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Worst Weed Drought To Ever Strike South Africa

Each year like clock work we pen an article about South Africa’s seasonal weed drought as we’re beginning to enter the outdoor harvest season and that means weed prices will traditionally go up a bit in the short term due to it still being a couple more months until the fresh crop is finally able to hit the streets, eventually satiating demand, while current weed reserves are selling out. Things are however a little different this year and unfortunately not for the better.

Thanks to a record level drought, one of the few things Zuma can’t be blamed for, we are experiencing huge increases in food prices across the board. As a massive local perennial crop, cannabis has not been immune to this. Word on the ground is that plantations that would usually be full of plants a couple of meters tall and oozing with buds now bare feeble resemblance to the dank valleys that they once so densely occupied. “I was out in the fields a few weeks ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. Usually the plants are towering over me with barely enough room to walk between them. Instead they were mostly knee height and had gone through some fucked up re-vegging”. With heatwave after heatwave causing abnormal plant growth and large scale water shortages greatly restricting any hope of many growers still pulling off a decent harvest, growers and consumers alike are certain to feel the pinch.

Couple this with an ever weakening Rand and you are likely to be paying way more for your bud in the months to come, as well as feel the price increase sting of mostly imported paraphernalia due to products such as rolling papers going up by a buck or two and vaporizer prices increasing by a few hundred. With the general all round inflation of just about every food product out there, scraping the cash together for you bankie and blades is certain to be tougher than ever this year. The most recent emerging variable on the market, cannabis concentrates and oils, may see the most noticeable bump in price due to the large volume of raw product involved comprising predominantly of middle to lower grade outdoor grown cannabis. Huge increases in the demand for these processed products among medicinal users this year may see this segment of the market making a bigger dent than ever before in the amount of affordable herb now no longer finding its way to your local dealer.

Some relief may be found when purchasing herb of the indoor variety as chronic growers have fortunately not had to deal with much load shedding of late, hopefully stabilising their production. But I wouldn’t hold my breath that these growers and dealers won’t recognise the supply shortage as an opportunity to hedge their prices as high as possible in light of low availability of middle to low price range weed. However uncertain the exact details are on how high we can expect to see prices rise, it remains to be seen if consumers, faced with the opportunity cost dilemma of choosing between putting food on the table or cannabis in their stash jar, will simply give up their chronic habits. Historically in times of economic turmoil, legal drug markets (aka alcohol and tobacco) have experienced almost recession proof sales. We’ll just have to wait and see if the same can be said for those growers and sellers who rely heavily on the illicit cannabis market as their primary source of income.

In the meantime I will be digging feverishly in all my trouser pockets and under every couch cushion for all the change I can possibly find to put into my weed piggy bank.

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4 thoughts on “Worst Weed Drought To Ever Strike South Africa

  1. Hogwash. Just paid R40 for half a checkers bag of weed last week, not the greatest, but it was abundant, easy to access in almost every town in SADC, right now. As with everything each year, prices go up Eskom, potatoes, alcohol, petrol. South Africa has always been prone to drought, but growers have mostly found ways around it. Keep prices down, overgrow the government. happy harvesting babylon.

    1. It’s a long term forecast of the price increases to come now that harvesting season is upon SA.
      As inventive as growers undoubtedly are, there is no easy solution to a lack of water that has effected local agriculture sectors across the board.
      Correct, prices are going up on everything. The big deal is the rate at which these prices are now increasing. Despite being illegal and unregulated, cannabis is not immune to the economic factors shared by other legal crops and farmers.
      A half checkas on me if your dealer is still in the same price range this time next year.

    2. 40 bux half checkers bag? I will gladly pay high grade 1000g for 12/18000. So either you stay close to the border or your opinion of quality is far apart from mine. In on indoor only 120/180/g. 1 bong rip 1h30/2h clear. Hard effects that leaves you clean. And for a heavy consumer like my self low grade snoke is not worth it. Before i get high i have troat burn and wana puke of the harsh after taste. So i refuse any quality under high grade, green house or indoor top self. Atm enjoying Pineapple chunk from barnies farms. Ghost train haze #1 from raredankness. Original grandaddy purple. And currantly had 2 hits of black diesel from advanced seeds, cooking and cleaning the kitchen on a sunday.

  2. This is very unfortunate and i hope things take a turn for the better soon. very soon

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