International February 28, 2011

World Cannabis News : 28 Feb 2011

Good morning y’all, hope you had a great weekend. Here are last week’s highlights!

First cannabis farmers market in Seattle. Around 600 medical-marijuana users visited the first ever cannabis farmers market on Sunday morning. Only users with sufficient identification (and doctor’s authorisation) were allowed to enter the venue. The primary aim of the market is to support patients living in outlying areas as most vendors only operate in the bigger cities only. Thanks to voters approving initiative 75 in 2003, which made arresting and jailing adults for possessing weed the Police Department’s lowest law-enforcing priority, there was no sign of police for the duration of the market.
[27 Feb – Seattle Times]

1st Cannabis Farmers Market - Seattle
Examining some Kush

Drugs make you ugly? Shocking (before and after) mug shots of drug abusers demonstrate the damage drugs such as meth, heroin and cocaine can have on our bodies. This new anti drug campaign aims at discouraging the use of drugs by appealing to teens’ vanity, instead of warning of health risks. Check out the link for some CRAZY visuals.
[25 Feb – MSNBC]

WeedMaps launches Groupon style marijuana deal of the day. WeedMaps is one of the most successful internet startups in the era of legal medical-marijuana and serves as a directory for medical-marijuana dispensaries (California has more than 1200 dispensaries!). Now the system offers a deal of the day where patients can score discounts of up to 50% on their pot. The owner of WeedMaps admits that similarly to Groupon the site offers a deal of the day. However, unlike the new Internet sensation, it does not facilitate online transactions. Subscribers receive a daily email which distributes special codes and dispensary locations to enable the discount.
[25 Feb – Fox News]

Weed gives cancer victims the munchies. Big news here, you might think, weed gives me the munchies all the time. Then again – you probably don’t have cancer and you actually enjoy food. This study was conducted with 21 terminal cancer patients who were separated and assigned randomly to two groups. The experimental group received genuine THC pills,whilst the control group were given placebos. After 18 days of the treatment the study produced the following findings: 73% of THC treated patients reported “a greater overall appreciation of food”, “better quality of sleep” and being more relaxed than the placebo group.
[24 Feb – The Globe and Mail]

“Walmart of Weed” opens in Cali. The giant superstore weGrow is around 929-square meters large and has opened close to State Capitol (the seat of the government in California). The store does not sell any weed, but instead provides growers with everything they need from tools to training. weGrow is being branded “The First Honest Hydro Store” and owner Dhar Mann plans to take the chain national soon.
[28 Feb – Opposing Views]

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