always like sweeeeet things!peppermint tart from woolworths is the TITS!please get me a ticket guys i reallllllly would eat u guys up!iv bin trying to win for years and no1 ever picks meeee?PSYCHEDUIDELIK!
    peace love respect and unity!

  20. most def my mama’s home cooked roast beef(eepic Gravy) with squash-nd-butter mmm mmm ………ima go fetch me a cookie nw 🙂
    love you organik stay gravy!



  23. nothing can compare to some fresh hummus and pitas!!

  24. A Piazza at Bohemia, with a Big Cold Glass of Black Label! hmmmm!

  25. steers n beers n a happy lil ol pipe ’nuff said!!!

  26. Nothing replenishes like a good fresh bunch of apples…

  27. Delicious Dee’s toasted chicken mayo and a coffee before the drive home.

  28. corndog with some berrygame and vodca…hmmmmmmm

  29. MUST be a juicy boerewors roll smothered in onions and an ice cold beer 🙂 yeeeep

  30. After a party I’m normally rather broke, so I go home hoping to stumble upon some food. Sunday roast and blazing up the broccoli is always a good find 🙂

  31. Luckily I have the best mother ever! She loves feeding her children after an adventurous stomping weekend in nature 😛
    When my two brothers and I got back from Earthdance she had already prepared all the deliciousness so that we could build our own hamburgers! Got to love my mom.
    So amped for Gaian dream!! <3

  32. After-party food is a very serious and delicate matter.I have been known to show up at a party stone broke with only a bag of carrots to my name so replenishment is always a high priority upon return home. It starts with a bag of dorito’s, drizzled over a medium based pizza with thinly sliced, fried russians, hazardous amounts of cheese, olives, ham, peppers and any other tasty looking scraps of food in my fridge. To add to the fun, i roll it up into a tortilla and begin to feast. Usually puts me into a coma-like state.

  33. Definitely any kind of fast food that is easy to get and I can devour quickly:)

  34. I need these tickets… ♥ I have not been to a party since new years 2011. We have just gotten our own car called stickers and it needs to go for a long drive to a party… It needs to be blessed in every way. My hubby and I usually start getting amped a week before by listening to dj’s who are playing their known tracks. And after wards, come home and enjoy a walk in the forest before it’s back to reality…

    The hardest thing for us at the moment is we are saving our cash to give our soon to be four year old her first ever party. So winning these tickets would be a dream come true. My hubby works so hard yet we can never afford it.

    My hubby is a trance dj but has not played in about a year and a half, he is JamDay. Due to the real world taking a hard grip on our lives. So please, please consider us as we are peace loving people who leave no trace, with a daughter called Orah, as she is the light of our lives.

    Peace and love ♥ ♥ ♥

  35. KFC boxmaster by FAAAAAR!

  36. Absolutely anything, preferably must include some kind of meat. I love all food and stomping the weekend away makes me very hungry 🙂

  37. Definitely KFC…dirty bird is the best way to end such a sick weekend. =)

  38. delicious fruit. strawberries, bananas, grapes. and lots of water and red bull. 🙂

  39. If we didnt grab anything by the stalls (chick pea pita aspecially) b4 we left……. then Deff calling Mr Delivery for the creamiest pasta they have 😀

  40. My after-party meal? CHICKEN CURRY!

    The tradition started back when I was still living with my gran… I’d head off for three or four days into the abyss (yes. I was one of those people that stayed and extra night back in the day); and when I got home, covered in mud and all bedraggled, my epic gran would bundle me into the shower and warm up a giant plate of epic chicken curry for me…

    To this day, whenever I head off for a more-than-one-nighter I make some chicken curry and keep it in the fridge for when I get home.

    No other food is as comforting and loving. It’s like a giant hug 😉

  41. mc donalds and spliff

  42. Anything Chocolaty!!
    or or or! a caramel don pedro!! mm mmmmm

  43. The greatest munchie snack in the world is vanilla ice cream, ultramel custard, with milo cereal mixed in and dry milo powder sprinkled on top. Throw in a few blobs of nutella and you literally have the most delicious snack in the whole world! Boom

  44. Favourite after party food/: Eggs, bacon, cheese and guacamole-d avo with feta… cooked mushrooms, tomatoes and onion on the side…. mmmmmmmm nom nom nom 😉

  45. Without a doubt a Bacon, feta and avo pizza from St Elmos… A large one too 😀
    Then with a chocolate milkshake on the side and a 2L coke to wash it all down!

  46. Hmmmm many foods are good after a party….maybe a nice post bong followed by some good old borie rolls, a nice pie and a nutty chocolate….lets not forget some vanilla milk to quench the thirst :p.

  47. The only after party food is a folded pizza and some rehydrate. Puts me right back where I started

  48. This would be my first Gaian Dreams and I’m not sure what I’d be eating after the party but I’m sure ill be getting something awesome and mind blowing 😀 I’ve heard so much about Gaian Dreams and was told not to miss it. I’m studying and would really love to win the ticket to jam hard and get my feet dirty and at the end be walking on those marshmellows :p I’d really be the happiest person on the planet to experience Gaian Dreams

  49. Gotta be a good pizza.
    all the important foodgroups,dairy,pork and cholestrol 🙂

  50. i wouldn’t say its always my first choice but coco pops is usually what i have in my lap when i crash after a heavy stomping session, easy quick and works with dry mouth 🙂 . sweet tea with rusks is also way up there.
    i would love more than anything to win this ticket

