Culture December 18, 2012

Win Tickets to The End of The World Party

The End of The World is apparently upon us, according to the Mayan calendar. Thankfully, we can all go with smiles on our faces whilst partying to the maddest lineup Cape Town has ever seen.

We’re giving away 2x tickets to one lucky winner to party into doomsday this weekend at The End of The World Party.

To win 2 tickets, simply complete the following 2 steps

1 – Like this post

2 – Leave a comment below and tell us what artist you’re most looking forward to see. (full lineup here)

For more info on the party, check out the Facebook event.

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19 thoughts on “Win Tickets to The End of The World Party


    In need of a good stomp please hook a brother up.



  2. Im amped to check Lost & Found, he’s just one of the S.A boys flying our flag high over seas. It would be great to see him killing it in the Cape of Good Dope !!



    In desperate need of a good stomp plus its my mates birthday and this would just make his day.

    Hook a brother up.


    Rinkadink is my favourite trance dj of all time! I’ve been hooked ever since Pirate Signal came out. Would be a dream to go, tickets would be greatly appreciated! Seeing as it is the end of the world, this would be another succesful bucket list event I may never get to see again! 😉

    Peace, love and happiness

  5. Such good music to choose from. As far as trance is concerned I’m really amped for Orca and and Rinkadink.

    Then in Arenatwo i’d say Hyphen, SFR and Mix and Blend never disappoint so I’m quite keen for that.

  6. Niskerone

    Never been to one of these trance parties, would love this to be my first trance and last party ever. Let’s go out of this world with a stomp and a smile.

  7. As much as I love rinkadink, orca is the artist I need to see missed his set at jungala, can’t let it happen again

  8. MIX N BLEND!!! Hopefully they will play a reggae dub set, and maybe put in a bit of DNB. These guys are amazing a deserve much more credit than they get! They have never disappointed me, and with the wide rage of genres they play it is hard for anyone not to have a good time on the dance floor! 🙂

  9. Definately keen to see Orca!

    For Electro Hyphen & SFR

  10. Rinkadink and orca
    Its my birthday soon and I really need a gooood stomp!!!

  11. One artist? One artist!? With such a sick line-up!?!? How could you ask me to make such a difficult decision! Ok, well to start, Orca, Niskerone, Bruce Willis and perhaps Enough Weapons?? Just to start that is!

    Broke the bank taking my lady to synergy for the most epic party I have experienced to date, and would be a real pity to be sitting on my couch for the end of the world so please hook a brother up 🙂

  12. Which artist am I most looking forward to? A simple question you would think right? not so this time, so instead I will give you three. I would say I am most looking forward to Mad piper, Orca and Headroom, all three will be absolutely insane and I actually cannot wait. The set times are so perfect what with Orca at 8am (repeating Jungala’s experience in the best way possible), Headroom on the Sunday (the best day) and Mad Piper in the dead of the night on Saturday. If I got these tickets it would most definitely make my party and possibly my year – nothing quite like free shit to make you lose your shit. Please let me have the tickets so I can repeat my previous antics and add a couple more to my repertoire ie: poke a somewhat muscular (read creatine filled) guy with a stick, hurtle through the dancefloor at a ridiculous pace – still don’t quite know how I was that fast (trying to escape my friends muddy paws) doggy paddle my way around a dam (read semi drown) and various other stupid activities all the while surrounded by my fellow peers, in the sun, with a beverage (haha) ridiculously good music and errythang else I need. I swear if I get these tickets you will not regret it – and I’m pretty sure I’ll have a stupid smile attached to my face for the whole time. PLEASE and thank you 🙂

  13. ASTRIX! I cant explain the conflicting emotions I felt when I saw he was on the line up. It was in 2007 i was introduced to Psy Trance and it happened to be that of Astrix’s early releases from 2002 – 2004, viz Artcore & Eye to Eye. His creative genius speaks for itself. Needless to say, i was sold. It was also in 2007 I was battling with the sudden loss of my Mother. I felt dead inside, and there was just darkness in my world. I was living an existance of ‘flat lining’ . . Emotionally, mentally, and psychologically. I turned to Music for comfort. And it was Astrix’s music. . Its complexity, the ‘depth’ of melodies, bass lines, beats, breaks intricately woven into a rich tapestry of a constant changing musical journey. And i cried myself to sleep listening, and i lost myself in the music. I found myself turning to his music as a form of therapy, when i felt angry or sad, and i was left feeling at peace and uplifted. I then listened to all the releases i could find. He is in my opinion the world’s number 1. My late mother’s birthday is on the 23rd Dec. . And every year I dread December. . It’s a painful lonely month for me. And it is nothing short of a symbolic miracle that Astrix will be performing 22nd Dec. . . Thus changing this period to one of happiness and celebration. . He will be celebrating my late Mother’s birthday with me. .and i am so thankful for this small miracle. . 🙂

  14. Niskerone!!

    So amped to spend my last night on earth at the best party ever with my fav dj playing on stage.

    So send those tickets my way plzzzz 🙂

  15. Niskerone!

  16. Seen most of the internationals before, rather looking forward to what the local guys bring to the table. Most looking forward to Bruce, Dre’Ama and Lost & Found (missed it at Flying Circus because my gate shift ended 30 minutes after his set). Rinkadink only international I haven’t seen + I really want to hear this track on a big rig.


  17. Definitely Orca, Rinkadink, astrix and astral Projection. some very very mad Local artist also jamming the decks like Mad Piper, the mad man Lyle jensen ->Archive, headroom etc! 😀

  18. astral Projection, But I already have tickets. But if I win, I will give them away to the 1st person who , both needs a ticket, and is smiling.

  19. 🙂

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