  51. nothing beats a full house masala steak gatsby all sauses =D

  52. Most definitely some brownies, a bottle of water.

  53. Pringles original , large bag of biltong ( combined )… choco sterrie stumpie and my beanbag with a dash of anime on the side

  54. Best after party food would have to be a replenishing smoothie from the smoothie lady at the Trance Festivals and some ice-cream a big brownie in it from We-Love-Ice-Cream to give me that last bit of energy to stomp as the last DJ finishes his set:) And then once I get home, my housemate usually spoils me with her amazing lasagne – making it an absolutely perfect end to the weekend. She’s done this ever since I went to my first trance party and came back literally crying for her lasagne as I was so exhausted and needed her food, now she has it prepared for me almost as soon as I get back. The reason I’m actually entering this competition is so I can buy her a ticket, if I win one myself, to thank her for her lasgane and TLC and to show her what an amazing experience Gaian Dream is, and this time I will have lasagne prepared beforehand for us to both to eat when we get back 😉

  55. love to drink and love to eat.Amen!!!

  56. Wimpy! There’s no Wimpy anywhere near my house so i never really get to go there! But there is always a Wimpy on the way home from a party and it’s wonderful 🙂

  57. Definitely Butlers Pizza delivered to your door, then back o the couch to recover

  58. Steers and gogo juice 🙂

  59. 2l Orange juice, followed by Steers all day everyday meal, x2.. but wimpy is always a good second best. Food & drink in general just seems like bliss, after going into the line-of-fire during Sunday morning mud wars…

  60. i usually get TWO(2) zinger burgers to sweat the hangover 😀 along with mash and gravy DUH!! also cause it tastes great, and then i also invest in a hole bunch of sesame seed bars 🙂 healthy and tastes AWESOME!!

  61. hmmmm definitely woolies vanilla yoghurt! soothes the soul nicely!

  62. A Skazi pizza from the BEST PSYTRANCE PIZZA TAKE AWAY IN THE WORLD “call a pizza”, its like the trance party continues…. 🙂

  63. My first though when reading the competition details was Steers its on the
    way home,quick easy and the same good taste every time….

    But with further a dew I introduce to you
    The economy!!!! And the way most of us have fokal* moola
    At the end of the party and usually ends in begging,borrowing or as the locals
    Call it “skurreling”……..

    Now to avoid such things I present….MOMS COOKING
    Now call me what u want but if u have this option available and can
    make a pit stop in a moms kitchen…..DO IT
    Especially if she knows what’s up and what uv been up to ,at the end of
    A party my moms cooking ( or your moms cooking for you ) is the best…

  64. My friends and i have come up with an amazing combo that is gaurenteed to make the transition into the real world a WHOLE lot better.

    First come home set up tent in garden
    Fill blow up pool put ice in pool
    put all alcohol left over and the case left at home 🙂 (FOR AFTER) into said pool

    then kick back and eat the delicios combo of Romans monstwer size pizza’s,along side creme soda, death by chocolate magnums topped by some Amazing pink champagne for the ladies 🙂 Beer for the boys

    That is a receipe for the most amazing munchy food to get you ready for the new day and make your stomach feel as happy as you head after such an amazing experience.!!

    Please please give me the tickets i will bring gees in abundance( i have been enetering these comps for almost two years and NEVER won anything even though i think all my answers are FTW..I really wanna go i need the refreshment and being a single working studying mom has put a limit on my adventures pls help.. PLUR and all the love in my heart for the people who love others…

  65. What’s ever left in my bag or car, min cash after parties.
    Usually a bokomo up & go – strawberry flavour

  66. My favourite after party food has definitely got to be the plates after plates of my dads home cooked Sunday suppers. Nothing better than filling your stomach with either a lekker breyani or curry before passing out

  67. By the time I have reached the end of the party I definitely do not have money lying around for steers, however I definitely can scrape together enough for a cracker of a cup of coffee and a rollie at the petrol station. And by the time I reach home my head is in the fridge nosing around for… Anything really, though what I generally end up making ends up half eaten with me having passed out halfway through – obviously I’m not a very good chef, I wasn’t very grilled or the party was just too good – I’m leaning toward the third option.


  68. Definitely a quarter pounder from mcdonalds with chips

  69. So my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me…on my birthday…I missed the village because of work….on my birthday. Any food is going to be the best food after this party…its literally the only thing from turning me into an emo kid. Sigh..fuckit.

  70. After spending a night or two at a trance party i’m usually broke as! But i will always save R10 for the drive home because nothing tastes better than fresh orange juice after a sleepless night.
    and THEN getting home on the Sunday afternoon to the smell of my mothers home made Mac & Cheese. Absolutely nothing better. Best. Ever 8)
    Oh how i love season!! 😀
    Organik, be mine?! 😀

  71. i’m hungry now

  72. P.S. Already following @Organik on twiiter. Plus 5 points? 🙂

  73. A packet of Mari biscuits and a cup of tea to try and ease my post party blues!

  74. So my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me…on my birthday…I missed the village because of work….on my birthday. Any food is going to be the best food after this party…its literally the only thing from turning me into an emo kid. Sigh..fuckit.

    Well, you got my sympathy vote 😉

  75. So my girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me…on my birthday…I missed the village because of work….on my birthday. Any food is going to be the best food after this party…its literally the only thing from turning me into an emo kid. Sigh..fuckit.

    Well, you got my sympathy vote 😉

  76. This was the maddest party I’ve ever been too

  77. Can u now finally put a pic on to show us how hot she is? 😉

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